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Thread: 9/13 BB 14 Recap: The LAST of the Thursday LIVE/Eviction Shows This Season

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    9/13 BB 14 Recap: The LAST of the Thursday LIVE/Eviction Shows This Season

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    Julie: Danielle is HOH, but tonight the real power lies with the Power of Veto. Who will grab their golden ticket to the Finale?

    Week in Review

    Ian won HOH

    Ian nominated Shane and Jenn

    Shane thwarted Dan’s plane to vote him out by winning the Veto competition

    Ian replaced him with Danielle

    Jenn-City was evicted on a vote of 2-0

    Danielle wins HOH

    *Danielle has guaranteed her spot in the finals. The winner of the Veto competition will be the sole vote to evict taking the numbers from four to three.

    Ian: It’s pretty obvious where it’s going to go. You’ve got the couples’ alliance, Danielle and Shane vs. the Renegades, which is myself and Dan.

    Dan: The Quack Pack is in the Final Four and the one thing Ian didn’t want to happen is now inevitable. We’ve got to start eating our own ducks.

    Shane: I have a final three deal with Dan and Danielle. Ian is unaware of it and may be going home this week.

    Dan: I have final three deals with everyone in the game and no one knows it.

    *Danielle nominates Ian and Dan per Dan’s suggestion.

    Dan: If Shane is comfortable with Danielle (not being nominated) then he is going to do what Danielle wants him to do, and Danielle does what I tell her to do, even if that means sending her boyfriend out the door.

    Danielle: The smarter move for me was to save Shane because he trusts me completely and he doesn’t know that Dan and I are so close and working together. But, it broke my heart to nominate Dan.

    Dan: While it would be great to win Veto, I don’t have to because I still have a lot of magic left in me. I’ve already pulled a lot of rabbits out of hats this summer and I’m not done yet.


    Ashley has been enjoying her solitude…chanting…tanning…gain ing 20 pounds and blowing bubbles. She wrote on her dream board that Frank wins the next HOH and, when Britney surprises her, she learns that he did.

    Britney tells her that Dan misted his way off the block and says that Dan is going to win the game.

    The two of them speculate while looking at nail polish that Frank will be next. Sure enough, he surprises them and while Ashley is glad because there might be make-out time, it means he won’t win the game.

    Frank brings them up to date telling them that once Dan won the veto comp he relied on him to keep him safe, but “they” (Dan, Danielle and Ian) lied to him once again.

    Ashley, “Oh, there were so many times we could have got Dan out and we didn’t do it!”

    Frank: I’m a God fearing person and Dan took advantage of that because he thought I might be a sucker for that.

    Britney and Frank begin an argument when Britney says she can’t believe he fell for Dan and Frank responds by saying Dan plays dirty. The yelling starts when Britney says Frank didn’t keep his word to her. Frank becomes defensive and his voice gets louder and louder. Britney, “Fine. We’re all Dan-misted. It’s a club called the Jury House.”

    Ashley, “It’s really fun here. We’re going to have a Fiesta!”

    Joe joins them as they are gathered in the kitchen and tells his tale of Dan woe. Loyalty rears its head and Britney, in her bored voice, proclaims…Hey, it’s a game. Once again Frank goes off about being loyal and their word exchange gets really intense until finally, Britney throws up her hands and exits the room.

    Britney: Frankie, you were rooted against since day one. (over-scrubs imaginary tears) You were targeted because your social game sucked.


    Atomic Veto

    Clues on a board are to be uncovered. Connections run between the clues and the empty space is to be filled in by a house guest’s face. Some connections could have multiple answers, but only one is right.

    As they are standing at the buzzers to begin, Ian quacks followed by Shane and Dan. Danielle, “Oh, my gosh…..quack.”

    After many tries at the buzzer by the others which were rejected, Danielle’s patience wins out.

    *Danielle wins the Power of Veto, which gives her all the power of the week.

    Ian: With Danielle winning the Veto, the nominations will probably stay the same. Either I’m going home, or Dan’s going home and neither of those situations is good for me.

    However, the Dan-mist is once again at work on Danielle and he convinces her to use the Veto on him, which means Shane would have to replace him. Danielle explains what is going to happen to Shane and promises him that she has him safe. He is not going anywhere. (Famous last words as we will see.)


    Ian and Dan give their arguments to Danielle about why she should use the veto on each.

    *Danielle uses the Veto to save Dan.

    Shane takes the nominee seat next to Ian

    They, in turn, give their pleas to Dan (the sole vote) to save them.

    *Dan elects to evict Shane.

    Danielle is in shock as she had promised Shane he would be safe. Ian is in shock because he expected to be sent to the Jury House. Shane is stunned. Dan is happy.

    Dan follows Danielle into the Arcade Room and tries to explain his action, but she is having none of it. Ian paces patting his chest to get his heart back under control and Shane sits with Julie.

    Shane tells Julie that he trusted Dan 100% and Dan looked him in the eye and shook his hand.

    To half the audience’s approval he proclaims that Dan is just a dirty player. (It sounds as though he and Frank will have a meeting of the minds in Jury House.)

    The First of the three part Head of Household competitions did not start during the time allotted to the show. Instead, we will see that and the second part on the Sunday show. Then next Wednesday, we’ll witness the third part, the Final Two and the Votes from Jury. In other words, the Season Finale.

    (If you would like to get the full picture of what went down this episode, I suggest you view it at the CBS website or see if it is up yet on You Tube. After the “funeral” episode, this is the second most pivotal episode of the season.)

    You can also vote for America’s Favorite house guest at the website or by text.
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