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Thread: 8/27 BB Live Feed Recap: Help Me, Obi-Wan, You're My Only Hope

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    8/27 BB Live Feed Recap: Help Me, Obi-Wan, You're My Only Hope

    The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

    Click here for our in-depth coverage of Noon 8/27 to Noon 8/28 and find out!

    WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

    (This recap covers Noon Friday-Noon Saturday, BB time)

    The season is winding down, as is the interest level of many BB fans. But we recappers will keep on doing our jobs, through rain or snow, sleet or slop…that’s right, we’ll tell you when things are too boring to care anymore!

    Noontime finds our final five squatters squatting in the backyard during an outdoor lockdown, wondering what else will happen to them now that Lane has opened Pandora’s Box. They are so worried about it that they fall asleep. They lockdown ends, and Hayden and Lane run up to the HoH to talk what’s left of the game. They still want to stay on Britney’s good side for one more week, and decide to put up Enzo as a pawn against Ragan, the true target. Hysterically, Hayden still wonders if Brit and Ragan are the “lifelong friends” from that stale old lie told by original Saboteur Annie. He asks Lane if Brit and Ragan are in an alliance, and Lane scoffs at the notion. Yes, folks, even at this late stage of the game, even the dominating frontrunners can be this stupid.

    Britney runs up to the HoH, also trying to avoid Enzo. Lane discusses putting up Enzo with her, but she is more concerned that he won’t put up Hayden. She half-kids about winning POV and using it on Ragan, and Lane half-kids about threatening to put her up instead if she keeps talking like that. What are we gonna do with these two half-kids!

    On the one hand, Britney worries that after the season ends, Ragan will see that she wasn’t on his side the whole time. On the other hand, she says that she knows Hayden took all the prizes from last week’s POV because of how he acted afterwards. And yet, she is still following Lane’s marching orders. Sigh.

    ”I am so much more than meets the eye! I look like a typical blonde from the south, but I've got a lot
    of spice to my personality. I'm a good mix of Chelsea Handler and Martha Stewart.”

    Outside, the powerless ones Enzo and Ragan are stuck with each other lounging together by the pool. Enzo wonders when the Saboteur will be revealed, and Ragan wonders if the lifelong friends are Andrew and Brendon. Sigh.

    Hayden joins them and Ragan leaves, and once Lane joins them, the Brigade meeting has begun. Or rather, the Hayden-Lane tap dance to get Enzo to be cool with being the pawn has begun. They flatter and woo Enzo, and remind him that Lane can’t put Britney up because of a prior deal. Interestingly, each time Enzo asks Hayden if he wants to be the pawn, Hayden quickly and firmly replies “No!” and then returns to his gentle self, selling the goods. Hayden is the best social player this season, and I hate him for it.

    Meanwhile, Lane (lying through his teeth) keeps telling Enzo that he’ll be glad to put Hayden up instead since Enzo just came off the block, but Enzo says he will put his trust in whatever Lane decides to do. Of course, he reserves the right to complain about it till everyone’s ears bleed.

    Ragan has been in full Jedi training mode for a while, roaming the house and yard while studying and reciting the house history over and over again. He takes a break to watch Britney take a shower, and comment about how creepy it is that he’s doing so. Up in the HoH, Enzo is already complaining, and Lane is still saying that he will gladly put up Hayden. Hayden has all the prizes and hasn’t been on the block in weeks, plus he plays better when it’s crunch time. They sound as if it’s been decided then and there.

    “What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: My real estate license.

    Lane and Hayden meet in the Living Room, where Lane proposes putting Hayden up as the pawn instead of Enzo. Hayden also tells Lane he trusts in whatever he does, but he also offers Lane a lame reason to tell Enzo why it shouldn’t be Hayden – because he didn’t get to play for HoH after being the Fast-Forward HoH for all of a few hours. Like I said, it was lame, but Hayden isn’t going to become a pawn quietly, no matter how much he claims to trust Lane. Being a pawn doesn’t work into his own game, that’s for sure. Hayden always needs to be the puppet master, and never the puppet. It took me weeks to finally see this.

    Later, while Enzo is listening to Eminem in the HoH, and Britney and Hayden are playing with Lane’s dominoes, and Ragan is in the backyard training even more, Lane is called to the DR. This is followed by the standard outdoor lockdown so that the Nomination ritual can begin for the cameras by the HoH opening the sliding glass door and calling the cattle in to the slaughterhouse. The feeds go to trivia for over an hour.

