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This recap covers events in the house from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB time.

What a whackadoodle crazy last couple days it has been in the BB house! This season has been one of twists and turns from the get-go with houseguests flipping sides and the game talk has been nonstop. Since Daniele’s fall from veteran grace and Brendon’s eviction, the house has been divided with Shelly crossing the lines carrying information back and forth. However, Rachel seems to have made a secret deal with Dani to keep her and along with votes from Shelly and Porsche, she could stay. Rachel also outed Shelly’s backstabbing to Jeff and Jordan and planted seeds that have opened their eyes to Shelly’s game. She may be toast in their alliance since they now want to get rid of her and move Adam into her F4 spot with them. This is the Big Brother game that I love…regardless of which houseguests I like or which ones are my favorites. I don’t want to see anyone simply lay down and give up the ghost. It makes for dull feedwatching and a dull season. I, for one, want the flipping and the lying and the backstabbing. Integrity be damned! This is a game…just ask Dr. Will. Still, there’s a price to be paid for stepping on people in the name of the game. Will Shelly regain favor in Jeff & Jordan’s eyes? Depends on how the votes/competitions go down. Will Rachel flip on her Jeff and Jordan alliance? Going into the live show, she seems to be seriously considering it but still unsure of what’s best for her.

The live show was a whirlwind. Production finally gave credit where credit is due and showed Shelly’s manipulations to America. Rachel, as we know, stayed with Jeff and Jordan and Daniele was voted out. Kalia somehow pulled another HOH out of her ass and consulted her two remaining allies(the ones who voted for her to be tossed out on her keester). She nominates Jeff and Rachel…showing how much game smarts she actually has. The smarter move would have been a Jeff/Jordan nomination, saving the backdoor for Rachel, but whatev. No one ever said she was smart. Or a gamer. Porsche finally pulls out a win, taking the POV. She leaves nominations the same and it’s “buh-bye Big Jeff.”

When feeds go live, Kalia and Porsche are dancing around in celebration. Poor Jordan is in tears in the purple room. Rachel and Adam are with her doing their best to comfort her. She’s going on about Shelly and what an idiot she is for trusting her when Shelly happens by. This leads to a smackdown that I don’t think anyone saw coming. Shelly comes in and challenges Jordan, telling her if that’s what she really thinks she doesn’t know her at all. Jordan goes OFF on her. Shelly gets loud with her saying that she can’t wait for Jordan to see her DRs because as bad as she feels for her, she feels like sh*t too. This sets Jordan off even more. She screams in Shelly’s face that she gave her the phone call and asks if this is how she repays her. Rachel physically pulls Jordan from the room…good thing or she would have probably hit Shelly. The screaming continues as they walk through the house. Shelly yells back at her that Rachel lied too and she was the third vote. Um...guess she doesn’t realize there was no third vote. Had there been a third vote, Dani would still be in the house. Don’t know if Rachel was just bamboozled them or if she really considered voting with Dani. It doesn’t really matter now though. Jordan calls her out on the lies and says they all think Dani is a god. “ALL Ya'll follow Daniele cuz you think she's the greatest! Her season was 4 years ago, and who gives a F*ck if her dad is Dick?” Zing! She’s yelling at Porsche and Kalia now too. Rachel drags her into the candy bedroom where Jordan cries and goes on about how stupid she is. Rachel is actually a voice of reason…who woulda thunk it? She tries to calm her down telling her that this isn’t her, that she isn’t that girl and reminds her that they have to fight. The way Rachel is talking to Jordan erases some of the crazy we’ve seen so far. She really is more tolerable without Brendon around.

Kalia heads into the purple room where Adam is still hiding out. She explains to him why she had to take out Jeff. She says that Dani will probably kill her for it, but she offers him a final 2 deal. Then she begins to lay out everything from the beginning….who voted for whom, who did what, who didn’t, etc. Adam asks if it was really Shelly who told her not to put up Adam in her first HOH. At first she says no, but takes it back and explains that they all threw out different names before Lawon offered up his own head on a silver platter. They talk some more but the important point here is that Kalia makes a F2 deal with him over Porsche.

In the living room, Shelly is bawling and rightfully so. Porsche gives her a pep talk saying that Jordan is just a little girl. Profound coming from the 23 year old. I’d tell her to suck it up. You did what you thought you had to do. Now cut the nastiness and move on if you want to look respectable. Probably too late for that though. Towards the end of their talk, Porsche says that Kalia is probably selling them out to Adam. Lots of trust in this alliance, huh? Back in the candy room, Rachel and Jordan are having a full blown pity party. The sobbing is too much watch for this feedwatcher. Poor Jordan. And Rachel…meh.

