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Thread: Amazing Race 3: Our Interview with Tramel & Talicia

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    Amazing Race 3: Our Interview with Tramel & Talicia

    Tramel and Talicia, brother and sister from Gary Indiana, were the latest team eliminated from The Amazing Race 3. We spoke to them this morning, and here's what they had to say:

    FORT: Congratulations to both of you!
    Tramel: Thank you. It was very hard work coming in 11th.

    FORT: Our users were very depressed, because you were their favorite team.
    Tramel: We were depressed, too.
    Talicia: We were our favorites, too. And we read your web site - you guys were very kind to us, so thank you.

    FORT: I have to ask the obvious question - Tramel, you made some comments about Talicia's driving, but every opportunity to drive, you let her behind the wheel. Why?
    Tramel: Ok, here's the reason. She always teases me about "oh, you drive so slow and I'm such a great driver." So, I let her drive the original Benz truck, and I realized she drives VERY slowly.
    Talicia: That's not true. He drives slow enough to drive Miss Daisy!
    Tramel: There were crocodiles on the sides of the road going faster than us.
    Talicia: That is NOT true. Stop lying. The reason he "let" me drive was because he couldn't drive a stick.
    Tramel: The Mercedez wasn't a stick, but good try anyway kid.
    Talicia: Everything else was a stick.
    Tramel: The Volkswagen was a stick, and I can't drive a stick. If I drove the Volkswagen, I'd probably strip the gears. But I know we probably still would have made it there in less time.
    Talicia: Now, did I tell him to learn how to drive a stick (before we left)? Yes, I did.

    FORT: How about the Wave Runners?
    Tramel: I've also never been on a Wave Runner before. Critical, critical error. I could have swam that entire lagoon faster than she was driving the Wave Runner.
    Talicia: He doesn't give me any credit. I gave him the map. I told him "read the map!" He was like "I'm so great at orienteering, I can do this!"
    Tramel: Orienteering? What dictionary are you using?
    Talicia: He told me he knew how to read a map and use a compass. But do you think he told me where to go? No. All he did was sit back and criticize.
    Tramel: I could have told you where to go, but I don't think we'd have gotten there. I don't know if you guys could see this on TV, but it was the current that was taking us along, not the throttle.
    Talicia: That's not true. No, what you guys didn't see on TV was that there was a "No Wake" zone, and they told us that we could not go fast in the zone. It was kind of like "No Sex in the Champagne Room."
    Tramel: No, right when you pull off on the jet ski, they didn't want you to zip out into the water, so for like 20 yards.
    Talicia: No, it was a National Park where we were.
    Tramel: So, the other teams go flying by, and the camera crews are flying by, and she's like "We can't go fast!"
    Talicia: Every time we went fast, they kept yelling "No wake zone!"

    FORT: They made it look like it was close between you and Teri & Ian's team. How close was it, really?
    Talicia: It wasn't.
    Tramel: Actually, looking at it, it may be closer than we thought, because you can tell by how dark it was, but they got off the ferry that we got on (going to Cozumel), so we were a couple of hours behind them. The ferry didn't leave immediately, because it was going to be the last ferry of the day, so they waited for everyone - they waited a really long time.
    Talicia: We were sort of a victim of circumstance.
    Tramel: So we had all this time to chill over on Cozumel.
    Talicia: Yeah, we pretty much knew we were out, so we got into our emergency money and just started spending it up. We went out and had a big fat meal, got some drinks, went souvenir shopping. We even got Phil a postcard, so when we got to the mat, we gave Phil his postcard.
    Tramel: I don't know, because Teri & Ian seem to have gotten pretty lost after getting off the ferry.
    Talicia: Yeah, and we had perfect directions to get there.

    FORT: Tramel, you mention in your bio that your biggest fear was "being eliminated early, before people got a chance to know your name." Do you think people will know your name?
    Tramel: My biggest fear comes true. Comes right to life, stares me in the face, and there's nothing I can do about it. Unlike Eve, this is not a fear I can really conquer. I just have to roll with the punches. When I'm on "Where are the now?" they'll say "Hey Tramel, where are you now?" and I'll say "Still carrying Talicia."
    Talicia: He'll say "Still living at home with mom and dad."
    Tramel: You didn't see it, but I carried her the entire race. If I didn't carry her, we'd still be in Miami right now, trying to find the airport.
    Talicia: No wait, he's talking about carrying me, he still lives at home with mom and dad, and I've been on my own since I was 16. He did not carry me. I told him to run the show, and he was the one who made all the decisions, because I told him I was tired of doing everything. I told him if we were going to win, it was going to be all his doing...And he ran us right into the ground. We could have gotten on the dang kayaks and done better.

    FORT: If you could have done one thing different to keep you in the race, what would it have been?
    Tramel: It would have been packing a back brace, so I could carry my sister the whole time. No, we were doing fine, but the Wave Runners did us in.
    Talicia: You don't know this, but we had SO much bad luck. Every security checkpoint that we went through at the airports, no one else got stopped but us. We got stopped every single time, and it cost us time. But we would always catch up.

    FORT: Do you think the editing of the show portrayed you accurately?
    Tramel: Oh yeah, but there were always problems.
    Talicia: Yeah, like we almost got arrested like 5 minutes out of the gate, because we were on an Indian reservation.

    FORT: Everyone wants to know what you all do during your pitstops.
    Tramel: Well, the pitstops are 12 hours, and most people are just trying to sleep.
    Talicia: At least for the one pitstop WE know about. There are a couple longer pitstops, and people probably go out during those.
    Tramel: But pretty much, 12 hours, you want to sleep, and get your mind right for the next leg. You hang out with the other teams for a couple of hours.
    Talicia: And EAT. You don't want to eat on the road, because you are spending your money.
    Tramel: Eating costs money on the road, and not all of us are pretty enough to beg at the airport.
    Talicia: I don't know what you're talking about, I'm pretty!

    FORT: It appeared this episode was "everyone against the Twins." Was there something going on we didn't see?
    Tramel: Everbody liked the twins. What it was, was everyone sizing the teams up. We weren't allowed to talk before the start of the race, and everyone sized the twins up as "the team to beat." And then when they were almost eliminated on the first episode, everyone wanted them off, because you never know. Maybe they just had really bad luck, and maybe they still are the team to beat.

    Thank you, Tramel & Talicia, for taking the time to speak with Fans of Reality TV this morning. We're all going to miss you on the show! I hope the experience brought you closer together as a family. And don't forget that you live right on the shore of the Lake Michigan - rent a Wave Runner.

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