Hi there, Bachelor fans. We’ve had a long season of self-help mumbo jumbo, Jamie the therapist, and questions as to whether Brad is ready to commit to marriage, and possibly to being a step-dad to Emily’s daughter Ricky. I was a single mom to a girl around Ricky’s age when I met Mr. LG, who was 36 at the time. I never was concerned about his readiness for being an adult (including being a step-dad), but then again, he wasn’t searching for love on a tv show.

We’ve all been through the ringer this season and rather than re-hashing it blow-by-blow, let’s try a top ten list of the best moments from the finale show:

10. Brad starts off the show, telling us that Brad has really always wanted to visit Cape Town, South Africa, and that having his family meet his possible future wife there is a dream of his. I have a lot of things on my personal “to do” list, but dragging my family to South Africa to meet several people that I’m dating isn’t really on it.

9. Brad’s family shows up and he is overcome with tears and emotion. He nearly pulls a “Full Mesnick” as they show a scene of him crying over the edge of a hotel balcony, but unlike Jason Mesnick, Brad isn’t torn up because he’s in love with two women. He just happens to be an emotional basket-case, but I’m convinced that he’s already figured out which woman he plans to pick.

8. Time for the ladies to meet the family. Brad’s family thinks that Chantal is “precious” as she blathers on and on about falling in love with Brad in Costa Rica. Brad blends into the background. Next up, Emily shows up next and tells his family about Ricky and her loss, and they wonder if Brad is ready to step into the role of father. Pam tells him that both of these ladies are out of his league and he’d be lucky to land either. Ok, maybe that didn’t happen, but it could have.

7. Time for the final fantasy dates, and Brad’s date with Chantal has truly jumped the shark. Great white sharks are surrounding their boat while Chantal dons a wetsuit to hop into a cage with Brad to become human chum. Brad proclaims their shark jumping date as a “death-defying adventure” and calls Chantal a brave woman. Mr. LG remarks that their greatest risk of death is from accidentally inhaling the salt water and drowning, as they’re in a steel cage.

6. Chantal made a Becky Home-Ecky map showing all of the places they have been (courtesy of the show) and informs us that she’s “never traveled the world for a man before.” She whines that he hasn’t proclaimed his love to her yet. Her screeching during their shark date and art project token of her love are all signs that she isn’t the most mature person. He beats a hasty retreat and leaves her stewing on the couch. It really looks like Brad has made his choice and it isn’t Chantal.

5. It’s dress up day. Emily shows up wearing a shirt and boots, but no pants. She needs to hold down her shirt dress when they board a helicopter to avoid exposing herself. Brad tells Emily over and over how much his family loved meeting her. Brad promises to show Emily a side of Cape Town that isn’t usually seen. It’s some cool lighthouse on a cape.

4. Back at the hotel, Emily grills Brad as to whether he is ready to give up his single guy beer and football Sunday afternoons, which Emily proclaims is not something that real dads get to do. Mr. LG wonders what kind of terrible parents we are, as we have had NFL Sunday Ticket for years now and watch football all Sunday with our kids (and there may have been a beer or two involved). She questions whether he’s prepared to go to the emergency room with a sick kid and up at three am. Brad breaks out into a cold sweat as they are discussing it, and starts having a hard time breathing. Brad questions whether she will really let him in to their lives, thinking Emily might have some walls put up and keep him out. She’s pushing him away with a barge pole. He runs out in search of a glass of water, and then dashes out the door.

3. The ladies get ready for their final meeting with Brad. Never married Emily puts on a white dress (wedding dress?) while divorcee Chantal is in a dark green (or is it black) one shouldered evening dress with some type of feather bird on her shoulder. Brad puts on his dressiest flip-flops for the final rose presentation – oh wait, that was for when Neil Lane showed up with the rings. He actually wore a suit and shoes for the final rose ceremony.

2. Chantal is the first out of the limo, leading with her iridescent black/green dress. Maybe the dress isn’t really iridescent, and it is the weird lighting in South Africa, as her hair is looking rather iridescent too, a strange combination of dark brown and red that I hadn’t noticed on her in the previous episodes. He beats around the bush for a couple minutes, and then lets her down as gently as he can. Chantal has the self-esteem to say that she wants someone who is so crazy about her that there is no question about putting her first. I’ve given her a hard time this season, but wish her well on her journey.

1. Brad is waiting for Emily to arrive, and she exits the limo, looking like a Greek goddess in her off white draped dress. She reminds us that her dead fiancé Ricky was in her life for a reason, and the reason was to teach her to love (and to give her a daughter). Perhaps it was to establish an unrealistic standard by which all others will be measured and found wanting. Emily says that she always wanted to get married, but only to the “perfect person.” Gosh, I hope she isn’t really looking for perfection, as Brad is human. How will he be able to hold up to her memories of her Ricky, whom she dated, but he never had to deal with the sick child at 3 am either and didn’t have the chance to let her down the many and various ways she was concerned that Brad would let her down. He tells her loves her, that’s he’s wanted to tell her that for quite some time, and he proposes on one knee. She accepts and a squeal of glee from viewers can be heard across the time zones.

Ok, that’s a wrap. Brad picked Emily, and the action picks up again in Ariel’s recap of the After The Final Rose episode, which will be posted here at the FORT soon. Thanks for joining us this season, and good luck to Brad and Emily with the relationship – I hope it survives the reunion show.

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