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Welcome back for another season of The Biggest Loser! If you feel like you just watched the Season 10 finale a few days ago, well, that's because you did! NBC likes to give us all Biggest Loser burnout by running back-to-back-to-back-to-back seasons. This season promises to be the “biggest” yet. There will also be two new trainers, primed and ready to take on Bob and Jillian. The new idea trainer is fine with me, but my heart will always belong with Bob.. and my fear with Jillian. Anywho, since these 2 hour episodes are so full of filler and preservatives, here is the fat-free rundown for your enjoyment!

The Teams:
(SW=Starting Weight)

Blue: Arthur, 34 and Jesse, 61: Father and Son
Arthur: SW 507
Jesse: SW 293
Total: 800
A year and ˝ ago, Arthur weighed 646. Even though Michael from a few seasons ago weighed more, Michael was taller. Arthur is only 5'8”, making him the largest contestant ever on the show.

Orange: Irene, 26 and Ana, 49: Mother and Daughter
Ana: SW 255
Irene: SW 255
Total: 510

Purple: Olivia, 34 and Hannah, 31: Sisters
Olivia: SW 261
Hannah: SW 248
Total: 509

Gray: Moses, 46 and Kaylee, 20: Father and Daughter
Kaylee: SW 233
Moses: SW 440
Total: 673
Moses is our “Token Tongan” this season.

Black: Dan, 54 and Don, 54: Twin Brothers
Don: SW 309
Dan: SW 287
Total: 596

Yellow: Justin, 38 and Rulon, 38: Friends
Rulon is a former Olympic Gold Medalist
Justin: SW 365
Rulon: SW 474
Total: 839
They are the heaviest team on the ranch.

Aqua: Marci, 49 and Courtney, 21: Mother and Daughter
Courtney: SW 323
Marci: SW 238
Total: 561

Brown: Ken, 48 and Austin, 20: Father and Son
Ken: SW 377
Austin: SW 396
Total: 773

Red: Larialmy, 26 and Q, 27: Husband and Wife
Larialmy: SW 301
Q: SW 437
Total: 738

Pink: Sarah, 26 and Deni, 59: Mother and Daughter
Sarah: SW 261
Deni: SW 256
Total: 517

Green: Jennifer, 28 and Jay, 53: Father and Daughter
Jennifer: SW 278
Jay: SW 400
Total: 678

The contestants compete in a challenge to win the right to pick which set of trainers they would like to train with: Bob and Jillian or the two new trainers. Six teams will train with Bob and Jillian and five will train with the unidentified newbies. The teams who pick the new trainers will get four weeks of immunity. Only Bob and Jillian's teams will train on the ranch.

For the challenge, teammates will work together to run a 5K on treadmills. Teammates can take turns however they want. The first five teams to finish are guaranteed their choice of trainers. The winning team gets a week of immunity if they pick Bob and Jillian.

1st- Yellow picks unknowns
2nd- Gray picks unknowns
3rd- Aqua picks Bob/Jillian
4th- Green picks Bob/Jillian
5th- Brown picks unknowns
6th- Purple picks Bob/Jillian
7th- Pink picks unknowns
8th- Red picks unknowns
9th- Orange gets Bob/Jillian
10th- Blue gets Bob/Jillian
11th- Black gets Bob/Jillian

A summary of Day 1's workout: Sweat, puke, screams, tears, despair, desperation. We still don't get to find out the identities of the new trainers. Booo. I can't imagine standing in the gym at the ranch. Sweat is dripping from every part of everyone's bodies. Arthur's giant stomach pouch that hangs down to his knees is dripping sweat from underneath it. Ick. I think I saw a small child emerge from under it. After the workout, Jillian and Bob make their teams push a truck around for awhile. You know, a typical Tuesday evening.

It's weigh-in time, and we don't get to see the unknown teams' weight loss totals. These are the only tidbits we get from them while they are off shading around with the shady new trainers:

Rulon: Starting 474/Current 442 (-32)
Justin: Starting 365/Current 338 (-27)
Total: (-59)

Moses: Starting 440/Current 399 (-41)
Moses set a record for the most weight ever lost in one week on the show.

Okay, now on to Bob and Jillian's teams.

Courtney: Starting 323/Current 308 (-15)
Marci: Starting 238/Current 224 (-14)
Total: (-29) 5.17%

Arthur: Starting 507/Current 476 (-31)
Jesse: Starting 293/Current 286 (-7)
Total: (-38) 4.75%

Jen: Starting 278/Current 258 (-20)
Jay: Starting 400/Current 374 (-26)
Total: (-46) 6.78%

Olivia: Starting 261/Current 245 (-16)
Hannah: Starting 248/Current 232 (-16)
Total: (-32) 6.29%

Ana: Starting 255/Current 246 (-9)
Irene: Starting 255/Current 242 (-13)
Total: (-22) 4.31%

Don: Starting 309/Current 288 (-21)
Dan: Starting 287/Current 268 (-19)
Total: (-40) 6.71%

The Orange Team falls below the yellow line and one person will be voted off.

Aqua votes for Ana
Green votes for Ana
Purple votes for Irene
Blue votes for Ana

With 4 team votes, Ana is eliminated.

When Ana started the show, she weighed 255lbs. Today, she weighs 205lbs. She hopes to lose over 100lbs by the finale.

Next week, if Bob and Jillian's teams beat the unknown trainers' teams, all of B/J's teams will be safe. Sweet!

Stop on back next week when the one and only AJane will have the scoopage on all things Biggest Loser!