Is anyone besides me watching this show in the middle of a holiday weekend, when only Britney and the remaining three Brigade members are left in the house? It’s hard to stay motivated at this point in the season, as there is hardly anything happening in the house. Unlike the BB House, we’ve got a lot of stuff happening at the LG House this weekend. It’s a holiday weekend, so I’ve whipped out my “honey do” list and have Mr. LG hard at work re-doing our master bathroom (that we’ve left as “industrial white” as did the prior owners since this house was built). We’ve got a new granite countertop for our sink, new fixtures to match the new sinks, and a fresh coat of paint. It’s still a work in progress, but the holiday weekend is not over yet. Thus the big reason why you do these over a 3 day weekend, right?

When we last left our houseguests, they were in the middle of a frustrating HOH Competition. Hayden, Enzo, and Britney are in chicken wire cages, trying to maneuver Christmas ornaments on the other side of the fence into position. They need to get 18 ornaments into set positions on a fake tree, and also put a star on top. Britney starts out the competition by dropping dozens of the ornaments and breaking them into a huge pile of shards of colored glass in the yard. Enzo mentions that hearing all that breaking glass reminded him of Newark. At some point, Britney has dozens of broken ornaments littering the yard, and she explains that perhaps she really is the “ball-breaker” that some have said.

Hayden was in the lead the whole time of this competition. They try to manufacture some tension by claiming that Britney is making a comeback (Enzo is so far out of it, trying to maneuver the fragile balls with his “meat-hands is comical), but the drama is non-existent and Hayden wins easily.

The Brigade sits around the house, with Enzo taking credit for the Brigade’s recent streak of challenge wins (despite never winning HOH). Britney sits in another room and cries about losing the “most important HOH contest of the summer” and she is probably 100% accurate that not winning will spell her exit from the game. She pastes on her fake smile and joins the Brigade in checking out Hayden’s HOH room. We get to check out his family photos, and his huge basket of junk food (including one of my personal favorites, Red Vines licorice).

Next up, Lane and Hayden are attempting to light the gas grill in the back yard. Britney is hiding a safe distance away, telling them they are going to blow it up while they continue to try to start it despite the fact that it isn’t working. Britney doesn’t think cooking a hotdog is worth burning all the flesh off anyone’s body. The grill makes some huge “whoosh” noise and the boys finally back off. I think we’re cooking inside tonight.

Speaking of inside, Lane and Enzo are both vying for Hayden’s ear, trying to stay safe for the next round. Someone is going up on the block with Britney. Hayden is in somewhat of a tough position as he’ll need to show favoritism, but Lane did put up both Enzo and Hayden last week, so he’s an easy companion for Britney on the block. Again, there is very little suspension or surprise in this episode. Mr. LG isn’t missing out on much while working on the bathroom.
What passes for “excitement” in the house these days – they trade out the medium sized table for a four-person table. Oh, the drama of new, smaller furniture!

Next up, a hide and seek reward challenge with a ten thousand dollar prize. One at a time, the houseguests take turns hiding a coin with their name somewhere in the house. Enzo hides his behind the wall hangings in the main room. Everyone else stays in kitchen, with Lane hiding his in the recycling bin, Britney’s in an empty cereal box in the trash, and Hayden’s in a cereal box (that was still sealed on the top, he put it in through the bottom). Enzo finds Hayden’s first, and Hayden has some sour grapes comment about how he didn’t need a bigger target on his back anyway.

The houseguests are just trashing their house, searching from top to bottom. Britney’s coin is actually very well positioned now, as Hayden had taken the trash (containing her coin) out in the yard and everyone is focusing inside the house for their search. Then Britney finds Enzo’s, and the Meow Meow is out of the running for the cash.

It is down to Lane and Britney. Lane, the oil man who plays golf for a living and who knows that Britney is the most likely person heading to the jury house this week, could have thrown her a bone and tipped off where his coin was hidden. But no, he wants the $10,000 and is pretty confident that Britney will vote for him in the finals regardless, so they search late into the night. Hayden and Enzo have long since abandoned caring about this search, as have we all. Eventually after 52 attempts to find it in the recycling bin, Britney finds Lane’s coin, and she wins the $10,000. Enzo thinks that this is more “reason” to vote her out, but since when did the Brigade need a reason to protect themselves? Britney lost nothing in winning this prize, as she alone can save herself at this point, so why not take home some cash.

Britney starts a pillow fight with Hayden for no apparent reason other than sheer boredom. That’s all there is to say about that five minutes of mindless of viewing that I will never have back. My son (who just turned four) engaged me in a discussion about the Batman Happy Meal toys that lasted about the same amount of time but was more interesting.

Time for the nomination ceremony- no surprises here as Hayden nominates Britney and Lane. Hayden and Enzo have made a pinky swear to take each other to the finals, so Lane will be on his own unless he can win the veto, take himself off the block, forcing Enzo up, and use the only vote cast to boot Enzo. We’ll see if he pulls it out, or if Britney can win the veto and save herself. If not, it looks like we’ll have an all-Brigade finale. What could be more exciting than that? Oh, have I mentioned that Mr. LG is painting our bathroom (at my request) this weekend? Even though he was between coats, he chose to hang out in the bathroom rather than watching the show with us tonight. Yes, he literally choose “watching paint dry” over this episode. That pretty much sums it up. Tune in Wednesday to see if anything interesting happens (or just swing by and catch my recap).

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