Jordan correctly predicts that Adam will now flip on them. Realizing they no longer have the votes, they think they’ll be on the block together next. Rachel says that she will be the next one evicted but thinks Jordan can make it to the end. She tells Jordan that she has her vote for the win and she better buy her a nice wedding present. Classic Rachel. Also classic Rachel, she tells Jordan that if she wins the POV, she’s going to take herself off. She then tells Jordan that it was Shelly who took her dog. She goes into the living room and confronts Dani’s minions. Shelly denies taking the dog or Col. Quakers. She tells them that taking the stuff is not game, it’s personal. Her mother gave her the dog and it means something to her. It’s not like the chess pieces. Dani told her that Shelly took the dog and she isn’t backing down. She demands it back! They still deny, deny, deny. “You’re 41 years old” Rachel tells her, “this is ridiculous!” Zing! Shelly is offended. Old people don’t want to be reminded of their age, ya know? Rachel finally tells them if they happen to “find” her stuff, to put it in the storage room.

The next couple hours is pretty much the same. Jordan and Rachel cry and speak of their impending doom while Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche laugh and make fun of Rachel. Real classy, these bitches. Shelly’s betrayal might not have been so bad if the way she carried herself wasn’t so nasty and immature. Rachel wanders to the storage room and gets some mac & cheese dinner from the freezer. She asks if it belongs to anyone and it’s Kalia’s. She’s going to put it back but Kalia doesn’t like it. She only likes real macaroni and cheese so tells Rachel to take it. Write it down, people. Kalia actually gave away food! Rachel mumbles to her that her HOH basket is in the storage room and the three classy bitches excitedly run in to check it out. Kalia realizes this must mean she can eat so she’s naturally ecstatic.

We lose feeds when they play the second HOH competition. When they return, Porsche is the new HOH. It’s the worst possible outcome for Rachel and Jordan. They go up for Porsche’s HOH reveal but their true feelings are all over their faces. If anyone cares, Porsche got pictures of her little brother, her dad, her best friend, a “Hi Dad” shirt, her Bible(no comment), a Ped Egg, score bars, bitch mints(figures), Bagel Bites, Fudgesicles, Icees, teas, chicken noodle soup, Cheez-Its, beef jerky, key lime patties, raw almonds, Captain Crunch, popcorn, Crest White Strips, and a Rhianna CD. Her letter is from Austin, her little brother. Once Rachel and Jordan clear out, Porsche shares with the others that a ring she got is her lucky ring from Janelle. Janelle supposedly gave it to her a long time ago. She may be friends with Janie, but sorry...I see no comparison. Janelle was a real gamer. Porsche…not so much. They all discuss how much classier Jordan is than Rachel, that Jordan would have been classier had she won HOH. But Rachel? They think she would have been screaming at them. They use the old turnabout is fairplay argument since all the vets had been saying they were making game moves and now they don’t like it because it’s been done to them. Kalia finally hits upon the truth when Shelly leaves for a smoke…that Jordan is more upset over Shelly’s betrayal than she is over Jeff leaving. It’s the knife in the back that hurts the most. Jordan says as much to Rachel. She’s still crying as they sit at the dining room table. She feels stupid for trusting Shelly and thinks Shelly is now laughing, saying the joke is on her. She saw all the signs but didn’t want to believe it because Shelly talked so much crap about the other side.

Left alone in HOH, Kalia and Porsche really get down to business. Porsche admits she asked for the Bible just so they could do Jedi training for comps. She’s pissed that Dani told Rachel about Col. Quackers. They are relieved she didn’t tell her about the turtle. It’s still hidden in the red box on the HOH dresser. And of course, they can’t believe Rachel searched all over. Even in the toilet. Talk turns from Rachel bashing to Dani and how proud she’ll be once she sees the DVD of their wins. With Rachel gone…since she is the next target, they think Jordan will eventually come back around. Porsche thinks she’ll be easy to beat, as will everyone else once Rachel is out.

Rachel and Jordan go to bed early and Rachel shares some stories about how she used to sneak into bars at 18. Forgive me for quoting the recently departed, but…shocker! The newbies hang out in the backyard and seem to be completely united now. Shelly asks Adam why he sold her out to Jeff. He hems and haws and gives her some excuse about how crazy Jeff was acting. With Kalia leading the discussion, they bash the hell out of Jeff. They talk about his bad temper and decide that based on Jordan’s earlier attack on Shelly, she must have a bad temper too. Adam apologizes for jumping the newbie ship.

Before going to bed, Porsche and Kalia discuss nominations. Shouldn’t be a big surprise…Rachel will be the target this week. This morning, they confirm their nominations with a whisperfest in the kitchen. Porsche tells Kalia that it will be Rachel and Adam. They won’t bother nominating Jordan because they don’t believe Jordan can win the POV to save Rachel. And if she does, Porsche says, she deserves to have her nominations changed. At that point, Adam would go. Come on, Jordan! Win it and shut them up for good!

Jordan went to bed last night completely defeated and wanting to be evicted. I was hoping she would rise from the ashes this morning on a butt kicking, name taking mission. But at the close of my shift, she’s still a little quiet. She is, however, wishing there was a magic power to help them. Hmm, now would be a good time for Pandora’s Box or Coup de Taw or some other magic veto power. Jordan is also freezing Shelly out this morning. In the bathroom, Shelly said hello to her but Jordan didn’t respond. Perhaps Jordan can use Shelly’s willingness to make amends and get her to flip one more time. This is Big Brother and this is a brand new week. Stranger things have happened!

Before I go, I leave you with one more observation. Shelly is an ugly crier.