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Next on this season's hit list is Jane Bright, the 56 year old dog trainer from North Carolina who wowed many of us by starting a fire for everyone right after they set up camp. Read on in this interview as Jane dishes on Chase and Marty, and gives us the (mysterious) reason she voted for Sash in that last tribal...

So - how good did it feel to put that fire out?

[laughing] Listen: if itís your last hurrah, itís better to go out with a bang than going out crying, okay? I started that fire, Holly knew I wanted to put that fire out and so did Chase, because we had planned on being the final three. And in the final three, I think you get to destroy the camp or whatever. So I said I wanted to be the one to do the fire if Iím still here. I pretty much knew I was going to be there, according to my alliance.

So when I found out I wasnít gonna (be there), and I couldnít convince Dan or Fabio to go in my direction and Chase wasnít gonna change his mind, I went ďYou know what? I started that fire, Iím gonna put it out. You guys can make your own fire tonight. IF you know how to make a fire!Ē

Looking back, are you sorry that you trusted Chase so much?

Yeah, Iím real sorry I trusted Chase so much. I thought the Carolina Southern boy, most of the country guys thatís been on the show before have been true to their word and loyal. He wasnít loyal to anybody, which Iím finding that out now. When youíre playing the game, you donít know what he did at La Flor, and then you donít know how he was at Espada when he got transferred over there. The only time I knew he went back on somebody is Brenda. Well, Brenda was talking about voting me, Holly and Chase off anyway, so Iím like ďYou better smarten up and figure out who you can trust. Chase, you know you can trust me.Ē And I was honest about that. So, he wasnít that wishy-washy when I was out there because I wasnít with him when he was wishy-washy with other people, just Brenda. And then he always felt like Benry was the biggest threat, and Iím like, ďYou know, you need to take Fabio out, not Benry. At this point in the game, you need to do Fabio.Ē And then all of a sudden he changed his mind and told us to vote Benry out.

Do you think you should have trusted Marty instead?

Marty was gunning for me over at Espada. It would have been Holly and then me if I had stayed over at Espada, Iíd have been long gone. I never trusted Marty. I never trusted Marty from within the first day of meeting that guy.

Do you think itís possible to play this game without lying or backstabbing, or do you feel itís just part of the game?

Well I knew it was part of the game, and in my opening interviews, I said ďYou donít trust anybody.Ē But you know, when youíre out there for so many days with a lot of different people, you try to find somebody you can at least relate to. He (Chase) and I seemed to relate, we had a lot of common denominators. And a lot of southern boys and men are true to their word. Heís not, heís just not. I donít know if heís that way in real life or not. I donít know. The game can bring the best out in you and the worst out in you.

Several people said that they didnít want to take you to the end because they were afraid you would win over them. Do you think thatís the case?

I have said this repeatedly, and I told this to Chase when he said ďJane, youíre the biggest threat,Ē and I said ďChase, do you not realize thereís more La Flor people sitting in the jury, or will be sitting in the jury? Theyíre not going to give an old person money, theyíre going to give it to someone that was on their tribe.Ē My gut feeling still tells me that would have happened. Even if I had went to the end with Chase and somebody else, somebody from La Flor, in my opinion, would be walking away with the million. And I would probably be runner-up. I mean, thatís my gut feeling.

What do you think of Chase not taking Fabio on the reward, especially when he didnít take Sash the week before?

I knew he was going to take Sash. He got disgusted with me, because heís like ďDonít get mad if I donít pick you,Ē and I was like ďIím not going to get mad at you.Ē My daughter doesnít want to hang around me all day, so I figured thatís not a big deal. Plus Iíd gotten crabs the night before, so we had 30 crabs the night before, we got to eat some more food. But I had no idea he had promised Fabio to go on the reward! I mean, Chase was making promises to everybody behind my back. I never went up to people and told them things like that. I did tell Holly and Chase that if I win, I might take Dan because Dan hadnít been anywhere, and I was thinking it might be a good gesture, you know, at the end. But the chances of me winning another challenge was probably not going to be good, I said Fabioís probably our strongest competitor out here. I donít know. It didnít work out.

Why do you think you couldnít get Fabio and Dan to come to your side? Were they afraid you could beat them in the end?

Marty had told Dan, if thereís any way to make an all-male alliance at the end, go with it. And Chase had told Dan and Fabio that he would take them to the end, Sash had told them the same thing, so they were betting that one of those two would win immunity and keep picking them. I could not get them to budge their vote, theyíre men, they were dead set on it, and they were not going to take a woman. They wouldnít have even taken Holly. I just think it was a man thing. If it had been two women sitting there, or a man and a woman sitting there trying to get the vote, I think it might would have played out different. But to have those two men, Dan and Fabio, you could have probably offered them a million dollars and they wouldnít have changed their vote. I just donít think they were gonna change their vote.

I figured you had to have done plenty of campaigning before tribal council...

Yeah, and at one point in time, Chase and Sash and Holly had walked away, and I looked at Fabio and I looked at Dan, and I said ďIím gonna tell you something right now, you two are next to go if one of you donít win immunity. Iím telling you right now thatís the game plan, and yíall are gonna let it happen. Why are you gonna sit there and let this happen? Letís just do a tie and see what happens, at least I got a shot to try to win something.Ē I said Iíll flip over with you guys if youíll do this. But they wouldnít do it. Nuh uh.

