(This recap covers Noon Saturday-Noon Sunday, BB time

What up, Fortsters! Can you believe another season of Big Brother is finally here? I donít know about you guys, but I dread it as well as look forward to it. This year, I vow to not spend every spare moment glued to my computer screen. (*ahem*)

Anyways, moving right alongÖ Iím excited about my first recap shift of the season. To prepare, I take a little nap in the early afternoon so Iím ready. When wake up to get started, Iím greeted with a screen full of FISHIES! Seems quite the appropriate way to begin my shift.

feels like hoooooooome to me

We return an hour later with Daniele and Jordan in the bathroom and Cassi, Brendon, and Lawon on the backyard sofas talking about Porsche. Then we get the have-not room, where Keith and Dominic are talking about "the Regulators." I reckon this is an alliance of some sort. I have to admit, I haven't paid much attention to the game talk by the newbies so far this season, because it's mainly consisted of strategic gems like "we have to win HOH or they (veterans) will take us out one by one." Anyways, their plan seems to be for Keith to go to Brendon and Rachel and sell them on the fact that everyone wants Lawon out of the house because he's playing both sides.

Dominic, having just told Keith to throw Lawon under the bus to Brendon and Rachel, heads out to chat with Lawon, letting him know they're on the same page about voting off Porsche. They agree that the two of them plus Cassi are solid in their alliance.

Dominicís next stop is at the pool with Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon. Dominic keeps talking about "our side versus your side" and Jeff scoffs at him. ďDude, it's not old vs new, you're an idiot if you think some of the new people aren't on our side too.Ē To my ears, Dominic seems a wee bit confrontational, insisting to the veterans that he knows they're sticking together. Thatís right, call them out. Way to lay low, little boy.

*sigh* Ö welcome back, Jeff

Keith and Porsche meet briefly - Keith tells her the plan to sell out Lawon for playing both sides. Porsche says that's a bad idea. She thinks the only reason the others want Keith to do this is so it'll put a target on the two of them. (donít look now folks, but this one might be smarter than she appears). Porsche tells Keith he should forget the idea of having Brenchel put up Lawon/ Kalia because they aren't threats. He should push Cassi and Shelly. Keith doesn't like that idea so Porsche calls him out for his alliance with Cassi and Dominic, which he denies.

yeah, what he said

Back at the pool, Dominic continues assure Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon that he has no loyalties to the newbies. Jeff is skeptical of why Dominic is coming out guns blazing talking game today when he hasn't all week. He does get in a good line though about being surprised Dominic is actually here to play the game, they all thought he was just someoneís little brother who snuck into the house. (and with that, Zingbot 3000 is proud. Zzzzzzzing!)

the little engine that couldÖÖ get on my nerves

Anyway, this chat is going nowhere so I decide it's as good a time as any to water my plants.

When I get back, Keith is having a chat outside with Rachel. He talks so fast and in so many circles I get a headache. Meanwhile, the next stop for the Dominic game talkiní train is the bathroom with Cassi and Shelly. He brags to them that Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon want to play with him so bad. Realizing he has more houseguests to annoy, he beelines into the bedroom to talk game with Daniele. He fills Dani in on his chat by the pool with the other vets and all I can think is that I can't wait until the vets get together to discuss all this later... thereís no way theyíre not seeing right through DomiSlick.

Sure enough, we donít have to wait long before Jeff goes to fill Rachel in. They agree they need to pull some of the rooks over to their side, but think if there's one duo that can be trusted, it's Cassi and Shelly. They head back out and Keith asks Jeff if they can talk and I'm thinking... this is just too much scurrying around for Day 8. The day after POV is supposed to be everyone just lying around outside. All this has happened in like half an hourÖ I'm over it.... where are my Skittles...

*sigh* Ö welcome back, Jeff

Next stop on the Game Talk Overload Train is Kalia and Lawon. Kalia says she's on the fence now about Porsche vs Keith. I'm too distracted by Lawon's teal shirt, pink shorts, and orange crocs. Yes. Orange. Crocs. For someone with so much self-proclaimed fashion sense, does he not realize crocs are a no-no? Where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them? I bet Britney is having a fit and all I can think is I wish I could see a DR with her talking about them. Cameras cut to a quick shot of Keith listening at the door until Shelly comes by. Kalia is going off on Keith - she and Lawon were listening at the door when Keith was talking about her to Jeff. Meanwhile, the camera cuts over for a quick shot of Keith standing outside the door listening to them. Heh.

And then.... not a moment too soon, in the midst of all this crazy mad overdone game talk, we get Jeff & Jordan in the pool. Hallelujah for the cuteness. It doesn't last long enough though.

