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Hello dear readers! Here we are finally at the last leg of a trip around the world – hope everyone has visited the duty free shop! Last week we saw the demise of Quitty McQuitterson and the lovely Vicki, his long suffering girlfriend. Jill and Thomas passed a penalized Brook and Claire to take first place and with the doctors in third place the final three was set. 5 gals and a dude will be battling it out for the million dollars. Girl Power. All I am saying.
The teams all basically arrived at the mat at the same time, so let’s just skip the preliminaries and say they are all on their way to Los Angeles on the same flight. Thomas had to deal with some good natured ribbing about being the last man standing which he took with all the grace he has exhibited throughout the race. In other words he looked sullen and too good for anyone and was busy mulling over the fact that no one is handing him the first place prize because he has, after all, a degree from Notre Dame. They travel to LA and Nat and Kat took the lead out of the airport. All three teams were on their way to LA where they will have to go to the Port of Long Beach and pier J for their next task and resulting clue. First out of the airport were Nat and Kat who arrived at the pier to find they will be doing a tandem plunge off a high crane and once finished can only then open their next clue. Poor Kat is terribly afraid of heights and is understandably nervous when she sees the cranes, but perseveres and they jump off for their next clue. Granted she did scream like a banshee and kiss the ground nearly once she was back on solid ground, but she did it. The other two teams follow close behind and they tear into their clues to find they will be taking a helicopter to a secret location for their next task.

Roadblock: A task that only one person of a team can perform.

All three teams marvel at the aerial view of Los Angeles and are thrilled when they realize they will be landing at the famed Rose Bowl. Nat and Kat are able to maintain their lead over Jill and Thomas. The find a clue for a Roadblock and discover they will be decorating a Rose Parade float under the supervision of the floral director. They will need to complete three separate sections of the float and get the director’s approval before they can receive their next clue from the 2009 Rose Bowl Queen. Nat takes the challenge and gets to work gluing mums, pasting seeds and sticking roses. When Jill and Thomas arrive, Thomas is the pre-ordained to get in touch with his feminine side and explore his inner florist. And of course the task brings much joyful squealing from Brook and Claire with Brook getting to fulfill a childhood dream of meeting an actual beauty queen and knocking her down to steal her tiara. Well, ok, maybe she would not actually knock her down but I bet that the queen double checked her bobby pins holding her crown on when Brook came barreling at her. Nat completes her sections and has the floral director check it but as it turns out she had forgotten an important step. Pesky demanding little rosebuds wanting water. She fairly quickly rectifies that and gets the ok for the clue with Thomas following close behind.

The next clue is a three part riddle: 1st “I am Sancho Panza’s master” 2nd “I am the place to hear the Symphony in the Glen” 3rd Monroe’s Year of the Itch. Nat and Kat take the time to check that their driver had access to a phone or internet and had some idea of what they needed and then get on their way using their cabbies phone to plead with an information person to tell them that Don Quixote is Sancho Panza’s master, that the Symphony in the Glen is heard at Griffith Park and that Marilyn Monroe’s itch came in year 7. The figure out they will need to go to Quixote Studios near Griffith Park, stage 7. While Nat and Kat were figuring this all out, Jill and Thomas were trying to explain the internet to a clueless cab driver who offered them his GPS. Growing more and more frustrated they got him to pull over so they could check in what looks like a dry cleaner, but I could be wrong on that. It certainly did not look like a place where they internet would be available. Brook finished her float task and the HSN’rs wisely asked their cab driver to take them to a local hotel so they could access the internet there and discover their next destination. With Nat and Kat firmly in first, Brook and Claire on their way to being in second, I can practically see the drool from the CBS producers at finally getting an all girl team as the Amazing Race winners.

Nat and Kat arrive at the studios to find Bob Eubanks and their final task: In front of them is a giant video screen divided into sections with pictures flashing across each section. They will have to put the greeters for each leg in the proper order to get their next clue. Yikes! I have to say, I never really pay that much attention to them other than to admire their costumes. But Nat and Kat had their notes and made relatively short work of putting them into order and getting their clue from Bob. Not happening so easily for Jill and Thomas who are still struggling to find an internet connection. The frustration is mounting as they see their win becoming further and further out of their reach.

As Nat and Kat make their way to the final Pit Stop at Greystone Mansion, Brook and Claire arrived at the studio and assaulted poor Bob Eubanks. They appeared to make even quicker work of the task than Nat and Kat did and soon were racing their way to the Finish Line. Phil and the Eyebrow await at the Mat and the suspense mounts, but ultimately it was Kat and Nat bounding into history as the first female team to have ever won the Amazing Race. Brook and Claire bounce their way into second and Jill and Thomas cross in third as the producers pay off their cabby and he thanks them in his gruff Brooklyn accent. Ok, not really on the last part. At least not that was shown on television. Awww, come on, don’t tell me it didn’t cross your minds too!

And that my dear readers, concludes the 17th running of the Amazing Race. Join us next season for a return of players with some unfinished business to attend do – yup reruns! Still a lot of players did leave before their time so I am looking forward to seeing them again. Happy Holidays and see you all in February!

Race Stats

Did the Roadblock: Nat, Brook, Thomas

Finish Order:
1. Nat and Kat
2. Brook and Claire
3. Jill and Thomas

And the winners of The Amazing Race Season 17 are Nat and Kat! Congratulations!