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Hello dear readers! Here we are once again, anyone else have a feeling of déjà vu? With four couples left racing for their spots in the final four, Nick and Vicki ended in a distinct disadvantage last week: hours behind the other racers with a 6 hour penalty and a Speed Bump on top of that. Oh well, miracles/equalizers have been known to happen. Let us see how are racers fare this week, shall we?

The doctors are the lucky numbers ones and depart the mat at 4:37 in the afternoon and head to Seoul, South Korea. Once they are there, they will have to drive to the De-Militarized Zone with North Korea and find the Seungil Bridge. Now granted this was filmed somewhat before the current charged climate, but still not an area I would want to spend a lot of time in. The racers are understandably nervous. The first three teams find a decent flight out and we are treated to yet another life realization by Nick about the relationship he has with Vicki. Dude. Actions speak louder than words. All I am saying. Nick and Vicki do not make the flight with the others and in fact are unable to get a flight until 9 hours after the other three teams. I think we can effectively say good bye and rest in peace to this couple.

The other three teams were tasting adventure driving through this politically charged climate. They arrive to the Clue box and are instructed to take a raft down the Hantangang River and then hop into a humvee to the US Army Garrison Casey. Jill and Thomas arrive first and suit up for the raft ride, followed closely by the HSN’rs and the doctors. Soon everyone is rafting down the river in the rain. All the teams were in awe of what they were actually doing and where they were doing it. I have to agree with them, it is pretty cool. But for me, I would want to make sure my wet suit was bullet proof.

Roadblock: A task that only one person of a team can perform.

Jill and Thomas make it down the river first and open the next clue to find a Roadblock. One of them will need to climb the stadium stairs and select a head band then meander through 200 soldiers practicing their ninja moves otherwise known as tae kwon do. While dodging flailing legs and arms and pummeled by shouts the team member will need to match the head band they selected with one that one of the soldiers is wearing. If they select the wrong soldier, they will have to climb the stadium stairs again, select a new head band and begin all over. When they get the right soldier, the soldier will break a board to break it revealing the next clue. Thomas goes first and is it wrong that I find myself secretly hoping for a ninja misstep resulting in a kick to his head? Yes? No? Anyone else thinking this? As he begins to run about the soldiers, Brook and Claire arrive with Brook electing to do the task. Brook finds a soldier she think matches and hands him the head band but alas it was the wrong match and she has to race for another headband. Meanwhile, Thomas finds his and gets the next clue as the soldier destroys the board. The clue instructs them to make their way to Seoul World Cup Stadium. They are followed there by first Brook and Claire and then a little after Nat and Kat.

Detour: A choice between two tasks, usually one a bit more physical and the other a bit more time consuming

Arriving at the stadium, Jill and Thomas find a Detour: Full Throttle or Full Bottle. In Full Throttle, they will need to go by foot or subway to the Mokdung Ice Rink and have to complete a 24 lap two person relay. In Full Bottle they have to go by foot or subway to the Namdaemun Market and deliver 6 giant ginseng roots in glass jars and then drink a bottle of ginseng tonic. By the way, notice my bolding around go by foot or subway ? Brook and Claire wish they did. Because while the other teams were reading the clue, the girls got into a tiff about which task they would do and failed to notice that little phrase. The other teams do. That is emphasized to us over and over and over. We get it, they missed that little clue. But in the grand scheme of things it really does not matter because even if they are penalized there is no way Nick and Vicki will be able to catch up to them. Wait, are the producers manufacturing a false sense of drama? Really? They would do that? I am shocked. Just shocked. Oh yeah, Nick and Vicki have finally landed in Korea. The other three teams choose the skating.

I love the fact they have to wear the tight fitting speed skating suits. I am sure it made a huge difference in their final times. Personally, given my level of skating ability, I would have rather worn full on NFL padding. Given the amount of times they fell, I am sure the racers would have preferred that as well. Jill and Thomas finish first and get the clue telling them to go to Han Riverside Park and find a large statue of an airplane for the Clue Box. Even though they were able to finish the task before the HSN’rs, Brook and Claire were able to locate the statue first and get the clue to make their way to the Pit Stop at the Temple of Heaven. As an historical note, this is a shrine built in the late 19th century for the one and only emperor of Korea. No idea why I find that so fascinating.

As Kat and Nat finish up the Detour, Brook and Claire and Jill and Thomas race for the Pit Stop. Brook and Claire actually arrive there first, but are unable to be checked in because of the penalty they acquired by taking the taxi to the Detour. Again, rather anti climatic as we know they will make it to the Final Three. While they are sitting on the curb of shame, Jill and Thomas arrive and are declared first and win a trip to Argentina. Brook and Claire are finally checked in and they are followed sometime later by the doctors, Nat and Kat. This leaves us with two all girl teams in the Final, a potential TAR first if they win. Very exciting. I want one of them to win not because I am driven by any female solidarity but simply because I do not like Thomas.
And that is the Race for this week folks! See you next week… wait, what was that? Oh yeah, there was a fourth couple left wasn’t there? We are treated to a montage of Nick and Vicki arriving at the rafting area, washing a tank (which must have been their Speed Bump) and completing the rest of day’s tasks. The best part of this was at the end when I swear Phil was trying to keep a straight face as Nick tells us about how much he has learned and what a better person he will be etc. At least I know I was laughing my head off at these proclamations.

So now, that is all folks! See you next week at the Finale!

Race Stats:

Did the Roadblock: Brook, Kat, Thomas, (unknown with Nick and Vicki}

Detour Full Throttle:
Nat/Kat, Jill/Thomas, Brook/Claire
Detour Full Bottle: no one

Not clear which Detour Nick and Vicki completed.

Finish Order:

1. Nat and Kat
2. Jill and Thomas
3. Brook and Claire
4. Nick and Vicki

Nick and Vicki are Philiminated.