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Is it just me, or is this season a snoozefest? Let's just hand the money over to the Tool-gade and call it a day. Poor Matty got thrown under the bus by his alliance mates. I suppose I don't feel as bad as I should, considering he threw Ragan under the bus. Where exactly are these proverbial buses? There must be a whole station of them because people just keep getting run over one after the other. Tonight is a double eviction episode, so I'm hoping it's going to be a bit more exciting. A week's worth of BB in one episode? Go!

The Wheels On The Bus...

The show begins with Julie Chen wearing a sleek looking black skirt suit. Very nice, Ms. Chen. We check in on the aftermath of the Veto Ceremony, where Britney claims she put Matt up as a replacement because if he's willing to throw his best friend under the bus, he certainly can't be trusted. Enzo wants Matt gone because he can't trust him. The funny thing is, Matt is actually very loyal still to the Brigade. I just don't get it. Britney apologizes to Ragan for putting up his best friend, but Ragan is more upset that Matt..... let's all say it together folks... THREW HIM UNDER THE BUS. Ragan whines and pouts and won't talk to his bestie Matt because his feelings are hurt.

Ragan claims that Matt's betrayal woke him up. He realizes now that this is a game and he can't be playing based on his emotions. Matt grills Britney on why Ragan is so upset. Then, the diabolical super genius finally makes a connection! Britney told Ragan that Matt sold him out. That's why cuddle buddy has a puss on. I could probably crack an inappropriate joke there, but I won't. Matt wants back in the good grades of his fauxmance partner, so he tells Ragan that all he was doing was making points about their bond. Matt says that he was being penalized because Ragan was campaigning for Matt to stay last week. Ragan doesn't like hearing this, so he decides to go confront everyone in the backyard.

He tells everyone that doesn't feel like he campaigned for Matt because he didn't make any kind of threats, but he says he couldn't sit back and do nothing when someone he cares about was on the block. Hayden and Enzo the Jersey Penguin say they told Matt how they were going to vote so it isn't like they were hiding anything either. Enzo comments that he and Hayden were going to split the vote and let Kathy be the swing vote. Hmmm. Way to out your alliance, Enzo. Britney is too busy sunning herself to even notice what Enzo just said, but Ragan picked up what Enzo just put down. By Enzo making that statement, Ragan concludes that the only reason to split votes is that you are already in an alliance and don't want to show any favoritism. He thinks that Matt, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are in an alliance. Someone gives this guy a medal! A pink, glittery one of course, but still a medal!

Matt heads to the hammock where Ragan is sadly laying and Matt tells Ragan he just hasn't been himself. Ragan is upset because he thinks the meats are working together and Matt is a part of it. Matt denies knowing about any alliance and says he finds it hard to believe. Ugh. Ragan has your back and the Brigade doesn't. I want to punch him. Matt goes running to the Meat Squad and tells them that Ragan is suspicious of them and they should keep Matt in the house so he can control Ragan and keep the suspicions to a minimum. Matt says Ragan is a scary competitor and could be coming after the Brigade. All aboard the Matt Bus. First stop: Ragan. Matt says if he stays, he will control Ragan's ear. If Matt goes, he says Ragan is going to target Hayden and Lane. Hayden and Lane burp, scratch, and fart. They no like Ragan... grunt. Meanwhile, Ragan is inside studying for the next HoH, assuming it's going to be questions. He knows Matt is lying to him about the guy alliance and he has to win the next HoH to take out the Brigade.

Matty Go Bye Bye

Julie goes to the living room and reveals that tonight is going to be a live double eviction. I was expecting some kind of crazy reaction, but they all just stare at the Chenbot like they don't understand what she is saying. Oh that's right, these house guests are insanely boring! We get things rolling with the first live vote of the evening, and Matt and Enzo each have a chance to speak. Enzo says happy anniversary to his wife, then he rambles about all of his hardships, and says how he wants to back stab and do some things in the house. He doesn't want anyone to take anything he said in the DR personally because he threw some grenades. Blah blah blah. He never knows when to shut up. Matt says hi to his family, says he had a great second family in the house, everyone is awesome, rainbows and puppies, etc. I can't believe he didn't out the Brigade. Oh wait, yes I can. He thinks they are still his tool buddies. Let's check the votes:

Brendon: Matt
Hayden: Matt
Ragan: Matt
Lane: Matt

By a vote of 4-0, Matt has been evicted. He hugs everyone and leaves the house without any drama. When he gets to the studio, he fist bumps Julie Chen and tells her she is “lookin' good”. Julie asks Matt how it felt to see Ragan vote against him, and Matt says he knew it was coming and he told Ragan to vote with the house. No hard feelings because he knows Ragan's heart is with him. Aww, he'll miss his bromance buddy. Matt says throwing the HoH competition was a bad decision, and that's the one thing he'd change about his game. He was so confident he was good with everyone that he didn't think he had to win the HoH. Julie asks Matt that even though he knew he was low man in the Brigade, why did he stay loyal to them? He says he doesn't know if he really did, he was just trying to feel out both of his “alliances” and see which would be better for him. He says he didn't out the Brigade and try to align with Brit and Ragan because Britney is an evil succubus. Julie tells him to keep it clean and he says it's a clean word. It actually is, Chen needs to expand her vocab! He says he threw Ragan under the bus because he was playing both alliances and he knew he could talk his way out of it. He feels the most guilty about selling out Ragan.

