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Thread: 11/20 TAR 19 Recap: Continuing Drama for your Mama

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    11/20 TAR 19 Recap: Continuing Drama for your Mama

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    The Basics

    Destination: The Hans Christian Andersen statue on Andersens Blvd. in Copenhagen, Denmark. There they will find a clue tucked between the feet of the statue which is a

    Roadblock: One team member will memorize the poem on the base of the statue then use a bicycle with a map on the front wheel to take them to Teatermuseet i Hofteatret, a municipal theater where they will recite the poem with old fashioned declamatory drama before a critic dressed as Hans Christian Andersen. If their memory and acting skills please him, they will receive the next clue.

    Destination: Legoland Billund where the invention of the Lego was born and now a park similar to Legoland in California. There they need to find the pirate ship area and take a pirate tea cup ride. While on the ride they open the packet handed to them to discover Lego puzzle pieces which, when put together, will reveal the next clue. They must put together the puzzle while the spinning ride is in progress and only in progress. Once they have the puzzle completed, they discover it is a sign with a

    Destination: Hamburg HBF. They must travel by train from Hamburg, Germany with a transfer in Cologne to a final destination, Brussels, Belgium.

    Challenge: What should have been a Detour is a task all teams perform – body building poses at the Concert Noble in a competition honoring Jean Claude Van Damme. Once the three judges have held up score paddles totaling 12, the team will receive the clue to the Pit Stop at Park Elizabeth in downtown Brussels where a municipal band serves as the greeter.
    Okay, here’s where this recap goes off the rails and it’s all Phil’s fault. Only one team is shown stepping on the Mat in Brussels and that is Amani and Marcus with first place and a trip to Panama. The show ends as Phil turns their excitement into anxiety by proclaiming a big BUT and explaining that this is a continuation leg. When the episode ends, the other four teams are either on their way or still trying to make muscles for judges. We don’t know how they placed and it is disconcerting.

    Ernie and Cindy, the first place holders from the previous leg have no difficulty finding the Hans Christian Andersen statue and Cindy takes on the task of memorizing the poem engraved on the base, locating the theater location from the map on the front wheel of a bicycle and taking off. She does run into a problem at the statue, however, as a busload of tourists unloads and people obscure the poem at the base by sitting and taking photos of the statue. Ernie laughs, as do I. Once she arrives at the theater, she has no problem moving about the stage and flailing her arms as she recites for the judge. She is the first back with the clue and she and Ernie drive their Ford to Legoland with apparently no miscue as to direction. Their personal information bit this leg is that while Cindy’s Chinese immigrant parents would prefer her to marry a Chinese man, they will see why she chose Ernie – how good they are together. They are the first to arrive at the Hamburg train station.

    Bill and Cathi, the second to leave the Pit Stop, are feeling more confident in their clue reading since the disaster in Taipei. Bill sees an ice cream vendor and smacks his lips. While Cathi practices declaiming and memorizing the poem at the base of the statue, Bill says that she was an English teacher and graded kids on this, so she better do it right – right pronounced like the pirate argh to go along with his facial expression. She can’t find the theater on the bike wheel map and rides off looking for someone to give her directions. Since she went the wrong way, she falls behind Amani in reaching the theater. However, once she arrives, she messes up the final word and has to bike all the way back to the statue and start over. This time she gets it right, and after a lovely interpretation, receives the clue ahead of Tommy and Sandy. She and Bill hop in the car and head out to Legoland. They get lost…Cathi says they run out of map…and stop at a Pizza stand for directions, but don’t understand them. They stop at a Hilton and ask for a map, finally figure out how to get there and are the last to arrive at the spinning teacups. After spinning and solving the puzzle, Cathi says she wants a slurpee. In the car on the way to the border Bill teases her about wanting it all and says crackers would sit better at this point. They are last to arrive at the train station.

