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Exercising my writer’s prerogative, I’m combining the performance recap with the results show recap. Let’s face it, the results show was just chock-a-block with flashbacks to the performance, so it makes some measure of sense. Plus, all we really want to know is who is going on to next week anyway.

Team Cee Lo and Team Adam Results

With Team Christina and Team Blake down to two members last week, Adam and Cee Lo now must face their difficult choices and send two people home. And by the end of the results show, the teams will be whittled down to one person for next week’s finale. Man, after such a slow audition start, these teams are now going fast.

Cee Lo’s team is up first for the chopping block. The votes are in and unsurprisingly, Vicci Martinez is chosen by the voting public. Cee Lo yammers on about respecting and liking each of the three remaining acts equally and gives them all words of encouragement but I want him to get to the damn point already. After what seems to be half the show, he picks Nakia to go on to the finale.

Now it’s time for Adam to make his decision. First Carson reveals that Javier Colon got the most votes, again, not a surprise. Adam deliberates saying Jeff didn’t really need much coaching, Devon has come a long way especially with stage presence, and Casey is stubborn and has been a surprise seeing as she had to audition for them twice. He admits he thought he was going to pick Jeff but it’s Casey Weston who he really does pick.

Performance Rounds

First up performing is Frenchie Davis for Team Christina; she sings Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” which theoretically should be a good song choice for Frenchie. On stage, Frenchie is joined by a small choir and back-up dancers in white robes. She’s on a platform in crazy high heels and I worry as she walks down it. Overall, I like her performance but she’s got a bit too much vibrato here and there. Adam and Cee Lo express their love for Frenchie and Blake says Christina made the right decision saving Frenchie last week.

Nakia is going to sing “Whataya Want From Me” by Adam Lambert, which is yet another curious AI cross-over. Since I’d wager The Voice pulls in a lot of AI watchers, and that this Adam Lambert guy was apparently popular on the show, it seems a bit risky using one of his songs (or anyone from AI). Nakia performs in part sitting in front of a piano then kicks the bench away and works the stage. I have no idea what the original sounds like, but Nakia’s version seemed kind of generic. Adam never heard the song either but now he loves it. Blake loved the performance and compliments him for staying in tune, which he did do. Christina liked the piano bench kick. Cee Lo wants Nakia to win. I suppose Vicci will be a bit perturbed.

Team Blake sends up Dia Frampton next singing REM’s “Losing My Religion,” a great choice in my opinion. She takes to the stage with an acoustic guitar. The arraignment is with minimal instrumentation. She starts off small voice and then gets more into the song as it goes on. Christina is amazed at her growth over the course of the show. Cee Lo is impressed with her musical vision and Blake letting her show it. Blake is a fan of her uniqueness. Blake says she did what she’s supposed to—put her heart and soul out on stage.

Casey Weston goes first for Team Adam with “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton and burned in my brain by the RA in my dorm blaring the Whitney Houston version day and night my sophomore year of college. Casey slows the song down even more and is okay but seems to be singing lower than her natural range. It’s all right but it’s no Dolly or Whitney. Blake says he’s blown away again by her performance and wants to start talking about how hot she is. Adam says they do battle in rehearsals but the arguments pay off in her amazing performance.

And then Maroon 5 and Christina sang a song. I don’t care. They’re not in the competition.

Going up second for Team Christina is Beverly McClellan singing “The Thrill Is Gone” by B.B. King. Christina wants to showcase a softer side to Beverly’s voice. She sits at a bright red piano to perform, backed up by a string section. She really gets into the song when she gets away from the piano. It’s then I’m transfixed by her dark blue velvet jacket with an over-sized military button thing going on. I just want that jacket, like by yesterday. Cee Lo loves her innocent and pure and he’s happy that so many contestants are accomplished musicians. Christina loved her bluesy take on the song, showing a different aspect to her voice. It’s a tough call between Beverly and Frenchie for me, but I kind of lean toward Beverly. I would lean even further if she sent me that jacket.

Javier Colon, Team Adam’s ringer with the crooked hat, is up next with “Fix You” by Coldplay. On stage, once the hat came off and gave up all the male high singing that sounds like whining to my ears and he actually sang, he sounded pretty great. Casey should be worried. Blake and Christina both talk about the hat and she wants to see something more soulful next. Cee Lo name drops “Chris” and “Gwyneth” and Adam calls him the real deal and is also excited about the hat removal.

