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Thread: Amazing Race: Jenn and Tracey's Journal - Week 2

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    Jenn and Tracey's AR Journal - Week 2

    Greetings fellow TAR fanatics and supporters -

    This is Jenn, and I am here to report on our adventures for week 2 of The Amazing Race. If you missed our report from the first week, you can read it here.

    Tracey and I have decided that the best strategy would be for one of us each week to report on our adventures while the other one sits down with the map and scopes out our next destination. Given that Tracey just recently informed me she was directionally challenged, this could provide for very interesting journeys on the week when she is in charge of the map. Fortunately since we are still in Mexico this week, I feel pretty safe. Isn't that always the prelude to the apocalypse? Oh well, our "prep work" is more than most teams are doing, as some seem to be flying by the seat of their pants. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Zach and Flo are actually planning to use their pants as an airplane as they don't seem to have much of a sense of direction or ability to follow a roadmap. Aaron was spouting off about them at the pit stop, but more on that later.

    It was quite a feat to come in 3rd at the pit stop last week. We really enjoyed socializing with (most of) the other teams at the pit stop. We're having a lot of fun so far. You probably noticed many of the teams paired up to work together in this leg. We decided we really wanted to align ourselves with Ken and Gerard the self-proclaimed odd couple brothers. They started out in the front of the pack, but because they can't use the FF again, we'd be able to leap frog them at any critical moment. Plus they are really decent fellas. We've been contemplating how to get close to them, and have come to the conclusion that we could mirror their odd couple personalities by practicing a Mary Matlin/James Carvel routine and each bond with one of the brothers. We're not sure how to handle inquiries from other teams that would like to team up with us though. Aaron is pretty steamed about his floundering pairing with Zach and Flo and at the pit stop tonight he said that Zach was a bumbling fool in letting other teams pass them at the Pyramid of the Sun. He and Arianne were wondering if Tracey and I wanted to join forces. Tracey diverted the subject (as we didn't really want to get committed to an "alliance" with Aaron and Arianne as they seem to turn on people rather quickly) and started a discussion about whether organized pairings were really beneficial to teams or not. That lead to a whole debate about Tara and Wil's fights about waiting around for Chris and Alex in TAR 2 and we deftly avoided any commitment or rejection of A&A. Personally we feel that working together with another team for a specific task is more beneficial than waiting around for a specific team to do everything with, but we sure don't want to get on the wrong side of other teams, especially A&A as they seem to be drafting a "hit list" of teams to eliminate.

    The DoubleMint twins - Wow, where to start. We had no idea when we lent them the Idiot's Guide to Mexico that the book might be a little over their heads. It's a good thing we helped them out or they would have definitely been gone last week instead of the soccer moms. Plus, while surfing around the Internet at the pit stop, we came across some disturbing and creepy nude modeling pictures of the boys. They caught up with us at the pit stop and told us that they really enjoyed the fast forward challenge as it was a once in a lifetime experience. I think they view us more favorably than other teams. While they seem like nice boys, we've decided to ditch them and will only collect on their debt to us if we really get in a jam.

    Speaking of ditching....Heather and Eve! We had no idea that Heather and Eve were panhandling in the airport before we left Miami. How embarrassing for them. I thought most cities had laws against that. I really hope that they try that stunt again someplace where panhandling laws are enforced and they get cuffed and stuffed. These ladies have not yet taken a bar exam or been admitted to any state bar associations. Tracey wondered if they knew that almost all states require a complete criminal history exam prior to admission (including all speeding tickets for the past 10 years) as part of the ethical examination for all bar candidates. We don't think batting ones eyes will get you far with the Board of Professional Responsibility for their state of bar licensure.

    "We're racing around the whole entire world" Eve kept squealing. Is that opposed to the "whole partial world", I wanted to ask. While those two stayed in their rooms primping for the next leg, the rest of the teams were bonding over cervezas and a video we bought from one of the cameramen showing looping footage of Heather taking the face plant out of the cart! In fact, we pooled together some of our extra cash and bribed one of the editors to recap that clip again in the episode last night.

    As far as the actual competitions in the second leg, we rocked!
    The 248 steps to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun were a cakewalk. Compared to the 400+ steps at the Duormo in Florence, Italy, this was like the bunny slope at a ski resort on the East coast. We're still trying to figure out why the editors only showed John Vito and Jill make it so easily. Oh well, we like that team anyway, so no need to dwell on it. We jumped into 2nd place during that part of the race and easily made the 10 am bus to Cancun. At the San Marino Marina, Tracey took charge of the waverunner, and we sped around the lagoon like extras on Baywatch finding the route marker almost immediately. Tracey had told me before that she was experienced in driving on water, but it was only after we found the route marker that she admitted that she'd actually once sunk a snowmobile in a lake after breaking through the ice. Artic Cats don't swim, but fortunately our waverunner did the trick.

    Arriving at the roadblock, Tracey and I were very excited as we immediately deciphered the challenge was swimming with the dolphins. Tracey was super sweet and let me do the challenge because she knows how much I love dolphins. And, fortunately unlike Michael, I am a good swimmer and enjoy both snorkeling and scuba diving, so this roadblock was a breeze. We actually inquired with the production staff if we could assist Michael and Kathy at one point, but they told us no.

    On to the pit stop! We narrowly beat Aaron and Arianne to the mat (which I think impressed them and made them want to align with us) and moved up to second place. They are hell bent on getting the Twins out of the race, but Tracey and I have bigger fish to fry at this point -- namely Eve and Heather. We're fed up with them giving women teams a bad name.

    Well, that's it for now! Tracey has been awfully quiet, so I need to go check out what she's up to and try to cheer her up after team TNT's elimination. We really liked them and will miss them!

    Until next week,
    Jenn and Tracey
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