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The Basics

Teams fly 5,000 miles from Malawi, Africa to Copenhagen, Denmark using the best and fastest connections they can find. This marks the first time The Amazing Race has been in Cophenhagen. Once they land they will choose an ad placement Ford Focus and drive themselves to Vor Frelsers Kirke bell tower in the city. At the bell tower they will climb over 400 steps up the circular tower to find the next clue.


The clue comes in two parts at the top of the bell tower. Combining the words on a flag on the tower rampart and a large white cloth laid out on a lower roof, they learn the name of their next destination.


They drive to Fredericksborg Slot (Castle) where one member of the team must dress in period costume and learn a three part complex dance routine dating back to the Renaissance era. Accompanied by period instruments they dance before the Countess and when she is satisfied they can keep in step with the professionals, she will give them the next clue.

Detour: All Hopped Up or All Churned Out

To experience farm life in Denmark, the teams drive to Frilandsmuseet Farm where they can choose between churning butter in wood churns and shaping them in wood molds or set up a steeplechase course for a rabbit on a leash held by one team member at a time and run the course. Once the six bars of butter are properly molded or each member has raced a rabbit down the course without knocking over any bars, they will receive the next clue either from a dairy maid or an animal handler.


Karlstrup Windmill on the farm property holds both a clue box and a double U-Turn box. After declaring their intentions at the U-Turn box, each team finds instructions to travel to the docks in Copenhagen and find Havet ship, a 60 year old cargo ship that has been converted into a hotel which serves as the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

Andy and Tommy
3:12 P.M.

In the taxi to the airport they continue to read the clue and discover they don’t have to take the arranged flight if they can find one that better suits their needs. However they board the 8:20 P.M. flight to Amsterdam with everyone except Laurence and Zac. In Amsterdam the find a flight on Cimber Air which arrives in Copenhagen at 10:35 P.M, a half hour ahead of the suggested flight.

The ability and reminder that they can book flights more to their advantage would seem to play a huge role this leg…but…there is an equalizer for all but one team at the bell tower and they must wait for it to open in the morning.

Arriving in third place, the find their car at the Copenhagen airport and Tommy gets in the driver seat asking how to drive a manual. Oh, where have I heard the constant reminder that one must learn to drive a manual transmission before going on the race? *sigh*

Tommy: How do I drive a manual?

Andy: Put it in R first. I think R means real fast.

The next morning they climb the more than 400 tower stairs with all but one of the teams and are first to notice the flag and point out the words to the others. Cathi points out the second half of the name on the roof and they say they’re good and head back down for the drive to the castle.

They find the castle in fourth place and a grinning Andy decides to take a few steps back in time. After dressing in Renaissance costume, his first practice turns in part one of the dance are deemed perfect by his instructor. When he pleases the Countess with all three sections of the dance, he has taken their team up to third place and they take off in the car to find the farm.

They pull the clue envelope from the postal box at the farm, ask Bill and Cathi, who are leaving, about the butter churning and when Cathi tells them it’s doable, they enter the churning shed in third place. Both churn away using the fresh cream and when their molds yield acceptable blocks, they celebrate by trying to rub the oily butter on each other. Tommy gives Andy the clue envelope and when Andy tries to open it, it slips and flies out of his hand; a silly moment.

Finding the windmill and U-Turn box they discover that Ernie and Cindy have U-Turned Bill and Cathi while Bill and Cathi U-Turned Laurence and Zac. There is no one left to U-Turn so they read the clue for the destination to the Pit Stop and have no trouble finding the wharf and the boat.

Arriving at the car park at the same time as Bill and Cathi they lag slightly behind getting their packs out of the trunk. Watching Bill and Cathi hit the mat ahead of them, Andy says, “Dude, they beat us.” They hit the mat still in third place.

Ernie and Cindy
3:13 P.M

As soon as they open the destination clue in Malawi, Cindy tells Ernie that they are so using the double U-Turn that is mentioned in the clue. At the airport, they learn from Laurence that he and Zac are working with someone to take an earlier flight. Fanning herself and with a grimace, Cindy tries to find out their information, but they won’t cough it up. She turns away from them and utters the episode title, super shady. Let’s just say that this leg Cindy is one determined cookie. Losing first place in the last leg has really stuck in her craw.

They are on the same flight as everyone but Laurence and Zac. In Amsterdam she finds out they are booking the same Norwegian Airline flight (which will arrive at 11:00 P.M. in Copenhagen) as Bill and Cathi and she shows off that grimace again. They arrive in fourth place, find their car and drive to the bell tower to be greeted with the information that it doesn’t open until morning.

At 7:30 A.M. they enter the tower along with all the other teams except for Amani and Marcus. When they reach the top they are the first to climb out on the rampart and discover the gorgeous scenery. Following their map to the castle, they turn into the inner courtyard in second place. Upon first sight, Cindy thinks the castle is wholly cool.

