This recap covers events in the house from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BBT.

As soon as my shift begins, Skippy sends us to Trivia. POV Competition time!! I have to admit, I enjoy when the competition falls on my shift. Makes for a couple hours less I have to pay attention to these people.

Two hours later, the cameras spring to life and we discover that Brendon won POV. Of course. *sigh*

What we learned about the Power of Veto Competition:
  • It was the one where they find letters to try to spell the longest word
  • Soap suds were involved. We know this because Rachel is complaining that she still has soap in her eyes.
  • As more reports roll in, it seems that the letters were in the pool, which was filled with suds. There was also some sort of apparatus that was squirting soap suds at them.
  • Rachel repeatedly ran directly into the stream of soap suds with her mouth and eyes wide open. She’s still coughing and rubbing her eyes.
  • Jeff finished in 2nd place and says he’s just happy to have redeemed himself from the Technotronics Debacle.
  • Brendon won using the exact same word he won the same competition with last year (understanding)
  • Rachel misspelled her word (moisturizer). Brendon comments that, hey, if misspelling is the biggest problem in our life, we’re going to be alright. Hey Tool, here’s a news flash for you: that is NOT your biggest problem. But I digress
  • side note – did you know that misspelled is the most commonly misspelled word in the English language? Heh. But I know I spelled it correctly because I was the state spelling bee champion in the 6th grade. I know you’re impressed. Brendon’s got nothin on me.
  • Kalia claims she would have done really well in that competition. Well sure, except for that whole throwing competitions thing you've got going on.
  • Dom had "thanksgiving" but wasn't sure if that would be considered a word since it’s a holiday
  • large inflatable duckies were involved.
  • Jeff was whacking Dominic with pool noodles (hee)
  • Porsche got to host in a bikini
  • Jeff was hoarding all the S's so nobody else could get them

turns out that soap suds sprayed directly into the eyeballs is the only way to bring out actual real tears with this one

Shelly, Adam, and Dominic gather in the Tarot Room for debriefing. Shelly doesn’t believe for a second that Brendon and Rachel will backdoor Jeff and Jordan. They all agree those 4 will stick together to the end. Furthermore, they may try to make a deal with Dominic, because they will want to pull people to their side that are capable of winning competitions.

Game talk is interrupted so Shelly can bandage Brendon's scabby knees. Eeeewww. They discuss how insensitive Big Brother is to not consider the injuries that can result from these types of competitions. REALLY?? There's some discussion about poor Rachel and her eyes but I tune it out cause, well, I don't care. Brendon informs us that with neosporin, his knees should heal 33% faster. Thanks buddy, I’ll file that away with all the other useless information you spout ad nauseum.

Jeff made tacos for the house for lunch. ME TOO! I made tacos for lunch while the POV comp was going on! I love tacos. Who doesn’t love tacos? Weirdos, that’s who!

Oh, sorry, where was I…..

Lawon and Adam take turns nervousing (separately) in the Tarot Room. Both start to doze off before Big Brother gives the admonition about sleeping not being permitted outside the bedrooms... blah blah blah.

Mama said there’d be days like this

The next couple of hours pass uneventfully (thank goodness). Napping is the “activity” of choice for the majority, but King Tool Brendon holds court in the kitchen with Dom, Lawon, and Shelly as his captive audience. From the looks on Dom's and Lawon's faces, you get the idea they're just trying to make nice to extend their life in the game. (well duh!). Brendon and his scabby knees eventually hobble upstairs, perhaps to create some more stains with Rachel, leaving Shelly and Lawon downstairs where they continue their discussion about politics, business, and probably some other stuff, but to be honest I'm kinda dozing off.

What do you think? Would you take lessons from this crew on how to appear interested?

Around 4:30 the lockdown ends, and the house slowly starts coming back to life. Adam sneaks a moment alone with Mama Shelly to ask her advice on how he should play it these days. She warns him to act normally and not appear desperate to Brendon and Rachel, and to make deals with them and get them thinking long term. But they only have a few moments alone before the others trickle outside. It's just more general chit chat and to be honest, I'm grateful for a break from the game talk.

It’s not what you think

Eventually Dominic arises and toddles off in search of Dani. They flirt, make fun of Porsche, and talk a little game. I've been a fan of Dani 2.0's game skills to this point, but suddenly she's getting on my nerves. It could be that watching her lying around in the bed flirting with Dom is too reminiscent of how she did that all the time with Nick in her first go-round. I wasn't entertained then, and I'm not now. Especially because Dominic is no Nick, that's fo sho.

Exciting times commence at 7 pm, when the hamsters are allowed into the storage room to discover the basketball goal and ball for the pool.

Jordan and Shelly get a chance to catch up on some game talk. Jordan tells Shelly about their conversation with Brendon and Rachel earlier today, and how Rachel claims production is trying to get the two couples to turn on each other. Jordan appears to be spilling all the details of their talk, including the fact that Rachel and Brendon are afraid Shelly would nominate them. Jordan and Shelly would both prefer to see Dominic go, as that would leave Daniele without a partner again. With 2 days to go until the POV ceremony, I think Jordan should be a little more careful with her mouth or she might find herself on the block. Shelly is of the opinion that it would be best to keep Adam because she thinks he'll listen to her advice.

