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Hello and welcome to the final Thursday episode of Big Brother this season! As it stands now, Kalia got evicted and Adam won HoH. Adam, Porsche, Rachel, and Jordan are the Final 4. I have to cheer for Rachel and Jordan just because I feel like they've really gotten lucky because of a few twists geared toward them dodged a few bullets and made it this far. I like Adam too and I wouldn't mind if he was in one of the Final 2 slots. Porsche was an early favorite and then dropped near the bottom of my list.

This episode will include Adam's nominations, a veto competition, veto meeting/eviction, and the beginning of Part 1 of the final HoH. Phew, that's a lot. BUT FIRST.... Julie's outfit. Black spandexy pants and a silky black top. Hmm, sort of 80s workout video meets club. It's very Dirty Dancing-ish. I have neutral feelings.

The show begins with Rachel feeling none too happy about Jordan's pity vote to Kalia. Rachel doesn't like having to be the one with “blood on her hands”. Let's count how many times that's been said. About 20 times too many.

Adam gets his HoH room and the 3 ladies follow him upstairs. There are pictures of his girlfriend, Fara. There is a picture of him with Tori Spelling. He also received lots of bacon paraphernalia in his HoH basket. Adam does love his bacon.

Porsche and Adam convene in the HoH room and Porsche tells him she thinks it would be great for two newbies to be in the finals together and Adam agrees. Rachel heads up to the HoH room to kiss some floater newbie ass. He thanks “Red” for coming up and they hug. Jordan heads up to Adam's pimp house and he says Rachel being gone would benefit him but he also wants to battle it out with her. He hopes Jordan understands if he has to nominate Jordan. She is kind of taken aback and says if Porsche gets some power, she is the one who is going to leave. Adam hims and haws around and won't commit to anything and Jordan says Porsche doesn't deserve to be in the Final 3. Jordan reminds him that the vets have helped him get to where he is and it just sucks. He stammers around and Jordan gets pissed off and says she can read his face that he's going to protect Porsche. She leaves in a huff.

It's time for Adam to make his nominations. I'm guessing that Jordan and Rachel are going on the block, but who knows. Adam pulls the only key and it belongs to... Rachel. Wow, that's surprising. Blondie vs Blondie. *insert blonde jokes here* He says that he has won veto and pulled himself off the block and Rachel has won veto and pulled herself off the block. He wants to give Jordan and Porsche the opportunity to do the same for themselves.

The veto competition is called Jukebox Veto. Each person has their own jukebox with 10 things listed on the left and 10 on the right. They have blocks with houseguests names listed on all 4 sides. They must correctly place the blocks in between the lists of 10 to make both statements true. Rachel, Adam, and Jordan begin stacking their blocks on the pole. Porsche, who must have eaten her smart pills today, decides to stack her blocks beside the pole first so she doesn't have to pull them all off if they don't work out the whole way up. Jordan has mental block. SHOCKERRRRR! She is horrible at competitions. Porsche has all of her answers ready and stacks them on the pole. Wrong! She takes them off. I figured Porsche would be experienced at working a pole. Heeeeey. Anywho... Porsche figures out her mistake, fixes it, and buzzes in first. Porsche wins the veto. She will be casting the only vote for eviction this week. Rachel cries that she can't do anything right and she wanted to do so good for Brendon. Rachel cries and cries and Jordan tells her that Jordan wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for Rachel.

Rachel runs to Porsche and says that Porsche can beat her in the end and she would really like to stay in the house. Porsche thinks she might have a better shot at beating Jordan because Jordan won 2 years ago and people might not vote for her to win again.

Julie heads to the living room where Jordan and Porsche have taken their seats in the nomination chairs. Porsche holds the Power of Veto and takes herself off the block, where Rachel is the automatic replacement. Porsche has the sole vote for eviction, but the girls get to plead their cases first. Rachel says she is honored to be in the BB house again and she thinks Adam is an amazing person. She praises Jordan and Porsche and says she voted to keep Porsche last week and she hopes Porsche does the same. They giggle. I'm not sure which of these girls has more air in her head. Sheesh. Jordan says she knows she is leaving and she is happy she aligned with Adam and he is a great man. She says Rachel is awesome and sweet and her thoughts on Rachel have definitely changed from before this season until now. She says she doesn't know much about Porsche except that she loves to wear bikinis and host competitions. Zing! Love it, Jordo! She hopes her family and Jeff's family aren't disappointed in her. Awww, she is so sweet. Porsche stands and casts her vote to evict. She evicts Jordan. Adam, Rachel, and Porsche are the Final 3.

Jordan talks with Julie and she is obviously upset and nervous. Jordan knew when Porsche won the veto that she would be the one going home. Julie asks Jordan if she learned anything from Shelly's betrayal. Jordan thought of Shelly as such a nice woman and a motherly figure, but she learned you can't trust a mom! Julie asks about Rachel and Jordan says they balanced each other out because Rachel can't keep her mouth shut and Jordan would tell her to be quiet. She gives Rachel props for being a great competitor. Jordan hopes to finish school and go back to the salon. She only came on the show because she wanted to see if Jeff could get to the end or if she could win again. Porsche, Adam, and Rachel all leave nice goodbye messages. Rachel cries and says that their men have a bromance so they can have a chickmance. Rachel might be a squawking, annoying, bitchy, crazy lady sometimes, but she can be alright sometimes too. I'm cheering for her to win.

The first part of the final HoH competition is called “Big Brother Mixer”. The 3 remaining houseguests are standing on platforms over top of a large pool of what appears to be butter. The last person hanging on to their mixer blade will win the first part of the HoH competition and advance to Part 3. The mixer blade begins spinning and they all stay pretty cool and calm. Julie announces that it's time to mix things up and a bunch of paint type stuff sprays all over them. The mixer lowers and the houseguests are now partially submerged in the butter. It's a good thing Kalia isn't in this competition because she would take a dive off of her mixer blade and swim all through that butter! Ziiiiiing.

This will be my last recap of the season because the Big Brother finale will air Wednesday at 9:30. It's been another great summer! If you don't have time to watch the finale, come on back and check out all the scoop here on the FORT!