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Welcome back to another week of 16 and Pregnant! Last week we met Jordan, model turned mother. This week we will meet a baby named Jennifer. Oh yeah, we will meet her baby too. *cue drums* Okay, seriously. This is one of those shows that I know I shouldn't watch because it just encourages girls to try to get on it, but I can't help it.

Jennifer is a 16 year old who lives outside Tampa, FL with her mom, dad, and little brother. She is a big sports player and has a boyfriend named Josh. She has been dating Josh for over a year and her parents don't like him because they think he is too old for her. I have no idea just how old that is, but he is older. They met in school, so it isn't like he's 10 years older or anything.

Even at 28 weeks pregnant, Jennifer and her family are still in shock over everything. Oh yeah, and she's having twins. Yikes. Josh and Jennifer reminisce about when she got pregnant. Apparently they didn't use condoms. She asked him to go buy them and he said he didn't have money so he could save the awkward experience of going in to buy them. I am seriously screaming at my TV right now. She says if he thinks buying condoms is uncomfortable, how about having a pregnant stomach at age sixteen. Again, children. Let's say this all together. If you can't afford to or are embarrassed to buy birth control, YOU SHOULDN'T BE HAVING SEX! The couple plans on naming their fraternal twin boys Noah and Joshua Jr. and having them take Josh's last name. Jennifer's parents definitely aren't happy about the Josh Jr. or last name thing. I wouldn't be either.

Josh's parents have decided to step up and throw the couple a baby shower. Jennifer's mom doesn't go. Jennifer's dad says a brawl would break out because it is supposed to be a joyous time but he doesn't feel that way. I'm a little disappointed that her parents couldn't suck it up for one day and go to the shower.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Jennifer begins her first day of her sophomore year of high school. She has transferred to an alternative high school that will let her do most of her work at home. She feels like everyone is whispering about her. At lunch, people asked her about the sex of the babies and if she was engaged to Josh.

It's Josh and Jennifer's one year anniversary, so he is taking her out somewhere “nice”. Instead of a leftover box being brought to the table, the waiter brings a ring box. Josh proposes and Jennifer says yes. She arrives home and drops the engagement bomb on her mom. Josh is waiting outside, but comes in after her mom requests his presence. He gives her a pretty legit explanation, saying he feels it's the next step in their relationship and they aren't going to run off and get married. He just feels ready to make that commitment to Jennifer. Jennifer's dad says that she shouldn't rush into anything and she needs to wait and see how things work out with the babies before she even thinks about marriage.

The day of Jennifer's C Section has arrived, and her family and Josh all head to the hospital together. You can pretty much feel the venom coming from Jen's parents. A few hours later, Joshua Jr. arrives followed by Noah a minute later. Jennifer decides to give the babies Josh's last name, which devastates her parents.

Jennifer calls her parents to ask if Josh is still allowed to come home with them. An argument between Josh and the parents ensues, and Jennifer's mom says she is going to call hospital security to escort him out because of his attitude around her daughter. She says Josh is disrespectful and has an attitude. Jennifer gets off the phone and begins to cry.

The babies are four days old and Jennifer is being released from the hospital. Her parents decide to let Josh stay with them for the sake of Jennifer and the babies. Jennifer is still in a ton of pain from the surgery, but she immediately gets a ton of company eager to meet the babies. Josh says he feels uncomfortable with all the people stopping by, so he leaves. God forbid that people come and visit the new twins in the family. Josh texts Jennifer and says that he won't be coming back to her house as long as her parents are around. What a douche. Let's abandon our babies because you are a tool. Good idea.

Jennifer calls Josh and he asks when she will let him see his kids. Urgh. He comes to pick up Jennifer and the twins. She gets a phone call in the car and answers it. He tells her to get off the phone and calls her disrespectful. I officially don't like him. He tells her that her parents try to control her life and comments that her parents still wipe her @$$ for her. Ugh, get this moron off my screen. They argue a bit more and he calls her a bitch. She tells him to take her home. He speeds up the car and puts his hand in her face and tells her to shut her face. I bet she's happy she gave the kids his last name now. He pulls over and she gets out of the car and he speeds away with the twins still in the back. She screams that he is going to jail for kidnapping.

Jennifer calls her parents to pick her up. Josh pulls back up beside her in the car. She says her babies are coming with her and he picks her up and moves her. She screams because she still has her C Section cut and she slams her arms against him. She calls the cops as he takes the babies out of the car and sets them alongside the road. Oh my goodness. This is all craziness. Jennifer's mom pulls up and Jennifer tells her mom that Josh threw her out of the car. Mom goes ballistic and says she is calling the cops. Josh taunts her to hit him again. She is screaming about saying goodbye to her kids because he won't see them again. The cops come and put Josh in the back of their car and take pictures of Jennifer. This whole thing is horrible. Josh only spends one night in jail and Jennifer isn't going to press any charges.

Josh keeps trying to call Jennifer, but she doesn't want to see or hear him. She says he can take his ring and shove it up his butt. She realizes now that she has always been the one to stand up for Josh and he didn't deserve it. She knows her parents are there for her through everything. She wants to finish high school and she is thankful for her parents because she is able to have them watch the babies while she is working on finishing school. She wishes things could have worked out differently. I'm still pissed she named one of the babies Josh Jr. and gave them both his last name. Poor little Noah and Josh Toolbag.