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Thread: 8/19 Live Feed Recap: Would you like a tall glass of....whine?

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    8/19 Live Feed Recap: Would you like a tall glass of....whine?

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    I begin my shift with a little trepidition. After the eventful last Friday, I wonder if I’m being sweet helping out with recapping or if I’ve totally gone off my rocker by volunteering to do a Friday shift again. I’m gonna go with ‘sweet’ because crazy people never realize that they are, in fact, crazy. Just ask Rachel.


    It starts off great….Jeff got to choose who the have-nots were going to be for the week and he picked the three stooges…Dani, Kalia and Porsche. Well done Big Jeff, well done. Dani is mad that she’s going to be a HN on her birthday, Porsche takes it in stride claiming that now she gets to have the whole BB experience and Kalia is angry that someone is going to take their beds. I’m wishing that BB hadn’t made Porsche pour out the muscle milk she tainted and saved it for her. The foods America chose were boiled eggs and jalapeno’s. Slop and eggs? The HN room is going to be smelling pretty rotten and I’m just thankful that the feeds aren’t scratch-n-sniff.

    Kalia approaches Jeff to do damage control. He flat out tells her she should be worried and that he did warn her what would happen if she put him up. She pushes for Rachel to be nominated. With that, she heads back into her HN cave for a tall glass of whine while Shelly gives her a pep talk. Meanwhile, Dani has cornered Jeff and he tells her she’s not going up and that if she wins POV, he doesn’t want her to use it. He wants the Tweedle Twins to duke it out. She asks if someone else wins POV will he still put her up. He says no.


    Outdoor lock down and the hamsters get their new, smaller table. Not that it matters because I’m not sure it’s even been used this season. Everyone scatters at this point with Jeff & Co by the pool and Dani and her minions in the kitchen, bitching about Jordan not wearing her humilitard 24/7. Pot, Kettle, meet Kalia. She’s been threatened by BB with a penalty nom for singing, yet continues to sing. Then we get Porsche sucking up to Jeff for a bit. It hasn’t been three hours yet and they’ve all talked to him. He really should take notes…that’s what you do to the HOH. He’s cute, but that’ll only get him so far. Ass kissing is a must.

    We get idle chatter about the uncircumsized penis, stuck up applicants at the audition, Enzo thinking he would be famous, and how a high school boyfriend of Rachels took all the marshmallows out of the lucky charms and gave them to her with a note claiming he’s so lucky to have her. My gag reflex kicks in so I leave this conversation. Shortly after, the nomination ceremony begins. We come back to find that Big Jeff has nominated Kalia and Porsche. No surprise. We get more idle chatter and Dani cooking…nothing interesting until they get to pick POV players. Everyone is picked to play but Rachel so she is hosting.
    The houseguests get alcohol and the HN’s are livid. Porsche jokingly (or not) suggests they dump out the wine. Dani nixes that idea. Dani tries her hand at making slop bread and isn’t happy with the results. She keeps trying. And failing. After awhile, Rachel comes in and tries to antagonize Dani but she ignores her. They all lost Kalia for a bit but she resurfaces with a gift for Dani….a birthday hat and sash she has decorated. Rachel tries to taunt Dani again. After earlier stating that it’s not bad turning 25, she asks if Dani’s upset about turning 25. 25 was great….I’d trade my 38 for her 25. There has been a lot of normal chit-chat today and not much else.


    Some of the topics have been decorating you living space (Shelly hired someone to do hers), Dick has come up a couple of times (it would be more exciting if here were there—Jordan said), the comps, how small the BB house really is compared to how it looks on television…etc. Nothing exciting, but for the most part, everyone has been pleasant. Except for Rachel. And even she’s been relatively tame. And slightly boring. But after last Friday…I deserve a little bit of boring. Jordan gets to ditch her humilitard. Then we get more idle chatter before everyone turns in for the night.


    It’s wake up time and the HN’s seem to be grumpy. Especially Kalia. She’s used to eating non stop so this has to be a shock to her system. I wish I felt bad, but I honestly don’t. In fact, if I were in the house, everytime I spoke to her, I’d be munching on something. Dani is grumpy and worried about losing weight. It’s only a WEEK. BB also told her they can only celebrate birthdays on Sundays. Kalia hopes the competition is ‘catered’ to her. It’s always about food with this chick, isn’t it? Anyway, I end my shift with trivia. Whew! I’m just thankful the inmates didn’t put ME through the ringer this week.


    Notable Tidbits:
    *Adam has seen girls with a 5 o'clock shadow. Daniele tells him Rachel waxes her chin and upper lip.
    *Shelly has a hot tub and a pool at her house. Why would she give that up to sit in a hot tub that Kalia peed in?
    *Adam is going to do a birthday dance for Dani Saturday. Something to look forward to….
    *Porsche is really feeling sorry for herself because she hasn’t won a single thing.
    *Dani told Shelly that Adam flicks his boogers on the floor.

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