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Thread: 4/25 DWTS 12 Recap: Hint...Itís Not Chocolate

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    4/25 DWTS 12 Recap: Hint...Itís Not Chocolate

    (Registered members may comment here.)

    Guilty Pleasures brings all sorts of musical happiness to mind. If I opened your bottom drawer would I find a re-mastered disc of disco, or Blue Grass (Cajun style) or a sugary mix of soda pop hits and be-bop? When you are down and blue, what raises your spirits and makes you want to sing and dance; would it be New Orleans jazz or Philharmonic classical? Tonight we find out what the Producers of DWTS have decided are their favorites (what they were able to clear) and who should use their ballroom or Latin skills to best interpret them.

    The Hanson (Brothers, descendants of The Monkees, ancestors of The Jonas Brothers) will be bringing in a few highlights of guilt throughout the show including the opening number danced by the Troupe along with Tony and Lacey to their hit, “MMMBop”. They are set up on a side stage – taking out some audience seats.

    Tom points out the huge cursive Guilty Pleasures sign over the house band and the super imposed floating transparent discs. Tom: Looks like we have a mutant bubble machine in here.

    Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Samba “Baby Hit Me One More Time” Britney Spears

    Kirstie: Guilty pleasures week is all about dancing to the music you love, but are too embarrassed to admit.

    Maks: This will be the dance that will push us back to the top of the leader board and it will be the beginning of our push for the finale.

    Maks to Kirstie: Don’t think! Just let it happen. People don’t think when they Samba, they just Samba.

    Kirstie: With this Samba, I want 9 Cha-ching, 9 Cha-ching, 9 Cha-ching.

    Kirstie, in a copper color costume, hits the floor with a clean shaven Maks and shows her shakes and shimmies while displaying tight footwork and fluid movement.

    (Birthday Boy) Len: Because of the series of previous mishaps, you’ve really never fulfilled the potential that I saw in week one…until today. Great footwork, great choreography; got the basic stuff; great job – right up my alley.

    Bruno (need I say out of control as usual) Oh, yes, hit me, Kirstie, one more time. You delivered the smoothest and most natural Brazilian north of Rio. It’s very hard to make this dance look easy. Your bum sent shock waves through the airwaves.

    Carrie Ann: Just like Britney, you’re back and I’m so glad to see…you like commanded the dance floor. I want to see YOU in the finals.

    Carrie Ann: 8 Len Cha-ching 9 Bruno Cha-ching 9 Total: 26

    Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: Tango “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey

    Chris: It’s a guilty pleasure for most, but for me, I love this song. The lead singer of Journey is one of my biggest influences as a musician. Some people might not know that I’m a lead singer in a rock and roll band. (Clips of Chris onstage with his band play as he talks.) The band has been together since 1999. We’ve done five albums and toured the world ten times. When I’m onstage with the band, I go full throttle. I need to bring that kind of intensity to the Tango.

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen as his steps go off rhythm, and he loses fluidity because of it. He is flatfooted quite a bit, which makes the dance seem clunky.

    Bruno (subdued) You lost time so many times and you were not able to perform after that. (He demonstrates clinched body pose.) In this business, everyone has an off night; it’s natural, it happens. I still believe you have talent. This night it didn’t happen for you.

    Carrie Ann: On some of those I tend to agree with Bruno. I feel like the pressure got to you this week and you lost sort of the wow fun. It was tight, it was clean, but it wasn’t fun or exciting.

    Len: Tango is not a fun dance; it’s a passionate, intense dance. I think they’re having an off night in comments. You had good posture; you had good hold, your footwork was good. It did lack a bit of intensity, but overall I think you did an excellent job – well done.

    Carrie Ann 7 Len 8 Bruno 7 Total: 22

    Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: Waltz “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion

    Romeo: My song this week is “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. Shocking, right? I remember seeing the movie, Titanic. I was a little eight year old kid. I think that’s when I became Romeo – I saw that movie – I was a hopeless romantic after that. I always want to find a love like that.