*sigh* Ö welcome back, Jeff

Up next, Shelly lets Lawon know that even if the veto is used and he and Kalia go up, he definitely has enough votes to stay. Cassi joins them and informs them that Keith has been lying about his occupation (shocking!) He works in Human Resources, he's not a matchmaker. Anyone else see the irony in Cassi talking about someone else lying regarding their occupation?

Moving on. Shelly, Cassi, and Lawon seem to be on the same page that they think the veto is going to be used now. They think it's a good idea to keep Porsche and Keith around because they're time bombs. They think it's a good time to get Kalia out. But do they really? These brand spanking new hamsters are all over the place and everybody knows a group of 8 canít stick together. Duhs.

Adam reenacts Jerry falling into the pool in BB10. Yeah, I know it isnít relevant to whatís happening now but reliving that moment is always fun times

Keith tries to convince Porsche to go with him to try to make a deal with Brendon and Rachel but Porsche ain't having it. She says the best thing for her is for Keith to be evicted, leaving her with a golden key. Good plan.

The DCA/Veterans/whatever have a chance to gather up in the HOH room to touch base. Brendon and Rachel think a house meeting may be in order. Daniele thinks house meetings are stupid and it would be better just to get Lawon and Keith together to air out their differing stories. (Dani 2.0 calls it like she sees it, me likey). They also laugh about Dominic and their crazy talk with him earlier. Overall they do a good job comparing notes and talking about future plans, and the consensus at this point seems to be to keep the nominations the same and get Keith out because he's the better competitor and, as Dani says, "Porsche's here for summer camp and Keith is here to win." They also think DomiSlick should be a target sooner than later. They move towards discussing the name of their alliance, if they should keep it the Dream Crushers Alliance. Jeff says, yeah, that's great until our dreams get crushed. Hee hee. Oh, Jeff. *sigh*

*sigh* Ö welcome back, Jeff

Shelly comes up and they tell her that she and Cassi are the Golden Duo That Has Been Selected To Join Them. Shelly, after prostrating before the throne and kissing their feet (ok, not really), fills them in on what's been going on with the newbies this afternoon. There's a whole lot of discussion about calling out him and her and them and that one over there too. I think I'll just sit back and wait until something actually happens because it's all just too confusing at this point.

my favorite FNG. Use the Google Machine if you donít know

Sadly for me, I don't get to wait too long. Come on down, ladies and gentlemen, itís Hammock Chat Time with Brendon, Rachel, Keith and Lawon. The goal? To get everything out in the open. Didnít Brenchel learn last year that these meetings rarely settle anything? Oh well, Iíll tune in anyway, cause, well, as a recapper I have to. But there's too much stuttering, too much he said/she said, and too many denials. Nothing is getting resolved. (what? Whatís that you say? A calling-out-meeting-where-nothing-is-resolved? Nonsense!!) Jeff is summoned to discuss the Infamous Laughing Incident (oh, you know, when he and Jordan were allegedly laughing hysterically after learning of Dickís departure). Again, no resolution. Kalia is the next witness called to the stand. More denials. Honestly, I have no idea who is telling the truth because I've done my best to ignore a lot of their discussions over the past day. These FNGís are just too much. Honestly.

Finally, Lawon decides heís had enough and storms off inside to the Have-Not room, followed by Adam and Daniele who try to comfort him. Rachel and Brendon continue to hash stuff out with Keith. Next to join is Porsche. More round and round, Brendon and Rachel finally decide to leave the two of them alone in their lil spat.

In the Have-Not room, Daniele basically tells Lawon to relax, that everyone likes him and he should just sit back and let Keith seal his own fate.

Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and Cassi meet in the kitchen. Daniele comes out and tells them about her talk with Lawon, that he's in his room crying now. Damage control from the fallout ensues. Rachel goes to talk to Lawon and then Kalia, hugging it out with each of them. Rachel assures Kalia that Lawon has never said anything about her (Kalia) to her (Rachel). She thinks Kalia should go talk to Lawon. Kalia takes Rachel's advice to talk to Lawon, and on the surface at least, they seem to be good with each other. For. Now.

GAWD what time is it? I donít recall seeing so much of this so early on whatís supposed to be an ďoffĒ day.

Upstairs in the HOH bathroom, Rachel and Brendon are having a tiff. (WHAT?!?!) Same one they had all last summer. Brendon is upset that Rachel makes decisions and talks game to people without him. Boo Freakin Hoo. It escalates. Rachel whines that they fight all the time and ďJeff and Jordan never fight like that.Ē (*snicker*). She continues her tirade against HERMAN by accusing him of embarrassing her on the live feeds by always fighting with her. Seems they made a deal that they would only return to the game this year if they didn't fight (as IF), and now they're fighting (duhs!). She says she'd play the game much better without him. And on and on. I don't see the need to watch this anymore because I saw it ad nauseum last year.