Now her frown turns upside down as Ernie will take on the dancing Road Block and she thinks it’s hilarious. Ernie dresses up in the Renaissance costume and proves to be a quick study, much to Cindy’s delight. They receive the envelope from the Countess in first place, but as they are getting into the car to drive out to the farm, Cindy compliments Ernie with a “good job” and reminds him that Cathi (who is also dancing) is right on their tail. This sets up an action that happens after they finish the Detour.

They choose butter churn as Cindy tells Ernie, “We said no more animals after those sheep.” Since they are first, we learn that they must each pour pitchers of fresh cream into the churn, and when it is of butter consistency, shape it into a ball and after adding a little salt and water into the mold, press it into the mold then quickly turn the mold over and slam it on the table to release the butter block. Churning away, Ernie says,” This is hard work, but it smells good, though”

Finishing the task they receive the clue from the dairymaid and find the windmill and the U-Turn.

Ernie: Do you want to U-Turn anybody?

Cindy: Yes

Ernie (with a quizzical what are you talking about look) Who?

Cindy: Bill and Cathi – they are right on our tails.

After touching Bill and Cathi’s photo on the touchscreen Cindy says she feels bad, but that is the way it goes. They get the directions to the Pit Stop and while driving, Ernie says he hates U-Turning anybody, but Cindy reminds him it is for a million dollars. They arrive at the Pit Stop in first place and win a five night trip to Fiji compliments of the travel sponsor, Travelocity. Hitting the mat in first place puts Cindy in a really good mood.

Bill and Cathi
3:26 P.M.

Cathi is in happy mode when they discover they are to fly to Copenhagen. They catch the same flight as everyone except Laurence and Zac and in Amsterdam they book seats on Norwegian Airlines which will arrive in Copenhagen at 11:00 P.M. They arrive in Copenhagen and are the last team except for Amani and Marcus. They don’t have any problem climbing the stairs in the tower the next morning and Cathi spots the second half of the clue on a rooftop while Bill informs us that slot means castle.

They are third to arrive at the castle Road Block and Cathi dons a Renaissance gown and learns the steps quite quickly. While she is practicing, Bill tells Cindy that they met when she was 12 and he was 13, dated for eight years and got married on the day they graduated from college.

Cindy: We just met at a bar.

Bill: Well, that’s all right, too.

Cathi finishes her graceful curtsy to the Duchess much to Bill’s delight and they read the destination clue for the farm.

In second place, they join Ernie and Cindy at the butter churns. After slamming more than 26 blocks of butter on the table, Cathi does her crossed-finger dance as Bill shapes one more into the paddle and they pass and get the clue from the dairymaid. When they find the windmill and the U-Turn sign, they are more than disappointed to see that Ernie and Cindy put up their picture. Because it is a double U-Turn, they decide to give themselves more of a shot at staying out of last place by U-Turning Laurence and Zac as they are somewhere behind them. Uh, feelings get a little testy toward Ernie and Cindy with sweet Bill calling them B*****rds. And later they say it is like kicking Grandpa and Grandma to the curb. Really, guys…the way you compete, you should be feared, not coddled.

At All Hopped Up, they quickly learn the procedure and set up the steeple chase course. Bill chooses a brown rabbit he calls Hop, but poor Hop didn’t and knocked over a pole in one of the set-ups. So, Bill chooses a black and white spotted rabbit he names Speckles who shows the heart of a hopping champion and both Bill and Cathi take him down the course without a problem. Receiving the clue from the animal handler, they go back to the windmill and take the clue there that sends them to the Pit Stop.

Arriving just seconds ahead of Andy and Tommy, they are quicker to don their packs and quickly take off for the mat. They beat the boys and receive second place honors. Phil gives them a backhanded compliment when he makes his announcement saying, “Bill and Cathi, it’s quite unbelievable, but you are team number two.” It doesn’t matter; Bill and Cathi can’t stop smiling.

Amani and Marcus
3:34 P.M.

For this leg, Marcus is in full football analogy. They leave for the Malawi airport calling themselves the come-back kids. At the airport they board the same flight as everyone except Laurence and Zac, but at the change-over in Amsterdam, they separate themselves and spend the night in the airport thinking no one will take a night flight and all would be traveling in the morning. Wrong. It is like having a fourth down, going for it but not making the first down. How’s that, Marcus?

The beauty of the equalizer is that they didn’t lose too much time in climbing the tower in last place as Jeremy and Sandy had to return for a better look at the clue. On the way to the castle, they get lost and Marcus admits to not liking to ask for directions, that not being in control bothers him. When he finally breaks down, they stop beside a busy road and try to flag down cars and trucks to ask directions. Dangerous, but that is Marcus. A dump truck does stop and gives him directions to turn around as they missed the exit.

