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Thread: 9/12 BB 14 Episode Recap - From 5 to 4...

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    9/12 BB 14 Episode Recap - From 5 to 4...

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    When we left…

    HOH Ian had nominated Shane and Jenn

    Typically, there would be some time between nominations, the POV, and the eviction. But, unknown to the hamsters, Julie Chen is lurking outside, waiting to announce a fast-forward week where the POV and eviction will take place sooner than expected. Surprising the houseguests on their TV, she announces they’re about to cut off some dead weight and cull the group from 5 to 4…

    But, first, we the viewers get to see what transpired after the nominations…

    Dan made an attempt to cover his bases, I mean comfort Jenn, who wanted nothing to do with him and brushed him off. He tried again later and, while he talked to her, Jenn repeatedly congratulated him on his ability to get himself out of sticky situations while he assured her Shane was the target. Dan believed the longer Jenn continued to be upset, the more it would make Shane feel safer and that might give him a chance to sway Danielle.

    So then we segue to Danielle while she was talking to Jenn at some point and wondering if Shane had been playing her all along and just using her to get ahead…


    For this comp, the houseguests had 20 seconds to fly back and forth between a puzzle that needed to be assembled on a magnetized board and their buzzer, which they had to hit to give themselves an additional 20 seconds. If they failed to hit the buzzer before time ran out, the board would demagnetize and the puzzle pieces would fall off and they’d need to start over. If the pieces became demagnetized, they also had hit the buzzer within 10 seconds or they’d be eliminated.

    Back and forth the HGs flew and Ian was the first eliminated from the game. Obviously not privy to Dan’s little scheme to get Shane out of the game, he then started helping Shane with what pieces needed to go where.

    Not that Shane needed his help, though, because he was almost done and, soon after, won himself another POV!

    [Dan’s quest now became making sure he wasn’t put on the block as a replacement nominee, so he continued to work Ian.]

    Because he won the POV, Shane received an additional prize of leaving the BB house with an additional houseguest (was there any question he wouldn’t take Danielle?) to attend a Tour of Champions show that featured the women’s gold medal gymnastics squad, which was kind of funny because Danielle and Shane obviously had no idea who they were or what they did since they’d been in seclusion all summer.

    The Keebler elves, I mean gymnastics girls, arrived carrying Corn Flakes boxes (seriously?!?) and it looked like one of those “I’m being forced to do this” situations, where neither group knew what to say to the other. Stilted conversation ensued, made interesting only when the girls asked Danielle and Shane whether they were boyfriend/girlfriend. After stumbling over their answer, they asked the girls if they watched the show. A couple of them replied yes, so Danielle asked who their favorite was and McKayla answered Shane. McKayla then explained her ‘not impressed’ claim to fame, so the group posed for a few ‘not impressed’ pictures (which wasn’t too impressive). The girls left and Danielle and Shane watched the show and then headed back to the house with some light flirting in the limo.

    When they returned, Danielle confessed she was confused and unsure who to work with – does she go with her head and choose Dan or does she go with her heart and choose Shane. Oh, decision, decision…


    Not surprisingly, Shane used the veto and took himself off the block. Ian replaced him with Danielle.


    With both Dan and Danielle voting against her, Jenn is evicted from the house.

    She exits the house and speaks to Julie, who suddenly breaks free from her Chenbot prison, and offers Jenn a PB&J she had hidden behind her back since Jenn had been eating slop all summer. What Julie didn’t think through was Jenn actually taking a bite and not being able to answer any questions until the sandwich fell from the roof of her mouth. [I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t see ‘real Julie’ anymore!] Julie laughed and told Jenn she didn't have to answer her.

    The remaining Quack Pack members celebrate their making it to the Final Four , which is all the more amusing since Dan has tried to take out two of those four unbeknownst to them.

    HOH COMP – True or False game based on pictures that were hung in the house during the day.

    After a tie with Dan, Danielle pulls out the win by answering how many seconds there were for the duration of the Time Flies Competition.

    Tune in to see what happens tonight and what part of her body Danielle ultimately chose to go with – her or her
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