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If you are anything like me, you might be thinking to yourself that this season of Big Brother is rigged. First, Brendon gets “voted” back in. Shyeah, right. Next, Pandora's Box appears just as Jordan and Rachel are on their last hope. Finally, Pandora's Box includes the duos twist, giving Jordan and Rachel a double shot at winning the veto and taking themselves off. Well, BB's plan worked brilliantly because that's just what happened on Wednesday night's episode. I'm not sure what kind of rigging could happen on Thursday's live episode, but I'm sure there will be something. I like the Jordan and Rachel duo so I can't really complain. I think I'm most excited about seeing Jury footage because Daniele will not have fun with Brendon and Jeff there. Not that Daniele smiles or has a lot of fun anyway...

The show begins with the lovely Ms. Chen welcoming everyone in a red dress. Not much to make fun of there. We see all of the past 2 week's events. Who will be evicted? Shelly or Adam? My hope is Shelly simply because I think Adam will drift back over to Jordan and Rachel and I think everything Shelly says is a lie.

Jordan and Rachel appear in the Diary Room and Rachel screams that instead of having Brenchel to deal with, all the newbies have Jochel to deal with. Oh Lord. That voice. That horrible, horrible voice. Shelly is hanging out in the fortune teller room when all of the sudden she sees the fortune teller machine move a bit. She goes over to it and pushes a button and it starts to move. She is hoping that some sort of power or fortune is going to spit out, but she can't seem to figure out how. Three hours later, she is still looking at the fortune teller machine, hoping for something to happen. Nothing. Poor Shells.

In the backyard, Shelly keeps pleading her case to Rachel. She says Adam isn't going to look out for Rachel and Shelly has promised not to put Rachel up. Rachel is still skeptical. Shelly says she will give Rachel her Past, Present, and Future diamond ring to hold onto to show she's being real. Shelly says she won't let Rachel leave the house with that ring, so if Rachel takes the ring, she'll know Shelly is real. Rachel doesn't want the ring and Shelly admits in the Diary Room that it is just a copy of the ring. It's actually cubic zirconium. Nice.

Rachel runs to Jordan and pitches the idea of keeping Shelly in the house because she is such a big target. Adam interrupts and reminds them he's been true to them. He wants to be in the Final 4 and let the best person win. The girls seem torn. They meet with Shelly on the backyard couch and tell her again they don't trust her because she stabbed both of them in the back. Jordan asks her straight up if she threw any competitions and she claims the only one was the banana hanging. Ahhh, au contraire my man-voiced-cig-smoking friend. Cue the footage of Shelly admitting to throwing competitions. Hmmm... I'm not sure what the girls are going to do.

It's time for Julie to talk with the houseguests and she directs her first question at Jordan. She asks what it has been like being partnered with Rachel. Rachel says she's the best and Jordan agrees and adds that Rachel is a handful. Rachel doesn't appear thrilled with that comment, but I'm sure Jordo meant no harm. Next, Julie asks Kalia what she thought when Porsche opened the Pandora's Box. Kalia asks her to hang on a second so she can eat a sandwich and take a nap. Oh wait, no sorry, that's every other day. Kalia hopes whatever Porsche got was worth it. Julie reminds Shelly of the “roller coaster ride” that has been Shelly's week. Shelly chuckles and says the most difficult part was dealing with hurting Jordan because she adores Jordan and adores her heart. Julie asks Adam what it is like living with all the ladies in the house. They all laugh and he says the question really should be directed toward the ladies and asking them what it's like to live with the sexiest guy to ever play Big Brother. They all laugh. I like Adam. He says he has a lot of female friends so it doesn't phase him, but he could use an Appletini. Julie asks Rachel if Brendon would be shocked to see Daniele and Jeff at the jury house. Rachel thinks Brendon was *shoccccccccked* and that his mouth probably dropped.