I swear I used this exact same picture in a recap last year

Brendoooon, I AM VEGAS!!!... oh wait, wrong season

The rest of the afternoon passes without much drama. Most of the house gets in a workout, and plans are made for dinner.

In random nighttime developments, Brendon decides it will be fun to put on his unitard from the veto competition and run around the backyard. Dominic decides to join in, playing the villain to Brendon's superhero. They decide to make a "movie" out of it, with several scenes. They carefully plan them out, even choreographing the fight scenes. My cat is particularly enthralled watching.

Itís time for the ďCreate your own CaptionĒ game Ė post your caption in the responses below

I donít even know what to say about this

Not as enthralled as my cat are Adam and Keith, who decide itís a good time for some game talk. Cause, you know, there hasnít been much of that today. Keith tells Adam that Dom and Cassi obviously have a deal with Brendon and Rachel because they don't seem at all worried that they're going to get nominated. Adam lets Keith know that he caused too much drama today and just made his target bigger.

After the dinner hour, Adam and Porsche head upstairs to play chess. Keith and Dominic have a chat. Keith confronts Dom and says he thinks he's been playing him. Dominic swears that's not true and says he's voting out Porsche. Cassi comes out, breaking up the conversation, and Dom walks off. Keith tells Cassi he's figured out that Dom is playing everyone. Mmmm ya think?

Next up for Keith is Kalia, who tells him she's going to vote with the house. She also tells Keith that she's accepted Lawon's apology, that it's just a game and she's over it. Keith acknowledges that he made some mistakes and is probably going home, and Kalia encourages him not to give up yet. The woman has a point, although it looks like Keith's fate is sealed, it's still a looooong time till the vote.

The next hour or so passes with random chit chat outside. The rookies are gathered around the hot tub, but OBVI I decide to check out what's going on with Jeff, Jordan, and that other couple. They're being funny, as per usual, talking about what they'd do if they had a day off from the house tomorrow. Big Brother announces for the houseguests to check the storage room, which brings a loud round of cheers. The "day off" game expands to include a few more people. More random chatter. Daniele talks about her relationship with Nick, and how he was so different once they got out of the house. They discuss what they thought was going to happen this season. Dani, Brendon, and Rachel say they figured Jeff and Jordan were going to be on. Rachel thought it was going to be a "Heroes vs Villains" thing with JeJo as the heroes and Brenchel as the villains. Jordan says she knew Dick was going to be on because he had called Jeff.

Rachel, Brendon and Jordan migrate into the Fortune Teller room. Rachel and Jordan want to do a skit where they imitate each other in the Diary Room. Daniele comes in and they tell Jordan about when they were playing with the fortune teller earlier and Dani figured out how to turn it on.

While fun times are going on inside with this group, Cassi, Dom, Adam, and Lawon were outside talking... that's right... GAME. Go figure. Lawon says he's voting against Keith regardless of what everyone else does. Dom and Cassi want to vote with the majority. Cassi points out that keeping Keith would be keeping another target in the house. Daniele comes out to join them and talk turns to Porsche and Mattressgate (earlier today without warning Porsche decided to switch mattresses with Dominic). Cause, you know, it's smart to do stuff like that when you're on the block and the veto ceremony hasn't happened yet.

*sigh* Ö welcome back, Jeff

This group eventually breaks up into a couple of pairs. Dom and Cassi head to the hot tub where Dom tells her that she is the only person he trusts completely. The jury in my head is still out on Cassi... I'm hoping she's not truly aligned with Dominic. I like the idea of her and Shelly aligned with the DCA. But I digress... while this is going on, Dani and Lawon have moved into the fortune teller room. Lawon assures Dani he's voting out Keith, and that if he won HOH, he's nominate Dom and Adam. Daniele likes Dom but he is a threat long term. Lawon thinks Adam is also a threat. They talk about how much they both like Jeff and Jordan. Daniele said when she watched their season she didn't get all the hype over Jeff, but now she does. They also think Brendon and Rachel are perfect for each other because Brendon balances her out.

Back out at the hot tub, Cassi and Dom are saying they want Brendon and Jeff out, and they don't trust Daniele yet although they think once the other rookie duos are gone they could team up with Daniele to dominate the house. Lawon joins them, and they discuss how at least one of the vets has to go before they get down to 10. They throw out every scenario in the book. Rookies.