Let me tell you what, this is whatís gonna happen. Because we discussed it, the last six or seven days, what the pecking order was gonna be if we continued this four way alliance. Thatís why when I came back to camp, I was crushed. I was like, what the heck are yíall talking about, voting me out? It was supposed to be Dan, and I still donít know who brought my name up to start.

Did you ever start to sense that there was a turning point, where they would keep Sash over you?

Not until I walked up that minute, because Iím telling you, they never let on that they were gonna do that to me. I knew in the back of my mind, Marty had done a whole lot of damage with his little speech, and then I won those couple of challenges. But Iím sorry, Iím just very competitive, Iím not gonna throw something like Sash said he was doing. Though I donít even think he could throw something. I just donít think the man is strong in challenges at all, except that one mental game he did. But to go on Survivor, unless youíre absolutely trying to get somebody off and you need to lose a challenge to get rid of a player that everybody on the team hates, where everybody says ďOkay, weíre gonna throw this challenge,Ē I just think thatís an awful way to have to play Survivor. You should always be trying to win.

Why did you ultimately vote for Sash last night instead of Holly?

Because of what he did on the beach the night before. He took me down to the beach and had a conversation with me, and I just donít like the way it went at all. And I even brought it up to Chase, and I was calling him out on it. Thatís all Iím gonna say about that. I was letting them know, ďHey guys, it did happen the way I said, and that son of a bitch is an ass****.Ē So I wrote his name down, knowing he had an idol. I knew that Dan and Fabio were not gonna vote Holly.

What have you seen on tv that surprised you the most?

The talking behind peopleís backs, when in reality, they walk right up to you and got a big old smile on their face and theyíre trying to smooth over something, and then behind their backs theyíre going ďOh, sheís gonna believe me.Ē Iím like, yeah, right. So if you had a gut feeling about somebody, the truth always pretty much came through on that person.

From the Ponderosa clips, it looks like you and Marty made peace with each other. Do you regret targeting him so much?

No, Ďcause he was gonna target me. If we had stayed at Espada, Dan told me - at that time, Dan was on my side - he said Jane, you gotta look out for Marty, heís gonna take you and Holly out next. And I was like ďReally? Heís not gonna take Yve out?Ē And Iím saying to myself, heís not gonna take you (Dan) out? Because I just thought that Dan was kind of useless. At that point in the game, we needed to be a strong unit, a strong tribe, a strong team. And Marty was just taking strong people and dumping them for personal vendetta. And Iím like, you are destroying this tribe.

So then when we got flipped, I was like, I donít want any part of this dude. And Jill was right up his butt, so itís like, sheís with him, sorry Jill. You hang with him way too much for me to trust you. I was saying to myself, heís just gonna target you, Jane, so get rid of him. But I really felt that he was destroying the Espada tribe to get rid of Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy T., two key players. Even though Jimmy Johnson might not have been that great in the physical challenges, the fact mentally that heís still part of your team, you know, heís such a leader. Thatís probably why I targeted him. He wanted to come over to La Flor and take over there, and I knew that Brenda was the queen bee, I picked up on that really fast. I donít think Marty meshed real good.

Do you regret continuing on in that challenge where you won the womenís immunity, showing the men that you could beat them?

No. [laughs] No I donít, Ďcause Iím just competitive. It was mainly I was trying to beat Marty. [laughing] Because he thought I was so weak! He would never let me be in key positions, and then finally, when we had to do that big old water wheel, I spoke up and was like ďNo, I am not going under water and drinking water and spitting it. Number one, I got a small mouth. Put Jill up there, she got a bigger mouth than me. Sheís a much bigger girl, she can probably hold more water. I said, I want to throw because Iím good at that.Ē And me and Fabio came from behind and won. But that was the first time I spoke up at a challenge, saying ďNo, Marty, Iím not going to go under water. Iím gonna do this.Ē

You did quite a lot of preparation before going on the show. What do you think is the most helpful thing you did?

Umm...P90X. [laughs] Because it gave me more upper body strength. I started doing chin-ups and push-ups and doing the ten pound lifting thing, thatís pretty...and I did Total Gym, Iíd sit here watching tv, and the whole time Iím doing Total Gym. And then I got the little P90X thing sitting off to the side. Probably those two things were the best. And running! But I had always been running anyway, I just stepped it up to more miles.

If they ever asked you back, would you do it?

Oh, in a heartbeat! [laughs] Itís like, why didnít you pick me ten years ago, Iíd be ten years younger! Iíve been applying forever.

How many times?

Oh, I donít even know. There were a couple of times like when Don had cancer, I knew there was no way in heck I could go, and then my teenage daughter was being a frickiní teenager, sneaking out at night, so I knew my husband would end up killing her if I left those two home alone. There was a couple of times in my life, it was like, even if you got invited to go, you couldnít go. So I didnít apply those years. But Iíve been applying for 10 years.

*Thanks to Mariner for sitting in on the interview!