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Thread: Amazing Race: Episode 2 Recap by Cali

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    TAR Episode 2 Recap

    Episode 2 Official FORT recap:
    Again I will start by saying that I know that we are watching edited versions of these people on television, that I don’t personally know any of them. Having said that, I will have fun with my observations on the teams

    First the boring stuff:
    After leaving the pit stop teams must get to The Pyramid Of The Sun

    They must then get to Cancun via a 24-hour bus ride (is that right? 24 hours???)

    Decide whether you will search for the next clue by Wave Runner or Kayak

    Decide who will do the road block… swim with the dolphins to find the clue

    Drive yourselves to the pit stop - Diamante K Bungalows in Tulum

    This week, and from here on out, I will recap the teams in order of departure from the last leg’s pit stop.
    I hope that my recaps will become better as time goes on, and each team gets more airtime. Until then, some paragraphs will obviously be longer than others.

    We begin this evening’s episode with a few shots of the teams having some down time at the pit stop. They are mingling and having a good time. I see nothing in these few minutes to indicate that any teams “have it in” for any of the others.

    Ken and Gerard
    Having arrived first, the “Oh Brother” team has the advantage of leaving first. They are on the mat and ready at 10:36pm. They seem to have no trouble getting themselves to the Pyramid De Sol, only to find out that it won’t “open” until 7am. They get to greet many of the other teams at the gates and watch their lead slowly disappear. These two take it in stride and welcome all the teams to the pyramid. Getting to the top of the pyramid is not an easy task for these two. You must climb 248 steps to the zenith to retrieve your clue. The brothers are the ones saying “Oh Brother” as teams pass them on the way to the top. We do get to laugh as one of them comments on Rambettes spider like climbing ability. We are then treated to a wonderfully funny visual aid to help us understand. The team gets their clue, and a seat on the first of two busses to the next obstacle. When confronted with the option of riding a wave runner or a kayak, these two wisely choose kayak. I just can’t see them on a wave runner. This is also where we are treated to yet another great line. Ken is seated in the back of the kayak, not paddling, telling us he felt like “Queen of the Nile” I am wondering if maybe he meant “Queen of denial” as he is not helping his brother get to the clue by lounging around. He’s the guy you see on the back of the tandem bike with his feet kicked up on the handlebars. They do find the next clue and for a split second Ken is very excited to hear that they have to catch a ferry. Unfortunately his mood darkens when he realizes it’s a boat. I wish I could tell you who chooses to swim with the dolphins. I’ am positive it is the one with the beard…. I’m guessing this is Ken. He makes short work of the swim. The team that came in first last week arrives _______

    Flo and Zach
    Being the second to arrive they leave only 2 hours and 36 minutes after Ken and Gerard. Zach has somehow convinced the other teams that he majored in topography and actually knows how to read a map. He leads several other teams to nowhere. When he and Flo see the sign for Pyramid De Sol, he obviously thinks this is the Pyramid Of The Fish, and misses the turn. Not until the teams behind him make the turn, does he realize what has happened and turn around. On top of the Pyramid, a structure that has been around for eons, Flo opens the next clue and throws the trash to the ground. Once again, we have wonderful Ambassadors of Travel representing Americans abroad. They arrive at the bus station where the following conversation takes place:
    flo: Departures… this way
    Zach: We need tickets
    flo: Departures IS tickets though… isn’t it?
    Thanks to Zach they manage to get tickets on the first bus. Upon their arrival at detour the two opt for the Wave Runner. They make quick work of finding the clue and hurry off to catch the ferry. Zach decides to swim. (Zach, so far has really done everything. Flo’s responsibilities have included only whining and sulky little looks). He finds the clue while swimming with the beautiful dolphins and these two head out. They arrive at the Pit Stop_____

