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There are only two more Biggest Loser episodes left in the season, and I must admit that I'm pretty stoked. These seasons seem to go on forever. The Final 4 is made up of 2 guys, a girl, and a sloth. Okay, that was harsh, but you know I'm not an Elizabeth fan. Anyone who cries about wanting to go home for the first half of the season and falls below the yellow line 8 times out of 9 doesn't rank very high in my book.

As the Final 4 prepare to go home, Alison informs Frado that Curtis Stone will be paying him a visit at home because he lost the most weight last week. Ali also hands each contestant a DVD and tells them to watch when they get home.

The contestants head home to the usual cheering, crying, and shocked faces by their loved ones. Ada's parents are at her party and they seem very happy to see her. Well, her mom does. Her dad doesn't exactly look like he's the king of smiles and fun.

Everyone watches their DVDs too. Bob and Jillian take the contestants on a trip through memory lane. Ah yes, cue the 10 minute “how far they've come” montage. Ada watches her video with her parents and they are seeing Ada talk openly about how much pain she felt growing up. Her mom cries the entire time during the video. When it's over, her mom says she didn't know Ada was so unhappy and that both she and Ada's father want the best for Ada. Ada's father seems more pissed than anything and says he works hard and it's all for Ada's benefit. Ada realizes that because of the way her father grew up, providing for her is his way of showing love but she wants more. Ada's mom sobs and sobs and says again she didn't know Ada was so unhappy. Ada's father says that he wasn't happy when Ada was fat and that she lost herself. Ada says she wanted to be the person her dad always wanted. He tells her that “it's Daddy's turn to talk” and that he loves her very much and thought about her all the time while she was gone. Ada thinks it's nice to hear her parents tell her they love her. I hope they truly are on their way to fixing what was wrong in their family.

Ali appears at the end of the DVD and *gasp* drops the bomb that the contestants will be running the Biggest Loser marathon! I didn't see that one coming from 26.2 miles away! Ada wants to run the marathon faster than 4 hours and 56 minutes, which was Tara's time.

Frado hosts a benefit for five different charities, with Curtis Stone cooking the food. He raised over $25,000 for the charities to split.

Bob and Jillian drop in on the contestants to check up on their progress. Jillian will check in on the ladies, and Bob the guys. Patrick's mom hugs Bob and thanks him for saving Patrick's life. Bob takes Patrick to the gym while other people in the gym stand around and stare. If I saw Bob in real life, I'd stop and stare too! Elizabeth tells Jillian she has lost 6.5lbs since being home, but Jillian doesn't think she's lost anything. Jillian looks in Elizabeth's fridge (she is now living with her boyfriend) and finds a ton of processed food, ice cream, and other junk. Jillian is worried about Elizabeth's ability to stand on her own. Jillian takes Elizabeth to the gym and makes her run a fast mile. Elizabeth gets a cramp in her calf and falls down. She starts to cry and says she can't live up to everyone's expectations. I certainly don't have high expectations of you, Elizabeth. Don't cry over me. Jillian takes Ada to the gym and Ada is able to run a mile in under 8 minutes. Jillian thinks Ada has a good shot and beating Tara's marathon record.

The marathon begins and Frado and Patrick decide they want to try to finish together. As the runners reach Mile 3, Jillian meets them and runs a bit with them. When Ada gets to Mile 14, Bob runs with her. She says her stomach is killing her, and she stops at the porta potty. Bob tells her that true marathon runners go in their pants. I can't believe she stopped to use the porta potty. She lost 6 minutes from her little potty break. When Patrick and Frado get to Mile 16, Frado's daughter is waiting for him. When Ada gets to Mile 20, she sees her friends and they start running with her. When Patrick gets to Mile 20, he is greeted by his brother and father-in-law. Ada feels like quitting but she knows she has to keep going to beat Tara's time. She finishes in 4 hours and 38 minutes, setting a new Biggest Loser record. I guess that little bathroom break didn't hurt her.

Patrick meets his wife at Mile 25. He finishes the marathon in 5 hours and 45 minutes. Frado meets his family at Mile 25 and finishes with them soon after. The last one to finish is Elizabeth. Shocking. I can't snark on her too much because I'm sure I couldn't finish a marathon, and at least she finished. Her time is 7 hours and 27 minutes. All of the contestants earned $10,000 for a charity of their choice.

It's time for the final weigh-in and we will find out who will make it to the Final 2 and who will be put up for America's Vote for the 3rd spot. Please let Elizabeth go against ANYONE for the final spot, because I know (or at least I hope) America won't vote for her. Enough is enough. She doesn't deserve to be there.

Elizabeth: Previous 192/Current 177 (-15) 7.81%

Frado: Previous 248/Current 221 (-27) 10.89%

Ada: Previous 179/Current 167 (-12) 6.70%

Patrick: Previous 279/Current 244 (-35) 12.54%

Patrick and Frado make the Finals. America will have to vote between Elizabeth and Ada. To me, this isn't a hard choice. The first time Ada has been below the yellow line vs. the 9th time Elizabeth has been below the yellow line... hmmm. I think Elizabeth's 9 lives are up.

Elizabeth thanks America for all of their support and she says she's come a long way. She says she is different and was able to finish the marathon.

Ada cries and says she pushed herself and she loved this opportunity and she wanted to be an inspiration. This is the first time she's been below the yellow line and she wants America to give her a second chance.

Get your chips and soda ready because next week is the live finale! An at home winner and a Biggest Loser will be crowned. If you can't catch all the action, don't feel like sitting through a ton of filler stuff, or just don't want to see Elizabeth again...come on back next week!