It’s so peaceful when it sleeps

Jordan and Shelly arrive at the decision that Dominic MUST go this week, so they beeline up to the HOH room. Shelly tells Rachel what she told Jordan earlier - that last night Dominic came to her saying he wants to team up with her and Kalia to go after the vets. Shelly assures Rachel that her word is good and she's not going to come after Brenchel. She shares her concern about Dominic, Kalia, and Dani teaming up. She's not sure if Lawon is involved in this or not, but she's sharing what Dominic told her last night about how he 100% has Dani on his side.

Right when I start to think Brendon is going to be ticked off that he's not being included in this, he bursts through the door. Superpowers, that one has. They come to the conclusion that if they do decide to send Dom home this week, they need to make him think he's staying. Shelly sincerely tells them she thinks it would be wrong to split the couples up before jury, because they should be able to spend their summers together, then she leaves so as not to arouse suspicion among the other houseguests. When she leaves, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon continue the discussion, pointing out that if next week is an endurance competition, Dominic would have a far better chance to win than Adam.

It's looking now like the two couples are solid with each other and also leaning towards evicting Dom. From what I've seen and heard, they're being completely honest in sharing information right now. Brendon decides to head downstairs and warns Jordan and Rachel that Daniele will probably head upstairs soon because she's paranoid. They continue to stress that they absolutely cannot let Daniele know that they suspect her.

When Jordan leaves, Brendon and Rachel say they still don't really trust Shelly, but they know Shelly loves Jeff and Jordan and so she'll work with them as long as she needs to. They agree that the point when they knew they couldn't trust Daniele was earlier this morning when she insisted they should backdoor Jeff this week. They feel that Jeff is a pretty loyal guy and learned from the mistakes on his season. Brendon worries about Jordan sharing too much information. They're not too pleased that Jordan told Shelly that they were afraid she'd put them up but Brendon says that's why they need to share minimal information with Jordan.

what is THIS nonsense about

Jeff finally finishes up on the elliptical and Jordan gives him the Cliffs Notes version of what's been going down since her chat with Shelly. When she tells him what Dom told Shelly -- that he wants to take out Jeff because Jordan will be too nice to seek revenge -- Jeff has some choice words regarding the little boy. But it’s a PG site so you’ll just need to use your imagination. Well, either that or flashback.

Meanwhile on my muted other feed, I see the camera following Daniele around. She's nervousing like I've never seen her nervousing before. Kinda funny -- Brendon says they need to make sure she doesn't know they suspect her, but I do believe THAT ship has sailed.

yep, she has no idea she’s under suspicion. Whatev

Kalia toddles out to the hammock, next to where Jeff and Jordan are working out, and asks them what they're thinking. Bad timing, missy, bad timing. You're kinda in their doghouse right now. The golden couple is vague in their answers and turn the questions around on her. She asks them if they think there's something fishy going on with Adam, like America's Player or something. Heh. They immediately shoot down that idea. "It's stupid," states Jeff. Kalia continues to try to plant seeds of doubt against Adam, but it's obvious by their vague, noncommittal responses that Jeff & Jordan ain't buyin what she's sellin. Jeff does tell Kalia to be careful of what she says to Daniele because he thinks she's up to something. This might come back to get Jeff in trouble because I have no doubt Daniele will tell Brendon and Rachel about it as soon as she can.

Daniele pounces on Rachel in the living room to find out what was going on with Jordan and Shelly up in HOH. I'd love to tell you all about their conversation, but as we all know, Dani in stealth-whispering mode is impossible to hear. It goes along the lines of Jordan's nervous you're gonna put them up, blah blah blah. She also mentions how Kalia will do anything they want. Before long, Dani's back on the backdoor Jeff train. "What would be the benefit of keeping him" she asks. "A target" says Rachel. Dani is persistent, but I'm tired of straining to interpret what she's saying, and at this point it's just an exercise in futility anyway, so I'm done with the conversation.

Kalia brings Shelly into the Tarot Room to talk. Says she's never talked game with her, and would like to see where her head is at. Good timing, Kalia. Not suspiciousified at all. Shelly says she's playing a straight-up game, listening to everyone's point of view, then making her own decisions. Kalia launches into her anti-Adam spiel, and adds that she doesn't trust Lawon. Rachel comes in and the talk about Lawon continues. Rachel says she believes he works in a law office. She's deduced this from their talks about LA -- all the places he mentions going at lunch, etc, around Wilshire, and she says all the offices in that area are law offices. Rachel has a close friend that's an attorney, and he's told her about common tricks that attorneys use. Lawon uses some of these tricks, including always finishing sentences you start, and agreeing with everything you say, in order to build rapport. I tell you... moments like this I think, Rachel has some smarts, and it makes me wonder... what went wrong?? She should have never left good ol' North Carolina for Vegas, that's what.

