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The continuation leg continues in Brussels.

They repeat the showing of Amani and Marcus at the Mat where Phil tells them to keep racing. They are told to open their envelope right there in the bandstand and it tells them they have to drive to the Ford Proving Grounds in Lommel, Belgium where they will find their next clue tucked among some tires. They take off in the comped Ford and the other teams arrive at the bandstand to discover the same information. Next to rip open the continuation leg clue are Ernie and Cindy followed by Jeremy and Sandy. Two teams are still flexing their muscles at the concert hall and finally succeed in pleasing both the judges and the small audience. Andy and Tommy change out of their speedos first and get a jump on Bill and Cathi. When Bill and Cathi make the judges smile, one of the judges asks Bill if he has been working out, which he confirms.

At the Ford Proving Ground where Fords are tested on a speed and maneuvering track, the teams find a Road Block. As expected, duh, all the guys canít wait to jump into a Mustang and make like dragsters. Poor Andy is the only guy stuck with the women and he is jealous of Tommyís exciting time. Ernie and Cindy arrive at the track ahead of Amani and Marcus, but Ernie has trouble on the slalom track hitting cones and the quick stop pad in the shape of a car. The next to arrive are Jeremy and Sandy as Amani and Marcus are lost and needing directions. Ernie takes so many turns trying to get through the slalom course that Jeremy gets ahead of him; however Ernieís driver instructor gently guides him through and he finishes ahead of Jeremy. (Side Note: the track drivers are REALLY cute!) Anyway, Jeremy finishes as Andy and Tommy arrive. Tommy, a thrill seeker with his boarding and surfing, breezes through the course with a wide smile on his face. Bill and Cathi arrive behind Amani and Marcus and Bill finishes the course behind Marcus keeping them in last place. Once the course has been completed satisfactorily the teams read their clue which sends them to Gent, Belgium where they will find the next clue in a barrel on a bridge called the Hoofdbrug .

The clue they rip from the envelope offers a Detour, Water or Waffles. In water, they must construct a raft using wood poles, rope and barrels then propel it up and down a short stretch of the canal to find two halves of the next clue. In waffles, they must put together a stand on the esplanade along the canal and make waffles from scratch, decorating and displaying them exactly as the demonstration stand has them. If they get them correct, a baker will give them their next clue.

Ernie and Cindy arrive first and choose to make waffles. After struggling with stand construction, they get down to business making waffles. Jeremy and Sandy also decide to make waffles. Amani and Marcus arriving third choose raft building, while Andy and Tommy also decide to build a raft because that is what they do, they build things and it is on the water. At the back of the pack, Bill and Cathi arrive as Jeremy and Sandy continue to struggle with waffle making and after being told it is hard decide to build a raft. Andy and Tommy get into the water first and find the clue halves ahead of Amani and Marcus. The first to receive the clue for the next destination are Ernie and Cindy followed by Andy and Tommy, Amani and Marcus, Jeremy and Sandy with Bill and Cathi still in last place.

The destination, Muur van Geraardsbergen, is in the rural countryside where racing pigeons or homing pigeons or carrier pigeons (take your pick) are in play. The teams are to have the pigeon trainer open a coop door on the side of a large yellow truck letting a flock out to fly to specific destination. The handler will give them a card with the name of the address where the pigeons will land to roost. Once they find the address, the coop handler at that location will pull out the pigeon with a race color note attached to its leg. Once opened, a small photo of their next destination, the Pit Stop, is their final clue.

Ernie and Cindy arrive first and Cindy is happy to know she doesnít have to touch a pigeon. They are the first to take off to chase down their flock to a specific address. Andy and Tommy arrive at the truck after Ernie and Cindy have taken off to find directions for their address. Andy and Tommy ask a couple near their parked car and find out their address is near Brussels. Finding the addresses will prove to be the hardest part of the challenge and will determine the finish order.

Amani and Marcus and Jeremy and Sandy arrive at Muur at the same time and both teams wander around the hill looking for the clue. Marcus spots it first and their flock takes off ahead of the other team. On the road, Ernie and Cindy stop at a store for directions, but they get lost in translation. Andy and Tommy are the first to take the clue off a pigeon leg and discover they are to head to the Atomium, a very large sculpture in the shape of an atom and a popular attraction in Brussels. However, they only have a picture of the structure for guidance, and stop to ask some young people sitting on bench who show them where it is located on their map.

They head to Brussels, see the structure looming up ahead of them from the highway and are the first to step on the Mat. After a greeting from a young woman in docent type dress, Phil tells them that all that Ford placement on this leg will pay off for them as they will each receive a new Mustang which they can go online to customize once they get home.

In the meantime, Ernie and Cindy are having a hard time finding their pigeonís roost and Cindy stresses they may be last. No, Cindy, that honor goes to Bill and Cathi who are the last to release their flock, the last to find the roost and sometime, way after dark, they find the giant atom and discover from Phil that they have been eliminated.

The Mat

Andy and Tommy
Jeremy and Sandy
Ernie and Cindy
Amani and Marcus
Bill and Cathi ELIMINATED

Personality Stuff

Ernieís bad day: he took sixteen tries to get around the cones at the proving grounds and allowed Jeremy to catch up to his team. He tells Cindy he has never been so scared in his life driving at speed and with precision.

Andy and Tommy enjoyed their pigeon experience, pronouncing it cool.

Jeremy and Sandy grew more and more frustrated when denied time after time in their waffle presentation.

Once Bill and Cathi float their raft and climb onboard to paddle, a few locals ask them what they are doing and Bill replies, ďItís the first date. Iím taking her out on the canal, you should try this.Ē

Discovering they finished the leg in fourth place, Marcus tells us that the next leg will be like the football conference championship to knock out before the Super Bowl.

On the way to the Pit Stop, Bill and Cathi are resigned to leaving and remark on how well they did on the race. While he is talking, production shows clips of their challenges and adventures, as well as their appreciation and love for one another; a lovely tribute for a lovely couple.
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The final four race from Brussels to Panama where the final three will be determined.