Happy Sunday, Hamster Watchers! Tonight’s episode starts with tons of recap covering all of the action from the “week in an hour” episode from last Thursday, where both Matt and Brendon were evicted. We were left without a Head of Household, so maybe something actually meaningful will happen on a Sunday night episode this season.

This recap is stretching way into the episode time. Maybe nothing interesting will happen tonight after all, if they have to spend half of the time talking about the last episode. My mother-in-law is visiting and keeps checking in to see when they will start showing “new stuff” as she loves the show, but has other things to do than watch the same episode we all saw on Thursday. Maybe I need to come up with some other things to do too.

Finally, some new footage (albeit from last Thursday). The Brigade gathers in the Have Not room and plots to rid themselves of Britney and Ragan. That was not a surprise, as they were the only two people not in the room at the time. Lane is hoping Enzo wins so he doesn’t have to risk alienating either Britney or his Brigade mates. Yes, relying on Enzo to win challenges has worked out so well this season so far.

How Can A Guy With Such Scrawny Arms Be So Good At BlackJack?

Time for the HOH contest – Hayden is the host, and the game involves BlackJack hand strategy and some sort of chute with a rolling ball that needs to land on specific spots to get points. It’s more shuffleboard in Boca Raton than a card table in Vegas, but they milk the card game motif for all it is worth. Let’s check out the action:

Lane lands both card in just 2 tries (the best possible score).
Ragan is up next and only needs 3 tries.
Britney only lands one of the two cards in her allotted five shots. She’ll need Enzo to flub to stay in the competition.
Enzo got blackjack in four tries, sending Britney out of the competition.

Next round, Ragan got one of the cards in his 5 tries.
Enzo went next and didn’t get any cards at all. Lane is ticked, because he wanted Enzo to win it to spare Lane from having to make a tough choice between his Brigade alliance and his close friendship with Britney.
Lane lands a card, so Enzo is out. Hayden and Lane both curse Enzo for his terrible skills at the challenges.

Final round, Lane goes first and lands both cards in 5 tries.
Ragan needs to get blackjack in less than 5 tries in order to win Head of Household for the week and keep the target off him for the week. Ragan lands a card on his 4th try, and needs to get the final card on his last try in order to tie Lane and force a tie-breaker round.
Ragan missed with his last shot, and that could be the difference between him staying in the game as HOH or leaving.

Oh Lane, I’m Dying to See Your HOH Room. Tough Luck, Hayden.

Britney starts sucking up to Lane, saying how much she wants to see the pictures of his family in his HOH room. Familiar tactic for Britney, but this time she probably actually means it because she does genuinely like Lane.

After seeing pictures of his family, Lane reveals that his family actually owns the oil company that he works for, so instead of working out of a rig, he takes people out golfing and is the designated schmoozer for the company. This makes Hayden think perhaps he isn’t in such great need for the prize money and is hoping others see it as well.

Hayden was the unluckiest HOH of the season because his reign over the house lasted all of an hour or so. He never even got to move into the HOH bedroom. But, he did manage to get Brendon out of the house and keep his beloved Brigade-mates safe. He wasn’t able to take out Ragan, who won the Veto when he needed it the most.

This is Not A Money Tree – This is a Fake You Out Tree.

Lane is presented with a Pandora’s Box challenge, which he takes. It involves a money tree, and he gets to pick up to up to three cash envelopes. Allegedly he could win up to $10,000 if he picks the three most valuable envelopes. He can pick one, two, or three envelopes of cash for himself, and will subject everyone in the house to a number of punishments equal to the number of envelopes he takes.

If he takes all three, then there will be three punishments on the house, and he will have some ‘splaining to do. He opens up three envelopes with the following decreasing sums: $79, $12, and $0.17 so he won a total of $91.17. He’s annoyed with his “prize” and thinks it won’t end up being enough after taxes to fill his truck with gas.

He warns the rest of the house about the impending punishments, and hopes the they believe that he only won less than $100. Others are skeptical, thinking that he could have won significantly more. Ah yes, Pandora is funny this season, but Lane still came out ahead of Britney, whose “prize” was spending time with Jessie while missing out on the hula party.

The first of the three punishments – all of the utensils and glasses disappear from the house for a full week. That will make for some great footage of people eating with their hands and drinking out of odd vessels.

Lane talks to Britney about going up on the block as the pawn with Ragan as the target. She’s not wild about this idea, and wants him to nominate Enzo or Hayden instead. Lane confides in Britney that he would consider nominating Enzo, but refuses to consider Hayden, which makes Britney mad. She wants to be his bestest buddy in the house, not Hayden.

The Brigade warns Lane that Britney might win the Veto and use it on Ragan if she isn’t on the block, and wonder about his loyalties if he doesn’t nominate Britney.

At the nomination ceremony, Britney is the first one safe, and Hayden is also not on the block. Enzo is ticked that Lane nominated him instead of Britney. Lane opines that Enzo hasn’t really been pulling his weight, and he may prefer to keep Britney around and ditch Enzo if Ragan can save himself with the Veto once again this week.

Tune in Wednesday to find out who wins the veto and whether it gets used. Hopefully something else will happen. Otherwise we might get treated to Episode 2 of Enzo, the Space Penguin and His Magical Flying Weight Bench.

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