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It's another exciting week of 16 & Pregnant! Last week's episode with Jennifer and toolbag Josh will be hard to top, considering we had twins and cops all in one episode. This week we meet Jamie. What is it with all these “J” names? All three girls thus far have started with a “J”. You know what else starts with that letter? JUVENILE. As in, you are all JUST BABIES. The immaturity of some of these girls is just astounding. Anywho, here is the rundown of our hour with Jamie!

Jamie is 17 and from Asheville, North Carolina. Her dad left when she was a baby, so it's just her mom, her, and her older sister. Jamie is halfway through her senior year and she wants to go to college. She gets straight As and she's on the student council. She is dating a guy named Ryan and has been for about a year. Everyone is shocked because Ryan is kind of a partier/rough around the edges (AKA loser) and they wonder what Jamie is doing with him.

Jamie and Ryan are having a little girl and they play to name her Miah. Jamie's mom is upset by the whole pregnancy thing, but she is trying to be supportive. Her mom tried to talk her out of having the baby, but Jamie wanted to keep it.

Jamie and Ryan talk about how they are going to provide for the baby. She wants him to stop hanging out with his “bad” friends, and he says even if he stops seeing them, he still finds a way to get himself into trouble. Ryan had planned on taking Jamie to all of her appointments, but he lost his driver's license. He has missed three doctor's appointments in a row because he has been going to court or handling other issues.

Jamie's dad has a new family now and hasn't wanted to see her since he found out she's pregnant. He didn't even call her on her last birthday. Apparently, he found out she was pregnant from Myspace. He texted Jamie and asked if it was true and she said yes. Wow. That's odd. You know you are just a baby havin' a baby when your dad is creeping on you on Myspace. Jamie's dad finally decides to see Jamie and meet Ryan. He said he can't believe his baby is having a baby, and he vows to make a point to be more supportive. He tells her he will be at the hospital for sure.

Jamie's mom and Ryan plan a baby shower, and Jamie is disappointed that her dad doesn't show up. One of her friends also saw him at the fair a few days prior and she's disappointed she wasn't invited.

Jamie's high school is very supportive of pregnant teenagers and they offer a free day care center. Jamie is going to have to take Miah on the bus with her everyday, but she will at least get free day care. That's interesting. I don't think I've seen that before.

Jamie's mom isn't a huge fan of Ryan, so when Jamie asks if Ryan can stay with them when the baby is born, I'm surprised that Jamie's mom says yes. She says that Ryan and Jamie aren't allowed to stay in the same room. He has to stay in the baby room with Miah. Hilarious. It's not like they haven't already had sex, duh. Jamie and Ryan aren't happy that they can't stay in Jamie's room together, so they decide that Jamie will have Miah some nights and Ryan will have her others. Jamie's mom doesn't like that idea but Ryan says he can take the baby if he wants.

Since the talk with Jamie's mom, Ryan has been acting distant. He missed another doctor's appointment and sometimes at night, Jamie can't get ahold of him. Ruh roh. I don't think Ryan is changing his party boy ways.

At 4am one evening, Jamie decides it's time to go to the hospital. She can't get ahold of Ryan at all. She keeps calling and calling. She even calls his parents and leaves a message. Five hours into labor, Ryan rolls into the hospital looking like he has been drinking gallons of vodka and then smashing himself into a brick wall. He looks rough. He claims he hasn't slept for three nights because he's just been waiting for her phone call. Yeah, right. She says he smells like he had fun.

Jamie begins to push, and she becomes sick while pushing. She throws up. When Jamie pushes, the baby's heart beat dips a little bit and it becomes stressed. The nurse tells her that they are going to have to help her a little bit by using forceps. A little while later, a 7lb 8oz baby Miah Christine is born. After Miah is born, Jamie kicks Ryan out of the hospital. She doesn't want him there if he couldn't even answer his phone when she was in labor. Jamie gets lots of visitors, including her dad.

Three days after the baby is born, Ryan decides to show up at Jamie's house. He brings an overnight bag so he can stay over in the baby's room. Jamie isn't happy because he looks like he's been out on a bender again. He says if he could breast feed, he'd just take Miah home with him. She says she can't guarantee him he is always going to get to see Miah. She says he put himself in this position. They both begin to cry. He wants to be a good father, he wants to be able to stay at Miah's house or be able to take Miah to his house. Jamie's mom walks in on the cryfest and she reminds Ryan that Miah still needs to be fed by Jamie, so he can't just take Miah home. She reminds him he isn't 21 yet, but he shows up to the birth hungover.

Ryan hasn't been over to help Jamie with the baby for awhile, yet he keeps calling and calling. He keeps asking if he can take the baby to his mom's house. She says only if she goes too. He doesn't see the harm in taking Miah for 3 hours to his mom's house between feedings. Jamie shoots him down and hangs up. Jamie's mom reminds her that Ryan's name isn't even on the birth certificate yet so he has no rights.

Ryan invites Jamie and Miah to a Halloween party, and against her mom's advice, Jamie decides to go. Ryan has his license back so he picks up his girls. They start to fight in the car and she tells him if he tries to take Miah she will call the cops and report a kidnapping. He again asks if he can take Miah by himself for awhile and she continuously shoots him down. Her sister comes to get her and the baby. Ryan isn't happy.

It's time for Jamie to head back to school, and she's worried about seeing Ryan and having enough time to get Miah ready for daycare. She takes Miah onto the school bus and heads to school. Jamie already feels exhausted and her first day back hasn't even really started. At lunch, she feels like everyone is giving her weird looks like they know something that she doesn't. It turns out, Ryan has a new girlfriend. He's been seeing her for months and Jamie is pretty sure that's who he was with the night she went into labor. Ewww. Scumbag. Everyone in school knew except for Jamie. What a jerk. Jamie says she's done. She wants to get full custody.

Jamie meets with Ryan to talk. She tells him she knows he cheated on her. He thinks she is using Miah as a tool to hurt him. Jamie tells him they need to go to court to decide the Miah issues. He cries and says his own daughter isn't even going to know him. She says they will have to wait for the court to decide everything. Jamie wishes things could be different with Ryan, but she needs to do what is best for Miah. Good for you, Jamie! I love it when they kick the toolbag dads to the curb!