Big Brother 13 - July 10, 2011 – Regulators on the Rise

Hi there, Big Brother Hamster Watchers. Like last summer, I’m covering the Sunday and Wednesday episodes with quick recaps, and my partner Ashley is covering our Thursday night live episodes. So far this summer, we’ve met eight new houseguests, who had to pair up to play as couples against three pairs of returning houseguest. The returning houseguests are Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendan, and Dick and Danielle (i.e. Career Houseguests). The new houseguests had to pick their partners with short notice, and then found out after Rachel won HOH in last Thursday’s premier that the pairs were to be nominated as pairs, win (or not win) the power of veto as a pair, and then campaign against each other with one member of the pair leaving, and the remaining partner awarded a “Golden Ticket” which guarantees their stay in the house through the final 10 (first four weeks).

While Julie Chen may be acting like this is some major twist, this is not the first time that houseguests have played Big Brother in pairs. During the writers strike a number of years ago, there was a one-time winter season of Big Brother that featured couples which played together through most of the season. It was odd and largely forgotten, but the show seemed intent on getting their pairs to hook up that season. The season 13 twist is – Big Brother has gone green and is recycling gimmicks.

The episode starts with the Careers making a pinky swear to stick together to take out the Newbies out, but not until after they recruit enough people to defect from the Newbies so that they can maintain control of the votes. Jeff tells Rachel that they are on the same page, and Rachel reports back to Dick that the Careers are set as a group of six. However, the only shared page that Jeff and Rachel are on is the “I don’t trust you one bit and can’t wait for a chance to get rid of you, lame imitation of super-couple that you are” page.

We get to see Rachel’s (and by proxy, Brendan’s) HOH room. It features many pictures of Rachel as a young child, a round bed and several couches, but to the houseguests’ dismay, no alcohol. Groups of houseguests mingle around in various corners to discuss strategy.

The Careers think that the Newbies have not only never played the game before, but that they’ve never seen it either. Sometimes that does seem to be the case, with casting occurring at Mike Boogies bar with a bunch of bimbos and meatheads who have never seen the show. However, they take that tact with Adam, who has already proclaimed himself a Dick fan. Um Dick, anyone who knows enough about you to have formed an opinion, either positive or negative, has likely seen the show, as without Big Brother, you’ve got squat going for you. They also approached Porsche, who seems clueless about what they are even asking her.

Four rather insightful Newbies, lead by Adam’s partner, Dominic, realize that they will be playing more against than with their “partners” and have formed a pact with one member from each of the Newbie pairs who will back each other when any of their pairs is on the block. This is a pretty shrewd move, and if these four can keep their pact a secret from their partners (so that they can hopefully steer their partners to further this alliance without the partners realizing this isn’t in their direct interest), it could be very powerful. However, loose lips sink alliances, so we’ll see if this has the staying power of the 5 finger alliance, or if it’s the four horsemen leading to their own apocalypse. They name the alliance The Regulators, which seems to be an homage to the 1980s movie Young Guns, in which Billie the Kid’s gang of cowboys of the same name attempted to take on the Irish mafia controlled corrupt government official. Either that, or he’s naming it after the rap songs which refer to the Young Guns references without even realizing there was a movie in the 80s using that term.

The first Have or Have Not competition of the summer starts next. HOH Rachel and her partner (and finace) Brendan are exempt, as they are “Haves” all week. The remaining six pairs need to split into three groups, and despite Jeff’s claims to Jordan that they aren’t really “with” the other Careers, they pair up with Dick and Danielle. The other two teams are: Lawson, Kalia, Cassi and Shelly for one team, and Keith, Porsche, Dominic and Adam on the other team. The set up involves three team members dressed like colorful cows with spongey outfits that can absorb lots of liquid, and one team member dressed like a milkman. The “cows” need to jump into a vat of milk, then sog their way over to the milking parlor, where the milkman squashes them to try to fill 5 jugs of milk from their outfits. Trying to fill containers with liquid carried in someone’s clothes is not a new concept, but always a good one for lots of teammate touching.

The Careers fill their milk jugs the fastest, securing their comfort and food for the week, and then it is just between the two groups of Newbies to see who will be the first residents of this year’s Have Not Bedroom. Despite Keith’s rather unorthodox milk squeezing technique, his team wins, and the Have Nots are Lawson, Kalia, Cassi and Shelly. They get to see this year’s Have Not Bedroom which is quite impressive. This bedroom has one large minimally padded cot, with padded walls and bright institutional lighting which never turn off. Yes, this Have Not Bedroom is a room from an insane asylum. It’s perfect.

Having heard some spoilers, I’d thought there would be something more interesting to report than the usual Sunday fare. There was a hint at it in the announcer’s parting comments, but apparently the Sunday show was taped before that development, which happened well before Sunday. The Thursday live shows will get them back on track for showing things a little closer to when they actually occur. Join us for the Wednesday show when something interesting will likely happen.

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