    Romeo wants to bring the role of Jack to the dance and tries romancing on Chelsea to her dismay.

    Chelsea: Romeo is an actor, but this week I’m more concerned about the judges giving him a 10 and that’s all about great technique.

    The fog machine rolls the white stuff across the floor as Romeo carries his lost love through the mist. His heel-toe flows into graceful sweeping turns and full extensions. He takes a kiss at the end as he leaves his love to the ocean.

    Carrie Ann: Every once in a while in a season, magic happens. That was magical. You’re developing your own unique style with a different flavor. You’re so emotionally connected, I just get completely transported, which is what I love to see when I watch a dance.

    Len: For a young man, I think you dance with great maturity and it’s absolutely unexpected. I thought you would be good at the jive and other quick dances, but no, you came out with a waltz that had romance about it. It was a very touching and poignant performance. A little bit stronger in your frame wouldn’t hurt, but your footwork was very good, and I commend you – well done.

    Bruno: I say, Romeo DiCaprio, your ship would sail on and on and on. You achieved a new level of poise. Your footwork was good, a little attention to the frame, but I think you put so much into it.

    Carrie Ann 10 Len 9 Bruno 9 Total: 28

    The first 10 of the season!

    Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: Quickstep “Walking on Sunshine” Katrina and the Waves

    Mark tries to bring out Chelsea’s competitive side by starting a water fight, which she wins. Of course there was floor mopping in the break room to take care of before they hit the floor.

    Chelsea: Romeo, Jericho – don’t mess with the Disney kid, because I’m not as sweet as I look.

    Mark is back in nerd costume (he can’t resist at least once a season) and has placed large dark rimmed glasses on both he and Chelsea. I guess he thinks appreciators of fine art in galleries look like this…Mark (tut-tut)…and what does an art gallery have to do with sunshine other than a cute meet?

    Their dance is fast and gorgeous with steps in synch as Chelsea jumps and swirls in her yellow-gold sundress. Oh, and Mark throws in some of his patented long step leaps into the choreography.

    Tom: Chelsea and Mark in Geek Chic. Worked out nice from the dress rehearsal injury. (In the celebriquarium, tape is shown of Mark rolling over on his left ankle. He said it was fine and he didn’t need to make a decision whether to dance or not.)

    Len: You managed to fuse high energy with control, that’s not an easy thing to do; couple of little things with the footwork and technique, but full on and great fun – well done.

    Bruno: That was so bright and luminous, I’m getting a suntan. And you have so much zest. You just lost balance in the corner. There was a hold and you should have held it. But, it’s a minor thing; otherwise, splendidly beautiful.

    Carrie Ann: You know – sometimes magic happens…TWICE. That dance was amazing. You guys are so in synch. I didn’t see your wobble-wobble. There was no wobble-wobble. Chelsea – way to go.

    Carrie Ann 10 Len 9 Bruno 9 Total: 28

    Carrie Ann whips out the 10 paddle for two of what she termed magical performances.

    Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel: Samba “Living La Vida Loca” Ricky Martin

    Louis: You’ve got to shake everything God gave you.

    Kendra: Well, my boobs aren’t what God gave me.

    Kendra: With this Samba, I have to make sure everything looks clean and perfect or I might go home.

    Kendra does shake her fringe for all she is worth including on top of the judges’ table, much to their delight.

    Tom: (after a few wows) that was perfect, you almost gave them a heart attack.

    Carrie Ann: I have to recover. Oh, my god, whoa. I saw lots of information. (She is probably referring to the final move which was a fall into Louis’ arms with Kendra’s feet still on the table.) That was a guilty pleasure, my dear. You can shimmy like no other. You can be a contender with the rest of them; just a little more of that technique, but boy – that was a big performance.

    Len: The more you jive your bits, the more I palpitate; and you fulfilled one of my guilty pleasures – Thank you, God. (He gestures to the heavens.) Tonight we had a fire.

