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Hello dear readers! When last we spoke our intrepid racers were battling it out in the mountains of Oman with Chad and Stephanie managing to grab first from the penalized Jill and Thomas. Poor Gary and Mallory could not overcome their 9 hour out of the way car ride and were Philiminated. This week the teams are heading to one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Let’s see how they cope, shall we?

Double U-Turn: A Double U-Turn allows two different teams to each pick a team to go back and perform the other choice for the Detour.

Departing first, Chad and Stephanie discover the teams will be traveling to Dhaka, Bangladesh. And on this leg there will be the first ever Double U-turn. On the taxi ride to the airport, Chad endears himself to me even further by stating that the will definitely be U-Turning the docs because he didn’t want to lose to girls. Stephanie, I think the women of America will back me in saying that was a slap worthy sentiment. Not that I condone violence. Except when necessary.

There is the usual airport scramble to find flights, and it looks like most of the teams are able to secure a flight that gets them into Dhaka at noon the next day. A couple of notable exceptions: Jill and Thomas were at the counter with Chad and Stephanie however Chad decide he would rather grab a cheeseburger and a Blizzard from the local Oman DQ (who would have thunk it? A DQ in the Middle East?!). Jill and Thomas stayed and kept pressing the travel agent to keep looking for flights. Their persistence paid off because the agent did find them a set of flights that got them into Dhaka 7 hours before the flight the rest of the teams were on. Now that is some good time spent. Bet Chad won’t be able to eat at a DQ ever again without thinking about the Blizzard the potentially lost him a million bucks. Brook and Claire noticed the excitement of Jill and Thomas and told Nick and Vicki about it. Those two teams tried to simultaneously book a different flight, but Nick and Vicki were the lucky ones to pull out the final two seats on a flight that landed about 3 hours earlier. The doctors bypassed the whole scene by booking a flight to Dubai and then booking a flight from there to Dhaka. They ended up on the same flight as the remaining two teams. Phew – get all that?

Detour: A choice between two tasks, usually one a bit more physical and the other a bit more time consuming

Meanwhile, seems like Chad’s ice cream had barely melted when Jill and Thomas landed in Bangladesh. They first had to find Sundorban Square and press a glass full of sugar cane juice and then one of them had to drink the entire thing. Thomas did the honors and they got their clue for the Detour: Balanced Meal or Balanced Bricks. For Balanced Meal, the teams will have to find a vendor and collect tiffins (lunch) and then take a boat ride across the harbor to where the ship workers were. Once they have delivered the meals and returned the empty containers, they will receive their next clue. For Balanced Bricks, the teams will have to load bricks into baskets and balance them on their heads and take them through the crowded streets to a brick guy. Once they have delivered 100 unbroken bricks, they will receive their next clue. Jill and Thomas choose to do the bricks. Once they successfully delivered their bricks, they got their clue and got to the U-Turn where they decided to U-Turn the HSN’rs as they are always near the top of the pack. They then took a bicycle to the Nazira Bazaar.

Roadblock: A task that only one person of a team can perform.

Nick and Vicki arrive in Bangladesh as Jill and Thomas arrive at the Bazaar. For the Roadblock, one of them will have to put together and decorate one of the traditional bicycle rickshaws. They had to put the wheels on, the seat, the back seat, tassels, the chain, a bell, the canopy and the pedals. Jill elected to do this task. I had my worries when she referred to some of the parts as “nuts and bullets” but she seemed to get through it all right and they received their clue to go to the pit stop at the Lalbagh Fort. As Nick and Vicki started their detour task of delivering the lunches, Jill and Thomas arrived at the Fort to find out they were indeed team number one and they had won a $15,000 Discover gift card to be divided between them. Meanwhile Nick and Vicki finish their detour with the tiffins, elected to “be nice” and not U-Turn anyone and moved on to the Roadblock. Nick did the Roadblock and got through it fairly quickly. They arrived at the Pit Stop in second place.

Finally the rest of the teams arrive in Dhaka and drink their sugar cane juices and begin their rides through the city to the clue box for the Detour. Chad and Stephanie took the long way there and ended up quite a bit behind the doctors and the HSN’rs. All of them chose to deliver the tiffens. The doctors arrived first and got to work delivering the food with the HSN’rs slightly behind them. Chad and Stephanie were still wandering the Dhaka streets. The doctors finished the Detour first and made the decision to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie. They continued on to the Roadblock with Nat doing the task. Brook and Claire finished their Detour and discovered they had to complete the second one do to Jill and Thomas U-Turning them hours before. They were ecstatic to see that Chad and Stephanie had also been U-Turned as that gave them a good chance to not be eliminated. The unflappable pair had some moral problems while doing the brick task, but who could blame them? They were able to finish their task and get to the Roadblock with Brook doing the rickshaw building. Chad and Stephanie finally got their tiffens delivered only to discover that they were U-Turned as well. I am sure you all know that Chad took that really well. But they got to work on moving the bricks, got it done and went on to the Roadblock.

Brook and Claire were thrilled to arrive at the Roadblock and find the doctors still there. And Chad and Stephanie were even happier to see them both still there when they arrived. Brook elected to do the task, having fun with the flair but struggling a bit with the bell. Stephanie did the roadblock for their team with Chad providing obnoxious commentary towards Nat obviously feeling he had the right to act like a big baby because they had been U-Turned by her team. Anyone else think that was just an excuse and he would have done it even if they had not been U-Turned? It did not have an effect on Nat as she finished the Roadblock and the doctors met with Phil as the third place team.

Brook and Stephanie were left alone at the Roadblock with Brook finishing just a bit before Stephanie but pretty much both teams were racing through the streets of Dhaka to the Pit Stop at the same time. Darkness fell and they were still trying to find the Fort, but ultimately it was Brook and Claire narrowly edging out Chad and Stephanie who were Philiminated.

And that’s all folks. See you next week!

Race Stats:

Detour Balanced Meals: Nat/Kat, Chad/Stephanie, Brook/Claire, Nick/Vicki
Detour Balanced Bricks: Jill/Thomas, Brook/Claire, Chad/Stephanie

U-Turn: Jill and Thomas U-Turned Brook and Claire, Nat and Kat U-Turned Chad and Stephanie

Did the Roadblock: Jill, Nick, Stephanie, Brook, Nat

Finish Order:

1. Jill and Thomas
2. Nick and Vicki
3. Nat and Kat
4. Brook and Claire

Chad and Stephanie are Philiminated.