And then Blake sings some country song that is neither here nor there as he’s not competing either. He does bring Dia and Xenia out for a bit at the end, but that’s about the only relevance to the show other than single sales promotion.

Little Xenia Martinez is singing “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script. I had to google this one too because I really don’t listen to this kind of poppy soft male voice music stuff. She sounds pretty damn good but she looks very uncomfortable on such a large stage and can’t quite get the high notes. Xenia would be great playing in a smaller club or coffee house type setting. Being out alone on a huge stage would frankly freak me out now and I’m decades older than this girl. Adam says the song sounded sleepy but her voice is captivating. Christina is baffled constantly by the maturity in her voice. Cee Lo says it’s quaint that she hasn’t been affected by the whole process. Blake knows that one day he’ll be driving around Oklahoma and hear her voice on the radio and know exactly who she is. How do you choose between Xenia and Dia? Dia is more marketable now, but both have great voices. It’s a shame they’re on the same team.

Finally, it’s Vicci Martinez singing “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Now that Jeff is gone, the editors chose to focus on the fact that Vicci’s father passed away and he had a dream of being a singer. Really, it didn’t help Jeff with the votes, so just don’t do it. She sounds pretty great and bangs two drums on either side of her. She leaves the drums and starts doing laps around the stage for a bit before returning to bang some more. Adam calls it the coolest performance of the night. Blake is equally impressed with her fiery performance. Christina loved the performance, especially how she kept going when her mic pack fell out. Cee Lo says that her dog days are behind her and it’s going to be a bright future for her.

The coaches will divide 100 points between their two team members, which will be given equal weight with the popular vote for the results show which starts now…

Results Show

After the President got done addressing America—the same people who vote The Voice—the results show starts with all eight semi-finalists singing “Freedom” by George Michael. I guess they have to do something to fill the hour. They also show a whole lot of the performance show, which we just saw.

Cee Lo’s team is up first. Nakia thanks his boyfriend for supporting his singing career and Vicci feels like her dad is there with her and her mother is in the audience. Cee Lo wrote a poem about his team but it made little sense to me. Cee Lo gave Nakia 51 points and Vicci 49 points, with Vicci getting a bit lower because he had a hard time hearing her over the drums. He’d now split it evenly because he listened to it on playback and it was great. Vicci is visibly shaking as the vote is revealed, but she gets 124 points to Nakia’s 76.

And then Cee Lo performs, which looks entertaining, but I’m still fast forwarding because he’s not a contestant. Plus I’ve been watching this show for two and a half hours straight and I’m kind of tired.

Adam’s team is up next; Javier’s hat is back, now embroidered with a musical note. Adam scored Casey with 35 points and Javier with 65 points. Adam explains that they are equals, but Casey is 18 and has a big future ahead of her but Javier needs to be in the finals after his prior struggle in the industry. Adding in America’s vote, Casey gets 62 to Javier’s 138.

Blake took his team to a show in Cincinnati, gave them guitars, and even brought them on stage for his performance. Xenia still looked nervous there but Dia took to singing country in her little prim dress and oxfords. Blake gave each girl 50 points because he believes in both them very much and he can’t put a score on them. So it’s up to the voting populace, who were nearly equally divided, pushing Dia over the edge with 106 points, leaving Xenia with 94.

Finally, we get to Team Christina, and luckily I DVR’d America’s Got Talent on the idea Obama would run over and the recording would be screwed up because it was. Had I not, the recap would end here. Carson keeps making every contestant cry and he really does not need to. He can wait until he’s old and needs fuzzy filters and then he can be Barbara Walters. Christina split her points equally between them because they are both so unique and good at what they do. With the vote added in, Frenchie gets 93 points to Beverly’s 107, another close call between two equally matched performers.

Next week, the finalists will perform original songs and duets with their coaches and then it’s up to the voters to see who will win the $100,000 and a recoding contract. How did I miss a cash prize all this time? So come back next week when Vicci, Javier, Dia, and Beverly battle it out. Can’t we just call it a day, give them each $25,000 and individual recording contracts?