    Aaron and Arianne

    Well, at least they make each other laugh.
    They are under the belief that they have formed an alliance with every other team against the twins. I honestly don’t see the logic in that at this point in the game. Again they decide to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and follow another team to the pyramid. I do not think ‘Think outside the box’ means what they think it means. While following the other teams Arianne complains that this seems like the “path to hell”. Looking around I want to see fire and brimstone. I only see cobblestone roads and cute little houses. Aaron then complains that they are stuck behind a lumber truck. Note to all those about to visit Mexico: In Mexico lumber is apparently bags of cement. Madera de construcción = cemento. They do find the pyramid, and the next clue. The two get a seat on the first bus, and are off. Arianne tells us that she believes Michael is a wimp for choosing the kayak. That she thinks that Kathy would prefer a real man. Yes, perhaps one that doesn’t have enough upper body strength to paddle a kayak, it is SUCH a wimpy womanly sport after all. A&A get on their Wave Runner and get the next clue. We next see them in a cab on the way to the roadblock. Arianne thinks so far out of the box, that she thinks it’s a good idea to change into her bathing suit in the cab. She informs us that it’s ok, as they are in Cancun and everyone in Cancun is topless. I believe they are very lucky not to have crashed, as the cab driver acted as though he’d NEVER SEEN ANYONE TOPLESS IN CANCUN BEFORE. Luckily Arianne is in her bathing suit, and she chooses to swim. They arrive________

    Michael and Kathy

    I know they are on this show. We get to see them leave at 1:33am. We see them being greeted by Ken and Gerard. I have to now go on the assumption that they climbed the pyramid. Because it is an assumption, I will also assume that Kathy had an angry look on her face the entire time. That she stood and walked behind Michael while rolling her eyes and wondering what the hell she was doing here. I will also assume that they got the clue, as I was told by Phil that they made the 1st bus. As I mentioned above, Michael opted for the Kayak over the wave Runner. He’s in a race for a million bucks, but doesn’t seem to think that speed matters. I will assume that because of this Kathy is always satisfied in bed. Upon arrival at the detour Michael makes yet another bad decision. Here is what they are told BEFORE choosing who will do the roadblock “Be ready for the swim of a life time”. Seeing that Michael can’t swim, it makes perfect sense for him to volunteer. He informs us that he forgot that he couldn’t swim. I was expecting to see a lot of flailing around, but honestly he did a good job. He got the clue and the two headed off for the pit stop. They arrived______

    John Vito and Jill
    Just a note to say these two are emerging as my favorite team. There has been no more mention of her brother, and they seem to be full of energy. My daughter on the other hand wants to see them gone. Why? Because we are under the impression that we are not allowed to call him John. They leave the pit stop at 1:35am. They are among the teams welcomed by the official Pyramid welcoming committee of Ken and Gerard. Jill spider climbs her way to the top and has earned herself the nickname Rambette by K&G. They then seem to realize John Vito needs one too, so he is now “The Rock”. J&JV reach the top of the Pyramid first and are off to the bus station. They make the first bus and settle in for the loooooong ride. READ THE FOLLOWING SARCASTICALLY PLEASE: JV, being the wimp that he is (just ask Arianne) END SARCASM, chose the kayak. I was so waiting for Arianne to speak up now. Spunky little Jill could take her with both hands tied behind her back. Arianne says nothing about JV’s wimpiness. Darn. They have a hard time finding the clue, so backtrack and go for the Wave Runner. This move cost them an hour and twenty-three minutes. At the detour John Vito decides to swim. He is so nice looking that the dolphins actually bring the clue to him. They arrive at the pit stop _______

