Hi Hamster Watchers, ‘tis I, your recapper LG. I was on vacation at a cabin in Wisconsin that had neither tv nor internet. I felt like I went back in time, and realize that this recap is unnecessary as the Thursday live show has already aired. So, here goes the shortest recap I’ve ever written:

Sorry this recap is late,
As I was out of state.
I’ll keep it pithy,
To get it posted in a jiffy.

Evil Dick left the show.
Where he went, we did not know.
The houseguests cried about how this impacted their game.
Then Keith’s insensitive behavior was quite insane.
Not even Dani got a clue.
About the extent of Dick’s doo-doo.

Next up was the Veto contest.
Where we found out Brenchel’s the best.
Jeff and Jordan were pretty lame.
His insults of her were too tame.
Nominees Keith and Porsche were both taking a dive.
Hoping that the other would not survive.
And that they would receive the Golden Key.
Not a risk that made sense to me.

Brenchel reverted to form and went on a power spree.
Threatening all houseguests for next week’s immunity.
Because they hold the HOH and POV.
Do they think we’re down to the final 3?

Adam and Shelly are being courted for their votes by the Careers.
Dom is campaigning for Keith (despite his insanity) up to his ears.
Brenchel do not use their Veto.
They want Keith to Go.

Will Porsche or Keith survive the first eviction day?
Ashley’s recap of Thursday will answer that straight away.
I’m back to civilization now, hurray!
I’ll be back recapping with no further delay.

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