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Welcome back everyone. Itís the start of a new week and that means a new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Itís a good way to start the week, watching the vain, fur clad women of New Jersey fight over everyday life happenings. I think this show gives me the drive to be feisty, to not put up with crap from anyone. In fact, just last week I started a feud with my brother in law, wrote and recorded an original song, and purchased three pairs of fur boots. I think this week Iíll focus more on family by jumping down everyoneís throat who says something to me. Better yet, I have a family wedding on Friday; maybe Iíll just start a fight to make it a really good party. Oh, the lives of the New Jersey women, making my life seem so dull and uneventful. Letís see what they inspire me with this week.

Kiss the CookÖor Throw a Tantrum
The holidays are over and itís time to get back to normal life for everyone. For Teresa, that means having a photo shoot for her new cookbook. The adults are able to handle this without any problems, but the kids are a completely different story. Teresaís kids are having a major breakdown. I donít have kids, but I spend a lot of time with my 3 little nieces, and I know when a breakdown is happening, itís over. There is no cooperation or taking pictures or smiling. The photographer wants to shut the shoot down and be done. Teresa does a quick clothes change and drags poor Gia into the shot. Thankfully, Gia is cooperative and the rest of the shoot goes smoothly. Although, Gia is less than enthused to smile happily at the pasta and her mom during the shoot.

Meanwhile, Kathy and Rich seem to be hanging out in Victoriaís room. Kathy tells Rich that she thinks she needs to have ďthe talkĒ with Victoria. Part of me thinks this is a good idea, the other part of me is wondering why this hasnít been done already. Sixteen seems to be a little old to having the sex talk with her daughter. Rich canít even say the word sex aloud and is vehemently against Kathy talking sex with Victoria.

Over in Hoboken, Chris Manzo, is working for a living. Chris seems like a good kid. Every season they have shown him working and not depending on his parents fully supporting. Iím sure they help here and there, but itís good that he is in the work force. Chris is bartending and Jacqueline, Chris, and Ashley are all hanging out at the bar as well. Jacqueline and Chris disappear and greet Ashleyís father and stepmother outside. Ashleyís father is in town to surprise her and confront her on her choices. The best part of the encounter is Lauren talking about Ashleyís dad, saying she has a bit of a crush on him. He is a very good-looking man.

Then we move to Melissaís house. Melissa is catching up her sisters on all of the latest happenings with Teresa. She then makes fun of her and does a funny impression of her. Itís a pretty good impression.

Iím on Display, On Display
Prom shopping time and Kathy is taking Victoria out to find a dress. She tries on a variety of dresses and Iím sure most of the New Jersey women shop at this tacky store as well. The final dress that Victoria tries on, and likes, is a bit hideous. Maybe Iíve just been out of high school way to long and donít know whatís in fashion. Kathy and the sales woman think itís very sexy. It is, but also very ugly. Kathy takes the time to talk with Victoria about sex and the attention from the dress. I commend her, because itís good sheís doing it. It just seems like riding in the car or when they get home might be an ideal time to have this talk.

Finally, itís recording time at Melissaís house. Her music entourage is over and getting ready to start recording. Joe is of course hanging out and watching over everything. He seems a bit overbearing lately. Melissa jumps into her song and sounds horrible. Not Kim Z. horrible, but just not good. All the music men are shaking their heads and telling her itís bad. Melissa finally pulls it together and sounds good singing. As much as I want to make fun of her for being another singing housewife, her song is stuck in my head and really not that bad.

The Argument Heard Around the Restaurant

Finally, to end the show Jacqueline, Chris, Matt (Ashleyís father) and stepmother all meet for brunch to have a talk with Ashley about her goals for the future. Ashley is 15 minutes late, and her parents are not too pleased with her. It appears Jacqueline and Matt have a really good relationship. Iím sure that is helpful to dealing with Ashley.

Ashley finally arrives and then is bombarded by everyone. All the parents want to know what her plans and goals are for the future. Ashley tells them that she wants to go to make-up school/beauty school. The plan is to move to LA and start beauty school there. Her parents jump all over that, missing the bigger picture that for once in her life she seems motivated. Not that I expect them to hand her a bag of money to take care of everything, but they could agree to pay for school and let her get a little taste of paying the rest of her bills on her own. It might be good for her and a lesson that she is sorely in need of.

Ashley then responds to this by saying her parents should all be happy that she isnít 20 with a baby. Jacqueline jumps all over this and I think itís a case of miscommunication by everyone. The best part of the whole scene is all the poor patrons sitting in the area being exposed to this argument. You can seem them all staring. Iím sure Bravo set this up to be a talk at a restaurant and didnít expect it to get out of hand, like it did. The way people are staring, the other patrons seem less than enthused to be sitting in the immediate vicinity.

The argument ends with Jacqueline kicking Ashley out of the house and storming out of the restaurant. I can see where her frustration would come from in this situation. Chris follows her out and tells her that he is also tired of all this behavior. Everyone seems frustrated with each other and some sort of counseling is probably the best course for this whole group. Ashley is left at the table with her father and stepmother and we are treated to a To Be Continued.

Next Week

Make sure to tune in next week to see if Ashley is really kicked out of Jacquelineís house and if Ashley finally gets a clue.