    Like with the buttery finger slip when opening that clue envelope, Andy suffers a similar problem opening the first clue for this leg much to Tommy’s teasing delight; when Andy and Tommy drive toward the statue, Tommy asks Andy if he is “Copen-hangin’” in there. Tommy learns the poem, but loses his way. After getting directions he arrives at the theater as Cathi is declaiming for the second time and as she passes him, she says, “You have to do drama.” He doesn’t catch on and recites while standing with his hands on his hips. When denied, he bikes back to the statue saying, “Drama for your mama! They want more Drama.” When he discovers he had all the words correct, a light bulb goes off and he returns then gives the judge all the drama he could want and runs back to the bike with the clue. He and Andy arrive at the teacup ride just ahead of Jeremy and Sandy and proceed to tease Sandy who looks ready to barf. Once they have their puzzle complete, there is still more of the ride left and they turn the center table to make it spin faster. The boys enjoy being boys. They either drive faster or have a better map because they arrive at the Hamburg train station ahead of Marcus and Amani.

    Marcus is still in football mode this leg and says that Amani is the best teammate he could ask for. She takes on the recitation challenge and breezes through it. She memorizes the poem with Marcus trying to distract her as he thinks she’ll retain it better if she learns to focus. She finds the theater from the bike map and delivers enough drama to please the costumed judge. When she wheels back into the statue area with the envelope in second place, all the men’s mouths drop open. Marcus says as they drive off to Legoland, “We just took the opening kickoff and ran it for a touchdown. That is unreal.” Amani regrets not taking a motion sickness pill when they begin spinning in a teacup. They get the top half done and Marcus says it looks like they have to go to the Hamburg train station, but they must complete the puzzle while the ride is moving so have to wait to complete it. They finish in second place with no barfing mishaps and make a run for the German border. They are third to arrive at the train station.

    Hm…is Jeremy separating himself from Sandy? The first thing we hear from him is that his six year old son is the best thing that has happened to him and he wants to win this race for him. Anyway, Sandy takes on the recital challenge, finds the theater as Tommy finishes his first try and misses on her first try for the same Drama Mama reason. Instead of stopping at the statue she keeps riding and arrives right after Tommy and his second successful attempt. She is successful in her declamation, and they take off for Legoland. Once in the teacups, she feels the need for the barf bag, but holds it in even with the boys teasing her. They lose a piece of the puzzle on the ground outside the teacup and freak out a bit, but do complete it and take off for Hamburg arriving at the train station in fourth place.

    The Great Equalizer

    All teams arrive at the Hamburg train station and buy tickets for the overnight train to Cologne where they will transfer to a train to Brussels. The only problem to arise is when Ernie and Cindy drop their tickets between the ticket counter and the platform and are unable to find them. They discover they don’t have enough money to buy another pair of tickets, but board the train anyway. When the ticket collector arrives while the train is underway, they explain their situation, but she says there is nothing she can do. They get off in Cologne without being stopped by authorities and board the train for Brussels nervous about the ticket collector on that train. Reprieve as no ticket collector appears – probably because tickets for the Brussels train were included in the ticket package…whatever, Cindy sweats while Ernie keeps his calm.

    All teams arrive at Concert Noble in Brussels, learn to their chagrin that they must don bikinis or speedos, oil up and learn a specific routine of body poses to perform before three judges and a small audience. No one wins the twelve points the first time except for Amani and Marcus, but the judges are helpful in their criticism – more so than some television judges on reality shows. Though they leave the concert hall first, their driver doesn’t know the way to the park with the pit stop so they get directions and hit the mat in first place. Ernie and Cindy leave in second place and Jeremy and Sandy leave in third place while the show stops stranding Bill and Cathi along with Andy and Tommy still trying to perfect the body pose routines at the concert hall.

    The Mat

    1.Amani and Marcus

    They continue to race in Belgium using modes of transportation from a raft to a race car. The only team not shown in the preview is Bill and Cathi, but I don’t think that means they were eliminated as this is a continuation leg, does it?
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