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Welcome back everyone. Sorry I had to miss out last week, I was off on a relaxing vacation in northern Michigan. Part of my weekend was spent at a relative’s wedding. I come from a very large Italian family so all my aunts, uncles, and cousins attended. I’m very sad to report, that no tables were thrown, no mafia references were made, and zero fur outfits were worn. I guess my Italian family will never live up the greatness that is the New Jersey housewives. I guess I will have to be content with my mellow, down to earth family. In the meantime, while I sulk a bit, let’s see what’s going on this week in Jersey.

I Hate Kim G. Seriously, I Hate Her!
The show kicks off back at the Gorga holiday party where Kim G. has been invited and is stirring up trouble immediately upon arrival. I really do not know why this woman is invited anywhere. More importantly, why does Jacqueline even talk with her or have anything to do with her. Kim G. is pure evil! After Monica is asked to leave the party, Kim G. decides to go up to Lauren Manzo and start something. Caroline Manzo is having none of that. She is over and in Kim G.’s face immediately. Sometimes, I think Caroline oversteps her bounds, but in this instance, I am very happy to see her up in Kim G.’s face. I love the way that Caroline never yells, just speaks very firmly and matter of factly. Kim G. does not stand a chance.

At this point, Chris Manzo steps in to try to wrangle Kim G. out the front door. In case you forgot, Chris is best friends with Kim G.’s son. Chris gets Kim G. out the front door and gives her a stern talking to. At some point, Kim G.’s bodyguard steps in and makes me wonder why she would bring a bodyguard to a Christmas party. Evil! Eventually, Albie joins the talk and gets Kim G. to leave and all the Manzos group up in the bathroom or something at the party for a wrap up meeting. Chris is emotional because he is worried his friend will be mad at him. The rest are high fiving over their accomplishment…well, not exactly. They should be though; they got the evil out of the party.

After all the holiday party fun is over, we get a little family look into Kathy’s home. I swear, every time they show Kathy; it involves her in the kitchen cooking. Surely, that woman does more than stand in the kitchen and cook. Kathy’s mom is there and helping prepare for the holidays. Melissa and Joe are coming over for Christmas, but after they stop over at Theresa and Joe’s house. Grudges run deep in these families. Kathy’s mother has experienced grudges with Theresa and Joe’s father and it carries on now into their families. Sheesh let it go already. It seems that the grudges are over the stupidest things too.

Caroline does a bit for her radio show on dealing with children when you are divorced. Chris, her brother calls in to make some statements about trying with Ashley. It’s a sweet moment, but in all honesty, I don’t really care about Caroline’s radio show. If I lived in the area, I might listen to it, but probably not.

It is Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas…in July

I believe it is Christmas Eve and Theresa and her family are getting ready for dinner. For some reason Theresa has her children dressed in head to toe with giant white dresses. I can’t imagine how those are sensible choices for those little girls. Meanwhile, Theresa and her mom are busy preparing a multitude of fish for the feast later. During the prep, come to find out that a boy gave Gia a ring as a gift. It’s sweet and her father says he better watch out.

Over at the Gorga home, Melissa is getting the kids ready and dressing them in similar outfits to Theresa’s, but they are in red dresses. Once again, not sensible options. Joe doesn’t want to go and deal with everyone and Melissa promises him they only need to stay for an hour.

At the Manzo house, Caroline is running around trying to get her house ready for dinner. She looks a mess and seems for once like a normal person. She says that she loves the preparing part and is in her glory. Various members of her family start to drop in and help enjoy the festivities. Everyone is surprised that Ashley is attending the event; she usually spends it with her father but is staying in Jersey this year. Hopefully she is pleasant and not having the eternal scowl on her face. It seems that Ashley and Chris (Jacqueline’s husband) are having a bit of a tense relationship over the holidays. Ashley makes some comment about money not buying a relationship. She seemed excited to get her new car though. From the outside, it seems that Chris has done a lot of for Ashley and treats her pretty well and seems to genuinely love her.

Finally, back to Theresa and Joe’s Christmas extravaganza. Melissa and Joe arrive, with Theresa’s favorite cookies, with kids, toys, and a whirlwind of activity in tow. As soon as Melissa and Theresa see each other, snide remarks are made about dresses and looks and then each goes their own way. If they both would cut out the passive aggressive behavior, it would help alleviate many problems. Finally, a sweet moment happens when Theresa and Joe’s father is holding Joe’s little boy and they take a picture together. Theresa and Joe’s father is the cutest old man. Seriously!

Santa makes an appearance at the party and the kids are all excited. It turns out that Theresa’s mom dressed as Santa this year. The kids and all the adults finally seem to be having a lot of fun. The kids are convinced that Nona was Santa but she claims to have run to the store and just got back. So cute. The kids are all having fun playing, the women are fussing over the food and watching the kids, and the men are all sitting around eating and drinking. At least they are all getting along well.

Next Week
The Christmas celebrations continue and Theresa and Joe fight because he is going to Kathy’s for dinner. Oh, the drama!