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Hello dear readers! Been a rough week at the old Chocolate household, so this is running a bit late – but can I just say – Quitter! Quitter! Quittie McQuitterson! Ok, now that I have that out of my system perhaps I can get this thing written. Last week it was the end of the rickshaw for Chad and Stephanie and voila, we were left with the final Four – let’s see if they can all find Waldo this week, shall we?

Last week’s winners, Jill and Thomas, depart the mat at 8:25am on their way to Hong Kong. Their 7 hour lead just evaporates away before their eyes when they arrive at the travel agent and discover the first flight out does not leave until 11:55 that night. They begin to fret about meeting up with Brook and Claire whom they U-Turned on the last leg. They head back to the hotel to wait. Later on as the teams gather at the airport, Brook and Claire gleefully think about meeting up with them and rubbing it in that the feeble attempt to rid the game of them failed. Ooooh, goody goody, fight fight fight! But, alas, no. A tiny bit of posturing and a lot of toothy grins from the HSN girls fell on Thomas whilst Jill escaped completely unscathed. Yawn, yawn, boring, boring. Airport filler. Once they all landed in Hong Kong, Jill and Thomas were first to the bus and the first on the ferry. The other three teams took the second bus out and ran for the ferry two of them getting there just before it pulled away from dock. Nick and Vicki fell behind when Vicki’s asthma kicked in preventing her from sprinting. And Nick, lovely kind Nick was just as understanding as he could be, offering words of comfort and solicitousness towards the ailing Vicki. No wait that was a Hallmark Channel movie I was watching the other day. Nick was his usual pre and post Ghana self berating Vicki and yelling at her and telling her how sick he is of her being sorry and all that. Poor Vicki begins to cry and in the matter of emotional abusers everywhere tells her to quit her blubbering and to buck it up and launched into a diatribe about what a horrible experience this was for him and how he wished they had never came and poor Vicki can only sob quietly. Nick is such a tool.

Roadblock: A task that only one person of a team can perform.

Meanwhile, the other teams arrive at Cheung Chau Island and race for their clue. Claire had difficulties keeping up with Brook who showed signs of impatience, but they hugged it out on the ferry ride back to the mainland. Learn by example Nick. Just saying. The top three teams are on their way to the Majesty Chinese Restaurant while Nick and Vicki are just on their way to the island. When they arrive at the restaurant they are greeted by mountains of sushi, all but 5 pieces of it real. The task at hand is to pick out one of those five fake pieces and present it to the chef for their next clue. The trick is that it is very realistic fake food and if they should pick the real stuff rather than the fake, they have to eat it. Warm and raw buffet fish. Yum yum in the tum tum! There is literally mounds and mound of food, but there is entertainment too: possibly the worst karaoke that has ever existed on the face of the earth. Nat and Kat arrive first and Nat decides to do the eating with Kat cheering her on. When Jill and Thomas arrived, Thomas joined Nat at the table, as well as Claire when the HSN’rs smiled their way onto the scene. Nat was fairly quick to identify the fake food and they went on their merry way with Thomas finding his food a bit later. They headed towards the next stop: a statue in the Avenue of the Stars, Bruce Lee being the particular star statue they needed to find. Meanwhile, poor Claire was picking her way through the buffet and it was rather starting to fill her up. To the top. By the time Vicki and Nick arrived, Claire was exhibiting shades of green never seen before in nature. Nick took delight in this, being the kind caring, compassionate guy he is. Poor Claire was soon taking trips to worship the porcelain heavens with Brooke trying to offer comfort. Not a whole lot that could be said since the task had to be finished. Finally Brooke was able to correctly pick out the fake fish and got out of there and on the way to the stone Bruce Lee for the next clue. This left the oh so supportive Nick and Vicki. Soon, Vicki was exhibiting the same shades of green that Brooke was but she soldiered even as the restaurant patrons collected their extra fees and began to leave the restaurant. Nick tried to persuade her to quit and take the penalty, but she would not do it. She continued to search for the fake.

Detour: A choice between two tasks, usually one a bit more physical and the other a bit more time consuming

Meanwhile, the other teams are on their way to the Detour: Ding Ding or Sampan. The teams have a choice of riding a century old trolley system searching what looks like millions of signs to find the ones that indicate where the next Pit Stop is - at Statue Square – or they could pick up a cage of parakeets and board a sampan ( a traditional Chinese trading vessel) and travel around the harbor until they find a vessel with the same registration number as the one on a tag attached to the parakeet cage. Not an easy task in the daylight, let alone in the middle of the night. Nat and Kat chose the sampan and Jill and Thomas chose the trolley. Not a good decision on Jill and Thomas’ part as even though the camera panned in on all three signs they did not catch one of them. They decide to go to the harbor for the sampan ride. They were thrilled and a bit astonished to see the doctors still there. Even more thrilled when they relatively quickly matched registration numbers and got their clue to the Pit Stop. The doctors found theirs a moment later and a race was on to the Pit Stop. Snagging a cab before the dating couple could, Nat and Kat were able to make it to Phil and his Eyebrow first and claim the number one spot and a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Jill and Thomas obviously not happy with second place still told Phil they were happy with the leg.

Vicki was finally able to find the fake food and they arrived at the harbor while Claire and Brook were still looking to match their parakeet to its vessel. They were finally able to find the right vessel and excitedly got their clue and their third place meet and greet with Phil. Meanwhile, Nick and Vicki continued on their search. Well, Vicki did anyway. Nick took a nap and whined and complained and wanted to quit as Vicki kept looking. Finally, his whining took its toll and she agreed to take the 6 hour penalty I think just to shut him up. Dejectedly they arrived at the mat to face Phil. Expecting to hear the worst, Phil gave them the good news (to Vicki at least) that it was a non-elimination leg and they would live to race another day. However, they will need to complete the 6 hour penalty for not completing the Detour and a speed Bump. Can’t wait to hear Nick’s dulcet tones again, that’s all I can say. I wonder if Vicki would be allowed to finish the race without him? She would probably do a lot better. Maybe even win the whole thing.

That’s all folks, see you next week!

Race Stats:

Did the Roadblock:
Brook, Nat, Thomas, Vicki

Detour Sampan: Nat/Kat, Jill/Thomas, Brook/Claire, Nick/Vicki
Detour Ding Ding: Jill/Thomas

Finish Order:

1. Nat and Kat
2. Jill and Thomas
3. Brook and Claire
4. Nick and Vicki

This was a non-elimination leg. No Philimination.