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True or False? The Biggest Loser finale probably should have happened 4 weeks ago because that's when I stopped losing interest. TRUE! Actually, you all know I really love this show. I complain about it and whine about the contestants just because I'm so super jealous that they all get to be in the presence of Bob Harper and I don't. *pout* I still love me some Bob. Anywho, it's finally finale night and it's sure to be a night full of amazing transformations. Will it be Elizabeth (boo) or Ada (yay) in the Final 3? Who will be crowned this season's Biggest Loser? Let's find out!!

Ali appears on stage wearing a cute plum colored dress. She often has some strange outfit choices, but I approve of that one. The Biggest Loser scale appears and everyone oooohs and aaaaahs. First thing, we are going to find out if Ada or Elizabeth nabbed the last Final 3 spot. Ada comes out first wearing a strapless blue dress. She looks great! The crowd goes nuts and we find out her parents are there to support her. I'm glad for that. Next out is Elizabeth. I must admit, she looks really good and fresh faced. She receives lots of cheers and she is all smiles. She has on a cute green dress and heels. Ali reveals the results and Ada won by an “overwhelming” majority. Hmmm... why don't you just twist that knife in Elizabeth's heart a little more there Ali?

Bob and Jillian are next to take the stage. Bob has on a handsome and sharp looking tux, and Jillian has on a white pants suit. Oh my word, I thought it was Paula Abdul for a second! Honestly! With that tacky 80s suit and the way her hair is done, she looks just like Paula. I'm not exactly sure about the choice of outfit, but okay.

It's time to bring out the eliminated players!

Adam: Wow! Adam looks really great. He looks like a different person. Hello hottie! He lost all the weight for his deceased mom.
Starting 402/Current 220 (-182) 45.27%
Wow!! He gets crazy applause!

Allie: Hmm... I feel like I don't remember her. She was the first person sent home. She doesn't look like she lost much weight.
Starting 322/Current 248 (-74) 22.98%

Tina: Tina is a grandmother of 8. She looks okay. I mean she looks happy and excited, but weight loss wise she just looks okay. Tina's daughter, who tried out for the show but didn't make it, has lost 115lbs on her own! Wow!
Starting 263/Current 191 (-72) 27.38%

Elizabeth: See above. Looks better than I thought.
Starting 244/Current 173 (-71) 29.10%

After the first round, Adam is in the lead.

Attention! Details for next season! It starts on January 4 and be a partners season. Ugh. Again already? There is a such thing as taking a break, NBC. There will be 2 new trainers in addition to Bob and Jillian. Next season will also feature a former Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, Rulon Gardner. There is a woman named Sara, who has had several miscarriages because of her weight. There will be a 507lb man and his father. A contestant next season actually had to lose 100lbs to be on the show because the doctors didn't think it was safe for her. She's very pretty. There will be an opera singer and older twin brothers, one of whom recently lost his 24 year old son.

The trainers next season are a female Golden Glove champion, and a male martial arts expert who was named best trainer in New York. We won't find out their identities until the new season starts on Jan. 4. Next season will be a little different because contestants get to pick which trainers they want to work with. They can either work with Bob/Jillian on the ranch or the 2 new trainers at a secret location.

The four contestants who we saw on the first episode but didn't earn a spot on the ranch have also been working to lose weight. Shanna has lost 51lbs, Montina lost 64lbs, Sandy has lost 50lbs, and Cory has lost 84lbs.

Let's continue the Loser parade!

Brendan: As much as I disliked him, I will admit he looks good. He looks buff and muscular.
Starting 362/Current 245 (-117) 32.32%

Sophia: She looks pretty but I can tell she still has some junk in her trunk. I'm not impressed.
Starting 272/Current 207 (-65) 23.90%

Lisa: She comes out crying. Okay, not really. She is wearing a sexy black dress and she's sporting a sexy new haircut. Wow, she looks amazing!
Starting 288/Current 191 (-97) 33.68%

Anna: I kind of forget Anna too. Oh wait, she's the one that got the second chance, right? She looks happy and works the stage. She looks like she lost some weight too.
Starting 330/Current 221 (-109) 33.03%

Jesse: Jesse is sharply dressed in a bow tie and vest and comes out for about two seconds and then runs to the side of the stage. He's a little guy.
Starting 369/Current 203 (-166) 44.99%
He missed taking the lead by 1lb!

Burgandy: Her hair is curly instead of straight and she comes out wearing a dark dress. She doesn't look like she lost a super noticeable amount of weight. She looks younger, though.
Starting 231/Current 167 (-64) 27.71%

Rick: Wow! Rick looks years younger and has definitely trimmed down. He is wearing a tux. He got married 32 years ago and hasn't worn a tux since, until now. He says it's the start of the rest of his life.
Starting 306/Current 185 (-165) 47.14%

Rick takes the lead from Adam.

Jessica: Jessica has always been gorgeous, but she looks like she has the inner glow she was missing before. She still has chunky thighs (I feel so petty writing that), but overall she looks good.
Starting 282/Current 190 (-92) 32.62%

Aaron: Aaron has lost a lot of weight for sure. He looks great and so happy and fun. Go Aaron!
Starting 468/Current 296 (-172) 36.75%

Mark: *giggle* I love me some Mark. Mark looks cute and great and his suit pants seem to be too big for him. His cousin has lost 115lbs too. He tears up when he starts talking about how much his family and former BL contestants have helped him.
Starting 421/Current 208 (-213) 50.59%

Mark wins the at home prize of $100,000! Yay!

We have already seen Ada since we found out she got the last Final 3 spot. Now we get to see the boys.

Frado comes out looking fit and trim. He still creeps me out a little bit for some reason. At least he has facial hair again. Patrick is out next and... wow! Talk about a completely different person. He looks absolutely amazing and he appears to be so happy. I'm so happy for him. He has been offered a job helping obese kids to make changes in their lives.

Frado was the Biggest Loser on the ranch, so he gets to decide the order of the weigh-in. He will go first, followed by Ada, and then finally Patrick.

Let's see who will be our next Biggest Loser!!

Frado: Starting 367/Current 205 (-162) 44.14%

Ada: Starting 258/Current 159 (-99) 38.37%

Patrick: Starting 400/Current 219 (-181) 45.25%

Patrick is this season's Biggest Loser!!

Isn't it sad that 3 at home contestants (Adam, Mark, Rick) had higher percentages than Patrick? I feel like that totally dashes the whole allure of being at the ranch. Oh well.

Well, dear readers, there goes another giant season of the Biggest Loser down the tubes. Next season has been hyped as “the biggest season yet”. I don't know if that means heavier people or more people. Either way, the episodes will be too long, there will be too much filler, and Jillian will make people cry and barf. I love it. Happy Holidays! See you in a few weeks!