They arrive at the castle expecting to be in last place, but are bolstered by the fact that Jeremy and Sandy also got lost and they are the last two teams to dance. However, Sandy completes the three part dance ahead of Amani and a sidelined Marcus comments that they are the last team, as always.

At the farm Detour they choose All Hopped Up and Marcus points to a goat wondering if it is a rabbit. Amani corrects him and they head off for the steeple chase course. They choose a tan and white rabbit because Marcus thinks he’s feisty. Marcus gives him a locker room pep talk, “You’ve got my spirit, and I need you to get on with it.” After enthusiastic cheerleading from Marcus, he does and runs the course clean and fast with each of them. They run to the windmill for the final clue ahead of Jeremy and Sandy who are lost on the road to the farm and Laurence and Zac who were U-Turned.

They do not get lost on the way back to Copenhagen, find the boat and hit the mat in fourth place, which prompts Marcus to fist pump. Game won this leg.

Laurence and Zac
3:36 P.M.

In the look back at the last leg, it was Zak who chose to U-Turn a team ahead of them and Laurence hopes they don’t make the same mistake this leg. At the airport, Laurence seeks an advantage with travel and works with an airport employee finding a Virgin Air flight to London with a transfer to Copenhagen. His maneuvering works and they arrive at the Copenhagen Airport in first place. However, the great equalizer looms at the entrance to the bell tower, much to his disappointment. This is all about Laurence isn’t it? Zac doesn’t have words to speak.

They do arrive at the castle still in first place, just ahead of Ernie and Cindy, driving right into the courtyard and taking the clue from the costumed greeter as if they were at a drive-up window. Zac agrees to take on the Road Block dance challenge and, much to Laurence’s chagrin, as a challenge it proves to be too much for awkward Zac. He tells us that he has never learned a choreographed dance before, but he tries all the while fussing with the wig and hat on his head. Meanwhile, Laurence admires the ballroom architecture and says this should have been his challenge as he used to front a rock and roll band. Poor Zac. He finally learns his dance (all three parts) much to the audience’s delight and they receive the clue for the farm destination in fourth place.

At the farm they choose to churn butter and the expert Laurence instructs Zak what to look for as they churn. He tells the dairymaids, “Not bad for a farm boy, eh?” They seem to get through the challenge quickly and receive the destination clue for the windmill still in fourth place.

At the windmill, surprise, surprise. Their cheerful moods turn sour when they see that Bill and Cathi have U-Turned them. Off to the bunny hop they go. They begin setting up the course as Amani and Marcus are finishing the challenge placing them behind and now in fifth place. Laurence mutters, “This is the most ridiculous thing in the world, isn’t it?” They choose the speedy black and white rabbit that Bill used, and Laurence encourages Zak on his run with, “May the rabbit force be with you.”

They leave for the Pit Stop in fifth place ahead of Jeremy and Sandy, but lose their way and hit a traffic jam. To make their way around traffic, a frustrated Laurence takes to the road shoulder and zooms past. Frankly, I was waiting for the police to flag him down, but they didn’t show it if it happened. Without much lead time leaving the farm and getting lost and in heavy traffic, that trifecta does them in and they land on the Mat in last place. Their last interview is all lovey-dovey about how great it was to run together.

Jeremy and Sandy
3:42 P.M.

Excited to go to Denmark, they take the same plane as everyone except Laurence and Zac to Amsterdam. For their plane change to Copenhagen, they take Cimber Air the same plane as Andy and Tommy, which arrives ahead of the flight carrying most of the other teams. Once again they all meet up at the entrance to the bell tower and hang out, getting some rest in their Fords, until 7:30 the next morning. They partially put the words together on the tower rampart, but as they are looking at rooftops, the second sign is being folded in half so they look at a directory with names of buildings seen from the rampart and choose one that has the word slot in it. However, once they arrive they discover it is a restaurant. Frustrated, they go back to the tower, re-climb the stairs and find Amani and Marcus are also there. The sign is displayed properly on the roof, they write it down, ask a pedestrian for directions, and take off to the correct destination.

At the Road Block, Sandy learns how to move in the dance form popular during the Renaissance and they leave ahead of Amani and Marcus for the farm. On the road they get frustrated and lost. Jeremy mutters under his breath and Sandy gives up asking what he said and sits silent. They arrive at the farm behind Amani and Marcus and choose to churn butter as their Detour. As the last team to arrive at the farm they feel pretty defeated, but as they churn Laurence and Zac are racing rabbits and with luck and traffic on their side, they hop over them and hit the mat in fifth place – still in the race, which Jeremy thinks is amazing.


1.Ernie and Cindy
2.Bill and Cathi
3.Andy and Tommy
4.Amani and Marcus
5.Jeremy and Sandy
6.Laurence and Zac ELIMINATED
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Previews - The final five teams remain in Denmark and it looks like they do body builder poses in bathing suits, dramatically declame an essay and ride spinning teacups.