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As always happens in life, all good things (and not so good things) must come to an end, and so it happened with Big Brother 14.

Continuation of Part 1 of the HOH Competition

Part 1 of the HOH competition began at the end of the last episode. Through flashbacks, we learn that 15 minutes before Shane’s eviction, Dan got Ian to agree to throw Part 1 to him by dropping 10 minutes after the competition began. We also learn that an hour after the eviction, Dan told Danielle about that deal, using it to build her trust in him and convincing her to drop for him as well, telling her that she could win the second part, the puzzle part, against Ian.

True to his word, Ian drops 17 minutes after the competition began. Danielle drops but tells the Diary Room she did it purely to keep Dan’s trust so that she’s not the only person fighting for herself to stay in the game.

After the competition, Dan devises a contingency plan with Danielle where if she loses to Ian during Part 2, Dan will congratulate Ian and Danielle will start an argument with him, stating that Ian is going to take her to the final 2 or else she’ll taint the jury against him... Dan says then he’ll convince Ian to throw Part 3 to him so he won’t have to have any blood on his hands by evicting Danielle.

Part 2 of the HOH Competition – BB Skyscraper

In separate rounds, Danielle & Ian need to scale the ‘building’, wipe off windows to find pictures of previous houseguests, and then put them in order of eviction.

Final times were -

Danielle - 7:31
Ian - 6:04

As planned, Dan celebrates with Ian and the fight ensues. Only, Ian tells the Diary Room he won’t be threatened by Danielle and won’t take her to the Final 2. He also tells Dan that he won’t be throwing Part 3 of the HOH Comp to him…

Jury Discussion Time

Shane arrives and he and the jury discuss the final three’s gameplay. They pick apart the “tough decisions” Ian made, though he didn’t want to make them, to get himself further in the game. Danielle’s up next and they discuss how she “hasn’t gamed as hard” as the rest of them and Ashley says, “I think Danielle’s best move was playing Dan’s game.”
Next is Dan and Joe & Frank decide that the “life manual” to which they ascribe is much different than his and they think his swearing on the bible was too much. “If Dan and Judas were in the final 2, Dan might have my vote,” says Joe.

Part 3 of HOH Competition

Dan and Ian need to finish the Jury members’ sentences and with a score of 5-2, Julie didn’t bother reading the last question and Ian wins.

Saying she has too many friends in the Jury House, Ian evicts Danielle.

Jury Questions

Ashley asks Ian if he made his own decisions or did he do what the group wanted. He replied that he took his destiny into his own hands.

Frank asks Dan if he felt he crossed the line of backstabbing and lying when he swore on the Bible and his wedding ring and how he could justify doing so. Dan replied he was ashamed of some of the things he was forced to do to get to that point and he probably could’ve played differently but he figured he was up to his elbows in blood anyway, so he might as well have done it.

Jenn tells Ian she doesn’t like snitches and asks why she should give him the money. Ian replies when he made the Quack Pack, he just tried to take the information he was given and send it the right way to use it to his advantage.

Joe asks Dan what blood he was talking about and what was he trying to take credit for. Dan replies that out of the 6 or 7 jury members, he stabbed them all in the back or had someone do his dirty work for him. He uses Shane as an example, saying how he got Danielle to use the POV on him and then he turned around and evicted Shane, how he lied to Frank, and how he hosted his own funeral and those were his only options.

Brittany asks Ian why he deserves to win over Dan. He says he took his destiny into his own hands, that he didn’t use the alliance he was given at the start like Dan did with Danielle. Then he points out that he played a slightly cleaner game.

Shane asks Dan why he deserves to win over Ian. Dan sets the record straight on who actually formed the Quack Pack, reminding everyone of the alliance Shane & Brittany had with Danielle & himself, pointing out that Ian was brought to the room dressed as a dog on a leash and he was included as the 5th vote. He reminded Brittany how she was good friends with Ian but that she was pulling his puppet strings the entire time. [Sidenote-during this, Ian chose to continually interrupt Dan and say ‘bull’.]

Danielle asks Ian if he knew that Dan had a final 2 deal with him. Ian answered he hoped that wasn’t true as Dan gave him his grandfather’s gold necklace and cross.

Final Words

Ian tells Dan he’s disgusted with him after learning what he just did (that Dan had given him his grandfather’s necklace and cross despite knowing he was going to take Danielle to the final 2) and that he was going to highlight his HOH and POV wins. He reminds the jury how Dan backstabbed them all but that he, Ian, played with probability, statistics, and a little bit of heart. He said he controlled his own destiny, including winning the last HOH.

Dan says he knew after the reset he’d be in trouble based on all the players and their strengths. He asked himself how he could possibly win against them when he wasn’t as smart or as strong as them, so he decided he needed to play a ruthless game, not because he wanted to but because he had to. He had to do certain things and played his game 24/7 to win. He didn’t play the game personal and he apologized if he embarrassed anyone. He said he hoped they’d vote for the person who played the game 24/7.

Questions put to Non-Jury Houseguests

Julie takes a moment to speak with the people who were evicted prior to the Jury. She asks them their opinions on what they were able to see.

Janelle is asked what surprised her the most and she answers that other than all of Danielle’s lies, it was Dan’s gameplay; that he had everyone fooled for weeks, he was able to not consistently go up on the block, and that if he didn’t win, it would be an absolute travesty.

Julie takes that answer and asks Janelle – so are you saying Dan was the greatest player in this game, in 14 seasons of this game? Janelle replies that Dan is hands-down one of the best players of all time.

Julie asks Boogie the same question and he said that Dan played an amazing game this summer and then added that he had the utmost respect for the journey Ian went on during the summer and how he’d leave a man.

Julie followed up with no hard feelings? And Boogie said no.

Julie turns her sights on Shane, who asks Danielle if it was premeditated the prior week. She swears on everything she had no idea. Dan steps in and says she had no idea so Shane asks him how he could swear on his wife and his wedding ring and Dan said he checked his morals at the door when he walked in and that he’ll pick them up when he leaves and deal with the consequences of what he did then.

Julie asks Wil what surprised him the most as he watched. He said his biggest thing was when it comes down to it all, don’t be mad at the person who lied to you, be upset at yourself b/c you fell for it.

Big Brother Winner

By a vote of 6-1, Ian wins Big Brother.

And so ends another season of Big Brother… but did the ‘best’ player actually win?? Maybe not, according to Julie Chen telling Dan he’s the ‘greatest player to ever play this game’ to which Dan replies, “Obviously not…”

Oh yeah – and Frank won America’s Favorite Player.