Jeff Foxworthy has made a career of the comment “you might be a redneck if . . .” I had my own “am I a redneck?” moment earlier tonight when I was cursing the annoying golf tournament which ran over and preempted Big Brother, and for almost an hour I harrumphed about who in the world would sit on their couch to watch golf. Then remember that my hubby and I were still annoyed that our NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race that was supposed to be held at Watkins Glen was postponed by rain so it wasn’t held today and is going to be tomorrow while I’m at work. Ok, maybe I’m a redneck.

When the show finally started, it is airing against the finale of Food Network Star, so I’m bummed that I’ve got to make a choice and then wait all the way until tomorrow to find out. So, nobody tell me who won the Food Network show, as I’m taking this one for the recap writing team. I mean it, radio station that I listen to every morning on my commute because they talk about reality tv. Yes, I could boycott the station, but then I’d miss out on the Big Brother scoop. Oh, cruel reality of having to turn off the tv so we can get some sleep on work nights.

When we join our houseguests, Rachel is leaping into Brendon’s arms as he re-enters the house and Lawon slips away, not even able to say “hi” to Julie Chen on primetime tv. Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam jump in a circle with Rachel and Brendon, and we get to see a super slow-mo version of their celebratory jump just to rub it in to the three outsiders, Dani, Kalia and Porsche.

Speaking of the outsiders, Dani is talking Kalia off the ledge, as Kalia now realizes what I was shouting at the tv during last Wednesday’s episode that she was a complete fool for putting up her ally Lawon last week. Dani begs Kalia to not self-evict (or jump off the roof), as those two need each other if they have any chance in the house. Dani know she is public enemy number one unless she or Porsche wins HOH.

For the HOH contest, they re-do a challenge from seasons past where you need to guess how many of an item are in a pile. They show a small sample and give the number, and the contestants need to estimate a huge pile, with the houseguest furthest from the right answer eliminated in each round. This time they have a theme where it is items bearing some relation to the states that the remaining houseguests are from. They start in Louisiana and contestants need to estimate mardi gras beads.

Rachel is the first out.
Then Jordan.
And Brendon.
And Jeff.
Then Shelly.
The happy hopping circle is now pinning all of its hopes for this contest on Adam. Dani and Porsche are grinning and outgoing HOH (and contest host) Kalia can’t believe their luck as all of the power-clique’s challenge warriors fall short.

Adam is out next, and then it is between Dani and Porsche. We see Dani’s confessional that she doesn’t completely trust Porsche as she fears that Rachel would be at her door reminding Porsche of their great friendship if Porsche wins HOH. Dani is probably right, and I fear that Porsche would fall right into that trap, as all of these Newbies seem to want more than anything (including $500,000) is acceptance by Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. It’s just baffling to me.

Dani wins, and the Careers are annoyed. They had the numbers, but Dani had the right numbers. I was distracted for part of the episode, getting my little guy fed while watching the show in the background, so it’s possible that they showed up Dani going into her HOH room. However, I have no recollection of it, so maybe they edited it out because they need to put HOH contest and the nominations all in one episode this week. I was curious to see how much the Careers fawned over her pictures and goodies to try to get in Dani’s good graces.

We do get a fun shot of Dani, Kalia and Porsche dancing, as a contrast to the “other sides” circle dance at the beginning of the episode. They seem to be dancing in complete silence so the others don’t hear them, whereas the other group didn’t seem to care if Dani and friends saw just how “out” they were.

Then the parade of nomination scheming begins. Shelly shows up and tries to convince Dani that she’s been her friend all along, and starts off with her campaign of friendship by kicking Kalia out of the HOH room. Kalia and Dani have actually been working together, but by all means, alienate everyone with your bossy attitude.

Dani isn’t buying what Shelly is selling, and Kalia runs off to complain to Porsche about Shelly’s sudden interest in Dani. Shelly overhears Kalia and Porsche talking about her and then throws a tantrum like she hadn’t talked about people all summer. Anyone who has seen one episode of As the World Turns knows that whomever you are talking about will be just on the other side of that doorway holding up a glass to hear you. You don’t really have standing to complain about what you’re hearing when you are evesdropping, Shelly. There is no moral high ground for her rant, yet rant she does.

Finally, Rachel talks to Dani and offers to be silent partners with Dani (and presumably Kalia too) if they don’t get nominated this week. Dani isn’t sure that she can trust them, but the idea interests her. She’s considering making a Faustian deal as Rachel offers up Shelly and Adam for this week’s nominees, and the agreement that they continue to act like they aren’t working together.

Will Dani take that chance and nominate the turncoat Newbies instead of Career players? Is she officially going over to the dark side by aligning with Brenchel? Contestants who nickname themselves “evil” have historically done quite well on this show, with Evil Dr. Will and Evil Dick both winning the $500,000 prize.

It’s nomination time, and it looks like Dani took Rachel up on her offer. Shelly and Adam are nominated. Adam takes it like a man and notes that this is the third time in three weeks he’s been nominated. Shelly takes it like one of my kids and whines that life isn’t fair and she hasn’t been anything but nice to everyone. Well, this isn’t the “who is the nicest” show, now is it, and if it were, I doubt Shelly would win. The most interesting thing that Adam has done all summer was shave off that beard (and completely change his appearance in the process), but I’d still prefer he stay than Shelly at this point. What a disappointment, but any player who thinks that it is beneath them to be nominated has no place in this game.

We’ll see on Wednesday whether either Adam of Shelly can get themselves off the block as the Veto Competition and Ceremony take place. Neither of them have won a challenge yet (and Shelly even annoyed Jeff and Jordan with her lame attempts in last weeks Have Not challenge), so this should be interesting to see how they perform when it really matters to them.

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