Finally, around 4:30, they head to bed and I cheer. At least, I think that's what I did, I was only about 15% awake myself at the time.

After a short hour nap, I get up thinking I'll have most of the morning available to get some stuff done. But ohhhhhh no, we get an 8:15 wake up call. Sounds like the POV ceremony is happening today. When the feeds return, Brendon and Rachel are discussing which houseguests they still need to talk to. Rachel seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed as she's being pretty snippy with HERMAN.

Dominic and Adam are the first to be summoned to the HOH room. Brendon starts off doing most of the talking, asking where their heads are at. Dom and Adam say since they weren't put up this week, they won't put Brendon and Rachel up next week. Brendon clarifies that means not even put up after POV and Dom says sure. Then Dom asks where their heads are at, and asks what was going on yesterday when they were pulling Keith, Lawon, Kalia, etc off to the side. Listening to Brendon, I'm reminded how annoyed I always was last year when he had his talks in HOH. Rachel is just kinda sitting there with a grumpy look on her face. Dominic also assures them that the newbies, as a group, have discussed it and they want the vote to all go the same way so as not to split the house. I snicker at the way they always do this -- just because a vote goes a certain way does not mean the house isn't split.

Keith is up next. Same talk. Brendon takes the lead while Rachel sits beside him with her sulky face on. Brendon says if they pull Keith off, would he guarantee their safety next week, and of course he agrees. Their meeting lasts about 3 minutes.

When Keith leaves, Brendon tells Rachel they're not going to be able to ask these people for safety for Jeff and Jordan, that they just need to look out for themselves. Rachel disagrees. Brendon thinks it's too much to ask for, but Rachel says they have to make sure Jeff and Jordan don't get put up.

Lawon and Kalia come up for their appointment. Rachel seems to be out of her funk, they're joking and laughing about competitions and have-not. Rachel and Brendon advise them that for the next have-not competition, the current have-nots should be on different teams so that they're not all on HN again next week. Right. Everyone always thinks that up until itís time for the next have-not competition. Rachel reminds Brendon they may not have much time so he launches into his same spiel. This time, he adds Jeff and Jordan into the safety mix. Brendon tells Lawon and Kalia that out of all the other rookie couples, they are the one they trust, and they are not a target. He goes on to say they are not a target for Jeff and Jordan either. After Lawon and Kalia leaves, Brendon and Rachel agree they trust Kalia but aren't too sure about Lawon because he's tight with Adam. They also agree they don't trust Dom and Brendon wants him out next week.

this is probably how I look right now as well

Outside, Shelly and Cassi are catching up on their strategy. They want to keep Keith since he's such a loose cannon and are trying to figure out how to approach that with Brendon and Rachel. They do want to keep their deal with Brendon and Rachel to not put them up through the first 4 weeks.

Shelly and Cassi finally make their way upstairs. Brendon tells them that out of all the new pairs, they are the ones they want to work with. It is different wording than what he told Lawon and Kalia - he told them that he trusts them, but he used the words "work with" with Shelly and Cassi. It's an important distinction, I'm not sure if Brendon even realizes it, but I did. Cause that's how I roll. Brendon does tell Cassi that he's worried about her relationship with Dom. Cassi assures them that she likes Dom and would like him to be around as long as possible because she enjoys hanging out with him, but she also understands that at some point he has to go and she's fine with that. Cassi brings up her concern that down the road, Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel are so tight that she might be left out. Brendon reminds her that only one person can win the game. Cassi says she doesn't want to get down to the final 5 and turn out to be the Britney of this season with no chance. Brendon says Britney was a backstabbing idiot so it's her own fault, and Rachel points out that Britney had plenty of opportunities to work with other people.

Cut to Adam, who is saying that if he wins HOH he's putting up Jeff and Jordan, that he'll say it's because Jordan's already won.

Back up to HOH, Rachel points out that they're including Daniele in their group too, they're not mentioning her by name at this point since she has the golden key, but that she's still in with them. Rachel tells them that Daniele has mentioned the same concern, that she's grouped in with "two married couples" but that she also understands that once they all get past the pairs, then they're all playing for themselves. Cassi is straightforward expressing her concerns and asking questions about what would happen down the line if it's a Final 7 with B/R, J/J, Daniele, and Shelly/Cassi. She asks if at that point the 2 couples will still stick together, or if everyone would be open for new deals. She's afraid of getting down to the end and having no chance. Brendon says, you always have a chance. Rachel brings up Janelle and how she had to fight alone but she still made it to the final 3. Uhh, bad example Rachel because Janelle didn't win either time. Duh.