    Heather and Eve
    It’s 2:16. They leave the pit stop and hop into the van. They remind us again that they are HARVARD Law School graduates. I have to laugh as Eve (I think) can’t figure out the gears on what looks to me to be an automatic. English: Reverse Spanish: Reves. I’m pretty scared that a HARVARD law student couldn’t figure this out. They make it to the Pyramid ahead of some of the other teams, only because other teams were busy thinking outside of the box. When they arrive at the bus station with only 5 minutes to get a ticket and catch the bus, women everywhere groan as Eve turns on the waterworks in order for the manager looking guy to hold the bus for them. It would not have bothered me nearly as much if she were just unstable, but she was sure to let us know that she was “workin’ it”. I do not like her. I do not like her here or there, I do not like her anywhere. They, of course, make the first bus. Heather and Eve choose to ride the wave runner, and find their clue. At the road block Heather decides to swim, and I’m happy, only because I think this would have been one hell of an experience and Heather bothers me slightly less than Eve. They arrive at the pit stop________

    Andrew and Dennis
    Leaving at 3:29 puts them 4 hours and 59 minutes behind Ken and Gerard. Neither one seems to mind too much. They are working well together and seem to be having fun and bonding. They get lost on the way to the Pyramid. Dennis lets us know that his “navigator” was right, and he should have listened. This produces a wonderfully genuine beaming smile from Andrew. It was sweet. Dennis admitted to being wrong and Andrew didn’t gloat I don’t know how the climb to the top of the pyramid was for these guys, but they did find it, unfortunately they made the 2nd bus to the detour. Everyone who made that bus seems to be resting comfortably. I absolutely had to laugh out loud at the editing of the crash though. Oh my……. It was an unfortunate delay, but no one was hurt, and a second (third) bus came to get them all in short order. I have to say that I don’t think these two received adequate airtime this week. I’m really digging these two! They opted for the wave runner and made their way to the ferry. Andrew was the lucky swimmer for this team. Dad did have to remind him that this is a race, and he didn’t “Have time to play with the fish”. Because I like this team, I will ignore the fact that Dennis called the Dolphins fish…. Why couldn’t it have been Heather or Eve? I would have liked to have been able to point out to the HARVARD Law School grads that Fish are cold blooded vertebrates and dolphins are cetacean mammals. Alas… it was a team I like, so I’ll drop it. Team Cheerful are off to the pit stop. They arrive________

    TeRI and Ian
    It was brought to my attention that last week I misspelled TeRi’s name. I promised to do better this week They leave the pit stop at 3:33. TeRi informs us that they want to prove that it’s not a teRible thing to be 50ish. I have to wonder if it is a teRible thing to be 50ish but look 60ish? Yeah, I know….it was mean, I feel teRible. These two get lost on route to the Pyramid and after running into Andrew and Dennis, decide to follow them. Then Ian complains that Andrew and Dennis are too slow, and should have gotten them there hours ago. Whatever dude, if they are too slow, pass them and find your own way. They make it up the pyramid. I’m sure they made it because of Ian’s incessant yelling. These two wind up on the second bus. The one that had the teRible accident. Knowing that his yelling is what has carried them this far, Ian decides it’s a good idea to yell at the cabbie:
    Ian Do you know where it {the Marino Marina} is?
    cabbie Yes (Then, seeing that I can read minds I will tell you what he was thinking… Soy un cabbie usted idiota…. I am a cabbie you idiot).
    Ian You BETTER.
    Cabbie’s thoughts Usted ahora será doble cargado, y puede su pelo del underarm ser invertido con 1.000 pulgas (You will now be charged double, and may your underarm hair be invested with 1,000 fleas)

    They choose the Wave Runnerand I smile as Ian gets knocked down a peg and they take a teRible spill. He doesn’t even bother to help TeRi back on, as it is more important to hold onto the back packs. They are in a race for last place. They arrive_____

