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Hello dear readers! Here we are for the second showing of Live to Dance! Tonight we find out who will be in the LIVE semi finals. I will tell you up front, this will be a mini cap as there is only so much you can do with filler. For an extended recap version of the premier show click here.

Tonight’s show begins with the experts quibbling over who will make it into the semi final round. Filler filler fluff fluff. A whole lot of cryptic comments with a few clips of people we did not see on the first night show such as Austin with his lyrical krump combo routine and Dance Town Chaos. Finally, they narrow it down to a firm 16 and decide on the spot (with no producer intervention or preplanning I am sure) to have a dance off amongst the final four groups. One group will be put through to the semi finals by the experts and the three left will be voted on by America.

And off go the experts and the host who is not Cat Deeley to announce it in person to the groups moving on and to deliver bad news to some of the ones who have reached the end of their show run. First up Paula sees little D’Angelo and Amanda, crashing their ‘date’ to tell them the good news that they are in the semi finals. The host who is not Cat Deeley lets octogenarian Bev and her young hottie Hap know they are through as well. Kimberley uses web cam technology to tell Jalen, the very first contestant that he has made it. And it goes on. Here is the final list of the top 16 going through:

Austin Acevedo
Jittin’ Genius
D’Angelo and Amanda
Bev and Hap
Chi-Town Finest Breakers
The Vibe
D-Shaunt Stegall
Dax and Sarah
Dance in Flight
Roosevelt Anderson
Jill and Jacob
Tap Sounds Underground
Dance Town Chaos
Shore Thing

Now they break the news to the four groups that they are still in the running, but will need to participate in a dance off for the final 2 spots. They have 24 hours to create new costumes and a completely new routine. Travis tells Theatrix (men’s group mix dance), Kimberly tells White Tree Fine Art (ballet couple), the host who is not Cat Deeley tells Inside the Box, and Paula tells Kendall Glover.

Back in the Dance Dome in Los Angeles, Inside the Box is up first. A 25 member group who recently had their dance studio burned down and now have to rehearse in parking lots empty warehouse, where ever they can find a spot. They share with us how hard it can be to balance dance and life and they understand the realities of financially supporting themselves by dancing. They did well, but for me this performance did not contain the quirkiness of the previous night’s performance. Kendall Glover is next, the 11 year old soloist. For her this is the biggest and coolest thing she has ever done and she wants to make her family happy by making it to the semi finals. She did take Paula’s advice and has a lot less makeup on tonight. She totally sold it to the audience and to me.

Kimberly claims the reason why White Tree Fine Art did not make it through because they made it seem so effortless. I think it was a little dig at the other judge who didn’t put them through for not appreciate the technique over excitement. They are dancing for their coach was their inspiration but who died in their studio some years back. They give us a faster paced stunning routine. Finally, we have Theatrix’s performance. They are a bonded group who pay for their lessons by cleaning the dance studio, fund raisers, picking up trash. Their performance was amazing I thought. Fancy and fun footwork to Footloose, I really enjoyed watching them. I loved the part where they took their shoes off and used them as props.

The experts have some words of advice for all the groups: Paula tells Inside the Box their first performance was purely magic, and they wanted to see different in their performance, but did not say if they delivered or not. Kimberley waxed poetic about the beauty of ballet and Paula gushed over Kendall using the entire stage and floating. Travis loved Theatrix, but pointed out they had white shoes which showed missteps more than darker shoes.
The experts’ decision is to put Kendall Glover forward. The last three groups are left to America’s vote. Tune in next Wednesday when we find out how you voted and the semi finals begin! See you then!