A Mop-Headed HoH

The HoH competition is called “Delivering the Goods”. Julie is going to ask the houseguests ONE question. Yep, one whole question. The answer is the names of two houseguests. The players have to run through boxes of packing peanuts to their bin which is full of packing peanuts. They have to dig to find the names of the two correct houseguests. They have to bring the names back to their stand one at a time. The first player to correctly bring back both names and buzz in will win HoH. The question? Which 2 houseguests won HoH twice? The correct answer is Matt and Rachel. Hayden is the first to bring back both names. He is the new HoH. He will have the commercial break to decide who to put up. Of course, he takes Lane and Enzo into a room to discuss who to put up. Anyone watching this? Ragan, Britney? Brendon joins them and then Julie calls them back to the living room.

Hayden nominates Brendon and Ragan. He says that he promised Britney and Lane he wouldn't put them up last week and he's keeping his word. He says we know how he feels about Enzo so he isn't going up either. Next up.. POV!

A Veto Competition Fit For A Queen

The veto competition is a Q&A type competition where each player stands on a step. They step up for “before” and down for “after” when Julie reads a question. If you answer wrong, you are out. The last person standing wins.

Question 1: Did you spin on a giant paint can before or after you went bowling down Lover's Lane?
Correct Answer: Before
Everyone got it correct

Question 2: In the HoH competition “Hang Ten”, did Andrew fall of his surf board before or after Kristen fell off hers?
Correct Answer: After
Everyone got it correct

Question 3: Did Matt call Brendon a big dummy during his pre eviction speech before or after the Zingbot entered the house?
Correct Answer: After
Enzo is out

Question 4: Did Rachel win $5,000 in a veto competition before or after she said “Bring It On” during her 2nd HoH nomination ceremony?
Correct Answer: After
Brendon is out. That's ironic, isn't it?

Question 5: Was the 2nd saboteur first message given to the house before or after Jeff and Jordan paid a visit to the house this summer?
Correct Answer: Before
Britney is out.

Question 6: Did I say, “No one will be on slop so houseguests enjoy this one week break” before or after Rachel said, “Floaters you better grab a life vest” following her second HoH victory?
Correct Answer: Before
Hayden and Lane are out. Ragan wins!

Ragan wins the Veto and will surely take himself off the block! Yay!!

No Love For The Shaved Head

As we listen in on the houseguests' strategy, Britney tells Enzo and Lane she better have their votes since she will be going up. Ragan wants to change into jeans, but Julie beckons. Brendon says something stupid about his shoes, but Ragan still decides to take himself off the block. He pays homage to the great Janelle. “I choose to use the power of veto, as Janelle would say, ON MYSELF!” I love it!! Hayden names Britney as the replacement nominee. Brendon and Britney each get to say something before the live vote. Britney loves everyone, she says hi to her family, she loves everyone, yada yada. Brendon says everyone is his family and he loves the dysfunction and he has respect for everyone. It's time for the live vote.

Enzo: Brendon
Ragan: Brendon
Lane: Brendon

By a vote of 3-0, Brendon has been evicted. He looks kind of shocked. He will get to go see his big busted bombshell in the jury house. I feel bad for Matt and Kathy. Brendon leaves in a very classy manner. Maybe he isn't so bad after all. He keeps the house door open a long time so everyone can see the crowd in the studio.

He joins Julie and she asks if he's shocked to be sitting with her since the guys whispered he was just going to be the pawn. He isn't shocked at all because he knows he can't really trust everyone. He thinks Ragan would have been evicted if he hadn't had won the POV. Brendon says the house is a really nice version of prison and it doesn't matter how smart you are because you don't know who is lying and who isn't. Julie says he played a great game and the crowd cheers. He says when Rachel left, he got lonely, but life in the house was easier for everyone else. He hopes Rachel will move to LA and get serious with him. He also says that Britney is playing the best game because she didn't get one vote against him.

It looks like we aren't going to get any peek at the next HoH competition. We will find out Sunday who the new HoH is and who that person will nominate. As we leave, Ragan tells Hayden he thought maybe Hayden would put up two pawns and try to backdoor Brendon. They talk a bit about the HoH competition....... and scene. Come on back Sunday when LG will dish all the dirt on the new hamster in power!