    Andre and Damon
    Andre and Damon were penalized a total of 78 minutes because they didn’t follow the borrow cart map correctly and wound up ahead of other teams at the pit stop. To top it off, they manage to over sleep and are even later in their departure. They finally leave at 4:12am They are smart enough to take a page out of the best seller “Danny and Oswald’s Guide To Surviving The Amazing Race”. They stop at a hotel and kidnap a desk clerk. They have him in their van and he is directing them to the Pyramid. Up ahead we can see a beautiful ancient massive structure found especially in Egypt having typically a square ground plan, outside walls in the form of four triangles that meet in a point at the top, and inner sepulchral chambers, a polyhedron having for its base a polygon and for faces triangles with a common vertex --, yes, it’s a PYRAMID . Their kidnap victim agrees and points it out. Andre and Damon ask : “where?” Oh my, I really like these two… I hate that they cant see the pyramid! Finally they find it. I assume they have tied up the desk clerk as he is still in the van upon their return . He happily takes them to the bus station. ***After Andre and Damon depart the desk clerk makes a b-line for the phone and calls GalaVision, offering them exclusive American TV rights to his story. “Fui vivido americano me secuestré un poli y bombero y de contar el cuento” (I was kidnapped by an American cop and Firefighter and lived to tell the tale) Check your local listings**** Andre and Damon miss the frst bus by minutes (why couldn’t Eve have cried a little harder?). They opt for the Wave Runner and make short work of getting the next clue. Andre (I THINK) decides to swim. He finds the clue quickly, and this pair makes their way to the pit stop, arriving_______

    Tramel and Talicia
    The brother and sister. They are two of the happiest, well adjusted, caring, well spoken people on the show. Damn it.
    Team TNT leaves the pit stop at 4:28. Talicia drives to the pyramid, but they get lost. Tramel, who is big enough to come off as an intimidating person flashes his smile and gets directions from a local. He acknowledges that he had to revert to “caveman” communication. Pointing, grunting, then smiling. Tramel is cheering his sister on as they climb the pyramid. Telling her to think about how easy it will be to come back down. Tramel is an awesome brother… and an awesome brother The two decide that they should take the Wave Runner. Oh if only they had contacted the spirit of Jean Dixon. Talicia is driving, and I don’t know if size played a factor, or if they took the turns too tightly, but they fell off the wave Runner three times. By spill three they were reaching for the clue, and I was holding my breath. By the time these two make it to the dolphin swim Tramel winds up swimming in the dark. They mosey on up to the pit stop and find out they have arrived_______

    Derek and Drew
    Advice ~ You are models, right? You really shouldn’t wear picnic table table cloth shirts.
    Derek and Drew leave the pit stop at 4:37am they are only 9 minutes behind Tramel and Talicia, but a full 6 hours and 1 minute behind Ken and Gerard. They feel that the only hope they have is to go for the fast forward. This weeks FF has the duo traversing a 100 foot pole and engaging in a show usually done only by Voladores de Panatla. They must climb the pole, then “ride” down it by hanging upside-down from ropes and spinning their way to the ground. I must give them credit. I am not at all afraid of heights, but climbing this pole must have been a tad freaky. They receive the FF and are told to go directly to the Pit Stop at Diamante K Bungalows. They still need to board the bus with the other players, and catch the 2nd bus out. At the bus station Ian informs them that even though they got the FF they would still be coming in 4th or 5th
    More advice ~ Never listen to Ian
    The two brothers argue on their way to the bungalows. They are lost and frustrated. I’m sure their frustrations come from not listening to my advice. They were told to drive two kilometers then turn left. The one who’s name begins with D was driving, and thought Kilometers where equal to 17.6 miles. They finally get themselves on the right track and arrive_______

    1. Derek and Drew
    2. Aaron and Arianne
    3. Heather and Eve
    4. Michael and Kathy
    5. Flo and Zach
    6. Ken and Gerard
    7. John Vito and Jill
    8. Andre and Damon
    9. Andrew and Dennis
    10. TeRi and Ian

    Meaning of course that the ride is over for Tramel and Talicia. They handled their loss beautifully. I find I must quote Talicia as she said something worth remembering: “The victory isn’t always in the win”. How right she is. I truly wish that these two could have stuck around longer. I am very happy that they got the opportunity to participate in race, and hope that they were sincere in there parting speech when they said that they had a great time. Be sure to read the FORT’s interview with the fabulous pair:
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