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Thread: Survivor 9/26 Recap: Booby Trapped

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    Survivor 9/26 Recap: Booby Trapped

    (Registered members may comment here.)

    After Zane’s spectacular show of stupidity last week as he threw himself under the bus - and was ousted for it - Russell spent night three thanking his lucky stars (and his tribe) that it wasn’t him. He tells himself that the bossing will stop because he doesn’t want to be that guy, and he’s more than glad to let someone else step up to lead and be shot down for it. Yeah, yeah. We’ll see.

    Meanwhile, it’s cold. So cold that Angie has wrapped her little self all pretzel-like around Malcolm, who isn’t complaining one bit. Roxy is, however. She’s not liking it one little bit, and wastes no time in complaining to Russell about the blossoming couple. Though Russell can’t blame Malcolm for snuggling up to the store-bought boobs of Angie’s, he takes Roxy’s warning into consideration. Malcolm himself laughs about becoming booty-blind, while Denise isn’t happy about being stuck in the middle of the two pairs. Plus, there’s that alliance she already made with Malcolm. A snuggle-free alliance.

    Over at Tandang on day four, RC still has plenty of eye makeup on and has managed to find the clue in the bag of rice. She excitedly runs to share it with her BFF Abi, who soon flips her lid when she sees RC *gasp* talking to Mike Skupin. How dare she. Abi accuses RC of making alliances besides theirs and tells RC “If you f*** with me, you’re dead. Just letting you know.”

    How’s that day one alliance going, RC?

    And by the way, Skupin has injured himself yet again. The medics will be earning their pay this season.

    While Jeff and his hurt knee struggle with the rainy, cold, craptastic weather, Jonathan is jonesing to hunt for the idol, having found the clue in the rice. Trouble is, his tribe won’t leave camp. They insist on staying out of the rain, playing made-up games in the shelter. Finally, they decide to take off to the cave to try their hand at making a fire. A happy Penner goes hunting. He almost gets busted, makes up a silly excuse about looking for his contact lens under the shelter - really - and finally figures out that the idol is indeed the decoration on top of the rice box. He pockets the trinket with a huge grin on his face.

    Day five, and Angie and Malcolm are still playing Twister, much to Roxy’s dismay. She bitches to Russell some more. Malcolm senses the weird vibe at camp, but doesn’t seem willing to distance himself from Angie. Even weirder is Roxy’s whining about the rain and cold. Did she expect to be sunning herself, sipping tropical drinks on the beach all day? Russell is disappointed in her; he thought she’d have stronger character than that. Denise verbally rolls her eyes at Roxy’s weakness. And after Roxy prays for sun and babbles in tongues on the beach, guess what? The sun comes out. Thank you, editing.

    At camp Tandang, Lisa is taking a turn at the tears. She’s not meshing with the group and doesn’t do well with chit-chat, she says, telling us what a loner and introvert she is. She’s been on her own since she was twelve and moved to California to be on the Mickey Mouse Club. Did anyone else know she was on the MCC? I sure didn’t. Abi and RC are less than sympathetic to Lisa’s plight, thinking that she’s just not trying. If I had to force myself to buddy up to those two, I’d be crying on a beach too.

    Time for the immunity/reward challenge, and it involves pulling a sled to retrieve puzzle pieces. Immunity, blankets, pillows, and a tarp are reward for first place, while the second place tribe gets a lovely tarp along with immunity. Dawson and crazy Abi sit this one out. Roxy refuses to run out two times for puzzle pieces because she “drank less water” than the others - uh, okay - and Angie plops herself under the platform to rest once the puzzles pieces are gathered. Way to help, girl. Super shy Lisa hollers out instructions like a pro, leading Tandang to first place. Kalabaw takes second, and the Little Tribe That Sucked, Matsing, ends up last. Again. Russell flings a puzzle piece in fury and rants about how pissed off he is over people saying “I can’t do this, I can’t handle this. Forget these other stupid tribes, they can’t beat us. They shouldn’t be able to beat us!”

    Ah, but they have, Russ. Twice.

    It’s obviously down to booting the obsessed Roxy or the useless Angie. Russell is leaning towards keeping Roxy because she brings the camp gossip. Jeff starts his questions, and Roxy claims that the problem with her tribe is that they work too hard at camp and expend too much energy. I’ve failed to see how this has been an issue for her lazy behind, but it gets better. Jeffy asks Angie what she’d change at camp, and her reply is that she’d like to have...cookies.

    Jeff is dumbfounded.

    After more of Roxy’s wailing about Malcolm and Angie’s cuddling, calling it a “booby trap,” she’s ultimately voted out. She goes with a smirk on her face, and Matsing is down yet another member. Not a terribly useful member, but a member nonetheless.

    Next week: Skupin bleeds from his face and Lisa has to scramble. I’m off to eat some cookies.
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