The next recycled spiel that Brendon and Rachel launch into is how they want to get rid of floaters ahead of strong players. Cassi assures them that the only person at this point she has an allegiance to is Shelly, that she's "just friends" with everyone else. I can't wait to see this girl in DR to know what's really in her head. Shelly changes direction to ask who the vets want to evict at this point. Brendon says they're still not sure if they're going to use POV or not, and that whatever they decide, they'll come to a group agreement later in the week. Then Cassi brings up that she thinks it might be better to keep Keith. They think Keith will be a stronger competitor (threat) and volatile, and Porsche is just a shady character.

Adam comes back up. They have an Evel Dick love-fest for a while, then get down to business. Brendon mentions that Jeff, Jordan, and Daniele are included in their deal - that none of them are going after him. Adam (who a mere hour earlier was outside telling others he was going to put up Jeff and Jordan) says, well if I don't put up you guys, and I don't put up Jeff and Jordan, there isn't really anybody else I could put up. Brendon asks "how's your relationship with Kalia?" and Adam laughs. Throwing the HOH competition is also mentioned as an option. Brendon also assures Adam that if Adam and Dom go up, Dom is going home.

When Adam leaves, Rachel jumps on Brendon because he's telling everyone the same thing (she's right!). The next one they summon is Porsche. They tell her that she's still safe, 100%, that they have guaranteed votes, but that she should still campaign, albeit with a passive approach, so it looks like she's still nervous.

Quick jump to the downstairs bathroom, where Shelly and Dominic are comparing notes about their conversations in HOH. They are still using "us vs them" terminology. I guess we'll have to wait for some DRs with Shelly to see what she's really thinking.

Once Brendon and Rachel are done with all the newbies, they bring Jeff up to fill him in. She begins with Cassi, and how Cassi is nervous about what would happen in the end game. Rachel thinks Cassi is going to try to do whatever she can to keep Dominic in the game. Brendon says they absolutely cannot trust Cassi. Apparently she said the exact same thing Dominic said at the pool yesterday, so now they know that Cassi and Dominic are talking all the time and can't be trusted. They also tell Jeff that they got lukewarm reactions from everyone when they asked for safety for Jeff and Jordan too. Jeff obviously doesn't like this.

*sigh* Ö welcome back, Jeff

More note-comparing, and the consensus is that Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff feel they can trust, in this order, Shelly, Adam, and Kalia. They absolutely do not trust Cassi and Dominic, and they're iffy on Lawon. They think as long as they continue to be nice to Porsche that she'll go along with them because everyone else hates her.

Jeff finally heads downstairs and Brendon and Rachel talk about how much they love Jeff and Jordan. They hope to be able to hang out with them whenever they visit Rachel's family in North Carolina (Rachel's hometown and Jordan's hometown are less than an hour apart).

Production starts calling the HGs into the DR for the POV rounds, so we know the ceremony is coming up soon. Daniele comes upstairs and Rachel fills her in on their talks this morning. Daniele tells Rachel she just had the realization that everyone who gets the golden key automatically makes the jury since Dick is gone. They can't believe that someone like Porsche could end up on the jury. Daniele tells Rachel about her talk with Lawon last night, about how Lawon doesn't really want to win HOH. Rachel says good, that's what she suspected.

Skippy is doing a lot of jumping around right now, we bounce back downstairs to Adam and Keith. I swear I don't think I can take much more of this game talking. There's been more game talk in this shift than any other one I can remember. How can it not be 3:00 yet? I wanna go shopping... or something.

Now we are sent out to the backyard with Jeff, Brendon, and Porsche. Jeff is teasing Porsche good-naturedly about her having a crush on Keith. Porsche says her dad would kill her if she ever dated a black guy. The guys ask why, and she says "because he's from Michigan." This brings on massive laughter from Brendon and Jeff, and leaves me scratching my head.

Now we're taken up to HOH, Jordan and Kalia are up there. Kalia is expressing her frustration with Lawon. Brendon and Rachel are called to the DR which means POV ceremony must be coming up soon. I can't keep up with Kalia. There's been so much "he said/she said" the last couple of days. Usually I'm good at following what's going on with the details and nuances, but I'm having a hard time so far this year. Maybe it's because I just don't care too much about the people involved in this particular scenario. I do take notice when Jordan asks Kalia who she would put up, and Kalia says probably Adam and Dominic, but then says she's not sure she would want to win HOH. Jordan says throwing comps is a bad idea, Kalia agrees, and at long last, my screen is graced with trivia.

Peace out, FORTsters, I'm off for a pedicure. Or something.

Want to know how much more waffling is next? Tune in for waywyrdís account of the next 24 hoursÖ