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Last week, the cooks couldnít complete service, couldnít keep tempers under control, or mix a salad properly. Will this week be any better? Iíd place the mortgage payment on ďnoĒ, but then Iíve seen the previews. And prior seasons.

Eight-legged sea creatures do not translate into ďlunch truckĒ well.

We rejoin the contestants stewing in the dorms. Gail is stung by Sabrina ďthrowing her under the busĒ but Trev thinks they must be there because Ramsay sees something in them. Jillian thinks Gail will be the next to go, but Russell thinks Trevís time is up. Jillian claims that sheís been saying from the start that itís going to be her, Nona, and Russell in the final three, but if she said that before I missed it.

The next morning, Ramsay has a LA Market lunch challenge in store for the cooks. They have to each make a fast, delicious lunch in food truck remotely in the vicinity of the winnerís next job. They have an hour to prep 80 tasting portions for their customers/judges, as the favorite dish will determine the winner. Nona will make a chicken salad and bacon sandwich with sweet potato chips. Jillian will make herbed chicken with mixed vegetables. Trev is doing penne with sausage and tomato sauce. Russell will prepare grilled octopus and aioli salad. Finally, Gail will serve grilled skirt steak salad with mangoes and pecans.

Hoards of diners walk to the food trucks, not unlike zombies crossing a field. Nona plays up her southern charm, while Trev tries to be flirtatious, but he fails so epically, you wonder how he ever could have been a bartender. Russellís octopus isnít greeted with excitement, but some of the customers liked it. However, not enough did, as over 60 percent of the diners thought it was the worst dish. The winner, with over 40 percent preferring the dish, was Gail, with Nona only two percent behind. Gail wins a makeover by Jose Eber and Cojo will style her with a new look. The rest of the lot will head back to Hellís Kitchen to clean the outside for the next service.

Trev is seriously pissed that his pasta lost to a salad, noting that if he were serving people in Chicago and not LA, he would have won. Meanwhile, Gail gets a fabulous new Ďdo and makeup from Eber and his cowboy hat and a ton of sparkly clothes from Cojo. Back at Hellís Kitchen, the other four sweep the driveway, clean the food trucks, and bitch and moan about the challenge and about Trevís inattention to their hosing needs. The day draws to a close with a familiar scene: Trev drunk in the hot tub and projecting a creepy vibe as he sees Gail return from her make-over. At least he was complimentary, whereas Russell just made fun of her walking oddly due to a busted ankle.

Even the Marines canít save this mess.

The next day brings prep and dinner service. Apparently the green-eyed monster has gotten a hold of everyone and theyíre gunning for Gail. Especially vocal is Jillian who vows not to help Gail in any way. Ramsay turns up to attempt to motivate the cooks by assigning detail. He puts Nona on apps with Russell. Jillian gets fish, Gail garnish, and Trev meat. Jillian thinks the fish station will be easy, but apparently sheís not handled it before. That should be interesting.

Jillian screws up the scallops on the first order, so itís back to the start. The dining room has VIPs such as Cojo and a dozen Marines. Russell takes over on the scallops and gets them right, but Nona undercooks the pasta, so even more screw-ups ensue on the app station. To make the signs of the apocalypse even greater, Paris Hilton arrives in the dining room.

Jillian has issues with halibut and Russell has to teach her how to cook the fish. Communication breaks down, especially with Gail who is totally non-responsive to anyoneís call for time on garnish. When under-cooked meat goes up (courtesy of Trev), Ramsay melts down, takes off his apron and leaves the dining room with Scott. Nona and Russell then attempt to take charge and run the kitchen. Russell rejects Trevís beef for overcooking and makes him redo it. Nothing is going out but the final apps.

Ramsay returns, puts Russell on meats and Gail on fish. Trev is on apps and Jillian on garnish. Gail screwed up the fish before and is worried sheíll go home if she canít do fish. Russell is trying to make up for Trevís over-cooked steak. The Marine table is up last and Gail undercooks the salmon and is tossed out. Jillian puts up a raw egg/spinach looking mess and is kicked out of the kitchen. I want to know who thought of cooking whole eggs atop a spinach mix because that just looks disgusting, raw or cooked thoroughly.

Trev, Russell, and Nona finish service. Ramsay addresses the lot and is terribly disappointed. Jillian disappointed him based on past performances. Gail, he thinks, can only do one thing at a time. Trev was the one who pushed him out the door. He sends them back to each pick two for elimination. Gail is the universal choice, but there are votes for Trev and Jillian. Russell would have it go to the finals with him and Nona.

Back before Ramsay, Nona puts up Gail for lack of communication and Trev for his disastrous performance on meat. But Ramsay calls out Jillian for her raw egg and she professes to fight back. He calls Gail, Trev, and Jillian down. Gail says she has the drive in her and Trev says he can still do the challenge. Ultimately, he takes Gailís jacket, saying that he thought sheíd go a lot further.

Gail is disappointed, but at least she got some clothes and a haircut. The rest are sent back to get rest, regroup, and perhaps learn how to cook. Who will win this mess? Does anyone care or believe that the winner will be the head chef at LA Market?