    ”I am a very competitive person. I have been in and around sports all my life.”

    When they return, it looks like Hayden won this round, as Enzo and Ragan are on the block. Ragan is back in full Fussy-Jedi mode in Taj, Enzo is back up in the HoH, looking to Eminem for comfort, and Britney and Hayden are in the kitchen telling Lane how glad they are not to be nominated, while trying to negotiate eating and drinking without cups or utensils.

    Talk turns to college; Britney was embarrasses that she had to put on a uniform and go to work while her wealthy sorority sisters didn’t have to work at all. Hayden says he was in the same boat, watching his teammates lead much more privileged lives. Oil rig salesman Lane is silent on this topic.

    Ragan and Enzo chat about the POV and training; Ragan says he doesn’t think it’s going to be the Morph--O-Matic competition, because they would have already been setting it up in the backyard by now. The backyard remains open and contraption-free. Later, Enzo will study the memory wall anyway.

    After talking with Enzo, Hayden tells Lane that Enzo expects Hayden to take him off the block if he wins POV. They agree that if Hayden wins, he should keep it the same, and put up with Enzo’s whining for a few extra days.

    At 8PM BBT, Hayden and Enzo hang out in the backyard; Enzo says (as he has many times before) that he’s going to bed early. He wonders if he won POV, would Lane replace him with Britney. Hayden says it doesn’t really matter, either Britney or himself. Enzo thinks that Lane might be too afraid to put up Britney. But they agree that Lane is a Brigadier through-and-through.

    Ragan still wanders around, memorizing, studying and reciting. For a while, he fits in some crunches with his Jedi training.

    ”The Jedi are extinct, their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion.”

    As BBAD begins at 9PM, the most interesting thing to report occurs: Enzo gathers everyone in the backyard, as he makes a ceremony of finally being able to remove the penguin suit! He makes a speech about being “un-shunned” now, and mostly addresses his Ray-Banned rubber duck friend by the pool, bidding him goodbye as a fellow fowl. Off comes the suit, on goes some borrowed duds as he really did donate all his clothes to charity, and the excitement for tonight is over.

    Ragan goes back into his Jedi trance for the night. Britney remarks to the others that “Ragan is mentally checked out now,” and compares his obsessive traits with Brendon’s.

    While working out, Lane and Hayden marvel at how they have been aligned with everyone in the house at one point or another. They congratulate themselves on having covered all their bases.

    People work out, hang out, chat, nap. While Lane boogies down, white-boy style to his rap CD in the HoH, Enzo tells tales around the hot tub of his wild youth, which was filled with drugs, sex, and smaller hats.

    After Ragan goes to bed, the others chat and laugh. They wonder if the non-jury members are still watching. Brit is sure they are. They figure Annie hates Hayden for backdooring her. They also decide they admire Kathy for making it to the jury house, and speculate that she would have gone farther if Matt hadn’t dropped the DPOV grenade on her. But then Brit can’t resist noting that she thought Kathy was the worst trash-talker in the house. (Actually love, she’s got plenty of competition for that title.) They also look forward to seeing their loved ones again, and whine about being tired of performing like trained monkeys. They wish! Real monkeys will actually dance when you tell them to…

    And that’s about it for the night. The second-most exciting development of this shift occurs while the hamsters are sleeping: Apparently there was power outage in the area around 7AM BBT, which means no power to the house or the feeds for a while. Things were back to normal soon after, although the power flickered on and off again once or twice.

    Once the houseguests wake up, they have fun trying to eat breakfast using measuring cups as utensils. They joke about Brendon wanting to form an alliance with Enzo and Hayden and call it “The Athletic Alliance.” They remember how happy Brendon was when Hayden won HoH, not realizing he was being bamboozled. Ha! Good times.

    He still manages to break the sound barrier.

    Deciding that’s enough excitement for a Saturday morning, most of them try to go back to bed, except Ragan, who showers and goes right back into his Jedi trance, studying walls, floors, plants, fish, dust balls, whatever crosses his path. This boy is going to crack up soon…

    And that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, California. Let’s take a look at probably the second-to-last Alliance Wheel of the season. Still a lot of activity for only five people:

    Let’s hope the rest of the weekend brings some excitement. So far, we’ve had several hours of bubbles, which means either the POV is going on, or else they’ve just stopped caring…

    Thanks to waywyrd for screencappage!
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