Rachel leaves, and Kalia and Shelly continue to talk basic game philosophy. The bottom line question comes from Shelly, who asks Kalia if she had to put one of the couples up, which would she pick. Kalia says well, the good thing is we'll be past the couples, and since in her heart she could never put up Jordan, she'd probably put up the two guys, and it would most likely have to be a backdoor situation.

Kalia's getting busy tonight, trying to cover her bases in case veto is used. She joins Daniele to paint her nails, and they discuss how weird Jordan seems to be acting. Kalia finds it odd that Jeff and Jordan haven't been talking to her today, and she tells Dani that Jeff thinks Dani's up to something. This sends Dani into another tailspin of paranoia, and she questions if the Diary Room is planting these seeds. Daniele insists they must convince Brendon and Rachel to backdoor Jeff, but Kalia nervouses that it might come back to haunt them.

Outside, the new basketball set has prompted several of them into playing a round of PIG. I can't help but notice that Lawon's crocs are the same orange color as the basketball.

A few hours later, Jeff and Jordan head over to the hammock for a news briefing. They both agree that Dominic needs to go this week, and that the next targets should be Adam and Dani. Jordan points out that Kalia keeps coming up to her asking if everything is okay. They decide to continue to be nice to her in case they need her vote.

Around the house over the next couple of hours there are some brief and varied game chats. Highlights include:
  • Brendon and Rachel reaffirm their need to keep Porsche close, but Brendon cautions Rachel not to tell her about their Dani suspicions because he doesn't want Dani to find out. (wait till he hears she already has!) He goes on to insist that they are going to have to make a Final 4 deal with Jeff and Jordan.
  • Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly talk to Adam outside, giving him advice about how to play the game and how he can't waver from week to week going where the power is. The tone from Jeff gets a bit confrontational, pointing out how Adam's answers are inconsistent. Adam repeatedly pledges his undying loyalty to Jeff and Jordan and says he really wants to work with them.
  • Kalia has a bit of a meltdown in the Tarot Room. It begins with crying to Shelly that she's stressed and there's a weird vibe in the house today. Jordan and Jeff eventually join them and try to make her feel better. Jordan consoles Kalia by saying she isn't mad at her, she's just stressed about her own situation.
  • Porsche has a flirty little chat with Dominic during which she tells him she's on his side and thinks that the two of them should team up with Brendon and Rachel. Dominic asks who voted for her week 1, she says she won't tell him unless he ends up staying this week and they are "super-allianced." He says he already knows Kalia was one, and she hints that it was Shelly but he keeps saying he's convinced it's Adam.
  • Dani tells Dominic that Jeff is suspicious of her. Dominic warns her to not talk too much to Kalia, and they also think Shelly is trying to play everyone.

Sunday morning, as per usual, Shelly is up early puttering around alone until BB issues the 10 am wake-up call. Soon after, Adam, Rachel and Brendon join her in the backyard for idle chatter. Before long, Adam takes the opportunity to tell Brendon and Rachel about his late night talk with Jeff and Jordan, and how he's completely on board with all of them. As Shelly looks on proudly, he takes the advice she gave him yesterday and asks Brendon and Rachel what they're looking for from him. Brendon jumps all over it and says loyalty, trust, and people who can win competitions. Brendon, of course, dominates the conversation, and when Rachel tries to say something Brendon lectures her about talking too loudly. GAH!! They reiterate to Adam that he can't let people know he has the votes to stay. He points out to Adam that he's wary because Adam has already turned on them once.

Professor Brendon then calls his new class to order: Big Brother Strategy 101. He gives Adam (and Shelly by proxy) a full fledged lecture on what to do and what not to do in the game. I guess he's using his experiences of when he won his season to formulate all this knowledge. (*snicker*).

When Adam is called to the Diary Room, Shelly, Brendon and Rachel confirm that they think Adam would make a good decision on jury based on game play and not personal vendettas. Brendon tells Shelly that they still trust her ahead of Adam, but that they heard last week she was telling Jeff and Jordan they should backdoor Brendon and Rachel. Shelly says that's ridiculous, that people will say whatever they want to say, but that when people talk to her, she does have to sit there and listen to keep up the charade. She continues by pointing out how it's still eating her up that she had to lie to Cassi and the other newbies about her week 1 vote.

The conversation turns to Jeff and Jordan. Shelly brings up that "some people" in the house think Jordan is too nice to seek revenge if they vote Jeff out. Rachel chimes in and agrees that's crazy, and mentions the people that are trying to get her to backdoor Jeff. Shelly says she is not having any of that, and mentions her thought process about the respect factor of allowing the two couples to stay together for the summer. Shelly tells them that her goal for the day is to talk to Lawon and suss out what he does for a living.

And on that note, my shift comes to a conclusion. Want to know what happens next? Tune in for waywyrd’s snarky synopsis…