    Kendra: Happy Birthday.

    Bruno: Dancing with the Stars presents, Revenge of the Stripper! (He is out of his seat gesticulating.) The Attack of the Killer Boobs! Let’s do it now, let’s get it over with, Kendra. (He sits on the edge of the table and spreads his legs while Louis pulls Kendra farther away from the table. He then slithers back into his chair.)


    With a perfect cue from the booth, Tom takes great delight in introducing a tape of Bruno dancing in an Elton John video and Bruno groans and laughs at the same time. Anyone with sensitivity should hide their eyes or fast forward…for others, I think it is up on youtube. A young, skinny Bruno cavorts through a background dance that is meant to be sexy…but, you be the judge, if you dare. If this was meant as payback or to bring a sense of Bruno guilt, I don’t think it worked.

    After that bit of gratuitous producer guilty pleasure we get back to the scores.

    Carrie Ann 8 Len 8 Bruno 9 Total: 25

    Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: Viennese Waltz “End of the Road” Boyz II Men

    Hines reveals that his song really is a guilty pleasure – he sings it in the shower. To put the dance competition in perspective, he relates it to football and draws out movement patterns as he would plays. Oh, we also get to meet the pillow he uses as his romantic practice prop.

    A young couple at odds on the porch swing moves their argument to the dance floor where Hines takes control. It is lovely with grand sweeps and good footwork, but with a few flats among the toe-heels.

    Len: I tell you what, Hines, you’ve become the MVP – Most Valued Partner, because every dance you do is just great; such great musicality. You’ve just got to get your feet working a bit more; but as a performer in a dance, you’re second to none.

    Bruno: That performance was pure pleasure from start to finish; and the chemistry you had with Kym, it really is flawless. You’re made for each other like two birds in love. (He swooshes his hands to demonstrate. I guess he can’t stop.) You couldn’t be more fluid.

    Carrie Ann: Once again an excellent performance; but something strange was happening in the beginning; it sort of felt like you were thinking too much. I saw a look in your eye that I’d never ever seen since day one of the competition. (Is this her way of toning down the tens she’s dispersed this evening? She didn’t get drawn in…no magic.)

    Carrie Ann: 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 Total: 27

    Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: Paso Doble “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” C+C Music Factory

    Karina: You’re going to be a very sexy, handsome Matador. After a move in practice, she tells him that there isn’t another 50 year old on the planet who can do that.

    Ralph: I’m not 50.

    They make use of the hula hoop again, though this time to hold form, not swivel hips. They also bring back some arm movements from his movie, The Karate Kid, hoping that will make him feel sexy.

    No red cape for Karina and Ralph looks more like a flashy magician than matador, but they start off strong until Karina has a bad fall. Ralph, though, picks her up; they find their place and continue strong. The dance is finished off with a knee slide and a catch of Karina just as the music ends.

    Bruno: I know there was an incident and you lost it because of it; but I started to feel the fire. Once you got back on it, there was no stopping you.

    Carrie Ann: That was a tough one and I know Karina got a little thrown off because that was a pretty hard fall; but the way you got back up put the rest of the dance to shame.

    Len: I’m not going to castigate you; I’m going to congratulate you. You pulled Karina up; you got her back on her feet right away; you got back into the dance. You had fire and passion. I’m proud of you – well done.

    Carrie Ann 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 Total: 24

    Judges’ scores for Week 6:

    Romeo/Chelsie: 28
    Chelsea/Mark: 28
    Hines/Kym: 27
    Kirstie/Maks: 26
    Kendra/Louis: 25
    Ralph/Karina: 24
    Chris/Cheryl: 22

    Tuesday there will be two hours – a one hour special and a one hour result show. Both will continue to feature “Guilty Pleasures.” Check in with MFWalkoff for the stripping of the capezios. Ooops, I mean, find out who didn’t receive the votes to stay another week.
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