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If you're like me, you have completely forgotten what happened last week are still pissed about the departure of Aaron and Jesse last week. They were two of the few people I actually liked on the show. I'm pretty much rooting for Ada at this point. I can't stand Brendan and all of his scheming and game playing. There are only 8 people left, so now it's every man/woman for his/herself. No more partners! That lasted a whole week!

I know my recap is a bit later than usual this week, but you all know how I often like to go off and figure out what I've done today to make myself feel proud.

The contestants receive videos from home.. Well, everyone but Ada. Her family never responded after the show reached out several times to them. That's horrible. Ada's housemates decide to record a video for her, which is actually very touching.

Jillian kills Elizabeth in the gym. Not a surprise. Elizabeth's challenge before the show was to do 500 steps. She fainted and didn't finish. Jillian makes her redo those 500 to prove how far she's come. She does them while everyone else watches and cheers.

This week's challenge will take place at the pool. Woo! I love to see people fallin' in the water! Each player will stand above the pool on two small platforms. They will have one foot per platform and they must balance themselves above the water. One of the platforms will be pulled away, causing the player to have to balance on one foot until the other platform comes back. Each player will go one at a time. If a player survives the round, they choose who goes next. The first round starts at 5 seconds and will increase each time. The winner gets a 1lb advantage at the weigh-in. Frado, the person with the highest % of weight loss thus far, gets to choose what player goes first. He chooses Jessica. She survives and chooses Brendan. He falls. Jessica chooses Frado. He puts his other foot down, disqualifying him. Jessica chooses Patrick. He survives and chooses Elizabeth. She falls right away. Patrick chooses Ada. She survives and the round is over. Hmm.. did I miss Mark going or did I just miss some kind of rule where not everyone goes? Anywho, after all the rounds, Mark wins. He gets a 1lb advantage at the weigh-in.

Jillian takes the contestants to Subway. Their challenge is to make the best sub. The winner will get a $500 Subway gift card. The contestants will judge each other but can't vote for their own. The criteria is taste and calories. Lisa wins with her turkey and veggie sub.

During last chance workout, Bob takes his turn playing drill sergeant with Elizabeth. I'd hate to have Bob and Jillian screeching in my ear the whole week.

This week's weigh-in marks the end of the unflattering, sag-arific sports bra! Hooray! The girls are sporting tank tops now and their “girls” are a whole lot happier I'm sure! Ali announces that anyone who makes it through this week's weigh-in will make it to... MAKEOVER WEEK! Yay! Music to my ears. If you've been reading my recaps the past few seasons, you know I looooove makeover week. It makes watching all the other dreadful episodes worthwhile.

Mark: Previous 317/Current 309 (-8) (2.84% with 1lb advantage)

Patrick: Previous 311/Current 301 (-10) (3.22%)

Frado: Previous 276/Current 267 (-9) (3.26%)
Frado is the second person on campus to lose 100lbs this season.

Brendan: Previous 280/Current 272 (-8) (2.86%)

Elizabeth: Previous 205/Current 201 (-4) (1.95%)

Jessica: Previous 228/Current 227 (-1) (.44%)

Lisa: Previous 234/Current 228 (-6) (2.56%)

Ada: Previous 198/Current 190 (-8) (4.04%)

Jessica and Elizabeth are below the yellow line. I can only imagine the guys are going to keep Elizabeth... AGAIN. I will be shocked if they don't.

Brendan: Jessica
Frado: Jessica
Lisa: Jessica

Three is enough to get rid of Jessica, so with these votes, Jessica is eliminated.

Despite being below the yellow line SEVEN times out of eight (yes you read that correctly) Elizabeth survives yet again. I can't believe it.

When Jessica went home, she got a haircut and donated her hair to Locks of Love. Good for her, she deserved a makeover. She looks great. She tells her family that she feels like she's fixed what's broken. She has 4 months left in her journey and she's halfway there. When Jessica started, she weighed 282lbs, now she weighs 200lbs. Jessica hopes to inspire young people to live a healthier lifestyle. She has lost 82lbs and wants to lose another 40lbs by the finale.

Next week, IT'S MAKEOVER TIME!!!! Yay! Also, on Wednesday there will be a “Where are they now?” special where former contestants reunite to help someone who has gained all the weight back. Come on back next week to make fun of all the horrible makeovers with me!