Speaking of jury house...... it's FINALLY time for some jury house footage! Yay! This is always my favorite part. Brendon has been enjoying the jury house. He's been picking oranges, studying, and playing ping pong alone. He is really hoping to see Daniele. As he's working on some sort of studying, Daniele walks in shouting SHOCCCCCCCKER. They chuckled and hug. She comments that he really is a zombie now that she has to deal with him again. She fills him in on her demise a bit and then they watch the DVD she brought. Hmm... it seems like Daniele and Brendon are actually getting along. There aren't any fireworks like I had thought. Daniele hopes to see Adam come through the door next because he isn't playing the game for himself. Shocccccccckingly, in walks Big Jeff. Daniele declares karma evicted Jeff, and Daniele again claims she was going to keep Jeff and Jordan safe. Jeff watches the video of the Veto competition and sees that he actually threw one of the yellow clown shoes out of his box by accident. Jeff goes on and on about the clown shoe and how it came between him and half a million. He hopes to see Shelly come through the door next.

Julie talks to Porsche alone in the HoH and asks if Porsche regrets opening the Pandora's Box. She admits that she does regret it but she is happy that she helped herself and Kalia get a little extra money. Julie asks Porsche if the final four deal Rachel and Jordan offered still stands. Porsche says that deal was offered before Pandora's Box and she isn't sure where it stands because Jochel hasn't told Kalia how they are going to vote. Porsche says she wants to be sitting in the Final 2 against a newbie. She would like it to be Kalia but she'd be happy with Adam or Shelly.

Shelly and Adam get one last chance to plead their cases. Shelly goes first and says hi to her hubby and daughter. Shelly tells Jordan and Rachel that the past is the past and they need to pick someone who is going to play with them to the end. She says she is with them 100%. The audience chuckles/gasps and Kalia's face is absolutely priceless. Adam stands up and says he had a long speech about dragons and metal but he isn't going to use it. He says everyone knows Big Brother is his dream and they have the ability to hit the snooze button and make the dream go on a little longer. Let's check the votes!

Kalia – Adam
Rachel – Shelly (gasps from the audience)
Jordan – Shelly

With 2 votes, Shelly is evicted. This is also perfect because Kalia voted for Adam which will piss him off and keep him with Rachel and Jordo. Love it! Shelly says her goodbyes and leaves. Julie calls Shelly a fighter. Shelly thinks she is sitting there because she tried to make a big move last week. Julie asks why she made the move so early and Shelly said she didn't think she'd get the opportunity to get Jeff out again. She isn't sure if it was such a big and great move now. Julie keeps grilling her and Shelly says it was dumb. Shelly hopes to apologize to Jeff in the jury house because she hurt both him and Jordan and she wants to be lifelong friends with them. She says after seeing Jordan's reaction after she voted out Jeff, if she could rewind it, she'd take it all back. Hmmm. Interesting. I think she's just worried that America will hate her now after going against America's Sweethearts. During Rachel's goodbye message, she calls Shelly out on the ring thing. She says she knows rings and Shelly's definitely isn't worth half a million.

The HoH competition is called “Rollin' in the Dough”. Each houseguest has to crawl through a large pool of sticky donut glaze, through a mountain of sprinkles, and grab a donut off of a table. They must then bring the donut back and stack it on a pole. The person with the most donuts on their pole at the end of 13 minutes will win. Rachel takes an early lead, followed by Adam and then Jordan and then Kalia. This competition is definitely geared rigged toward Rachel. She is small enough to fit under the obstacles and is also pretty fit and quick. Although, since it's donut based, I bet Kalia has a decent shot. *Ba da boom*.

Tune in Sunday when another Pandora's Box with a celebrity twist will appear. Also, next week there will be two evictions. There will be a special eviction episode Wednesday and a live eviction on Thursday. The first part of the Final 3 HoH will begin on Thursday also. The season is winding down. Tune into FORT for all of your Big Brother scoop!!