The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

This recap follows events from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday bbtime

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Hamster Operation Center. My name is Ariel and I will be your guide for the next 24 hours. I see you are carrying your non-disclosure agreements. You may hand them over to the security guard at this time. I hope you remembered to check the first child box as the penalty for blabbing about what you see is that your first child will be a replacement hamster; not a fate to wish on someone you love.

If you will follow me to the observation windowsÖwatch your stepÖyou will notice from different windows we can view the interrogation room, which is also known to the hamsters as the HOH; the living area, the sleeping quarters, a bath and spa as well as a yard, where they spin wheels during play time. Please note the large machine on our left. That is a de-coder used to decipher hamster words that might not make sense otherwise. We will see that in action throughout our day.

The habitat watchers are focused today on two sub-sets within the group of seven hamsters remaining. The first is those who control and the second is the assets they control. We may see today the assets rebel against the tight tethers of their controllers so a shift in sub-sets may happen, though Iím not promising anything.

You might want to note the two sub-sets on your scratch pads. The first group consists of Enzo, the Penguin, Hollywood Hayden, Stone-Faced Lane and, though he is being squeezed out, Matt the Rat. The assets they control are Ragan, the Loyal Dupe, Brendon, the Cleaner and Britney the Princess.

Step up to our first view of the spa room and you will see Matt, the controller and Ragan, the asset, in deep conversation.

Matt: I want to tell Hayden and Lane, who have control of Britney, to take you on.

Ragan: No, that will make me a bigger target.

Matt: Iím telling you this so youíll know where Iím headed.

Ragan: They want you gone! Matt, the three boys want you gone regardless of your friendship with them. Britney kowtows to them and they are the reason you are on the block.

Ragan: Matt, you trying to hook me up with them would make them think Iím after them. The chances of me staying here are so slim, and that would make them less.

Matt: Iíd rather fight a losing battle than not fight at all.

Ragan: Brendon is a definite lock on their side. Itís been going on for weeks now. You appealing to them saying you would get Brendon out is not going to work. I need to be standing next to one of them in the end. I need to repair relationships, mainly with Hayden. If you want to stay, you have to do something on a much grander scale. I think it is something that would bust up an alliance somehow.

Matt: Yeah. This is an awkward situation because the two people I want votes from cover two alliances.

Shall we run over to the de-coder with this? All rightÖRagan, Mattís asset, turned the tables and told Matt what he needed to do to stay in the house. Matt worries about two of his fellow controllers, who are ready to send him home.

Matt and Ragan, if you will note, are now in what is called Jedi training for possible competitions they may face in the next few days. You will see this type of rote memory drill going on with all of the hamsters throughout their habitat.

Letís move over to a view of the yard where Ragan talks with Hayden and Britney.

Ragan: I did something nice for him by talking to people and he turned it around the next week and said I was campaigning for him.

Hayden: Matt made Enzo and I tell him exactly how we were going to vote last week, and with him saying that when he knew he had the DPOV was a bit sheisty.

The de-coder comes into play here so we know that Ragan has set out to mend fences by taking exception to Matt telling them that Ragan campaigned for him the previous week.

All right, step over here to see what Enzo, the penguin has to say to Hayden.

Enzo: I canít wait for Thursday to win the Head of Household. Then weíre guaranteed, man. Yah, win the HOH, target Ragan and get him out of here.

De-coded he says the obvious, but then a hamster in a penguin suit is excused for saying inane and obvious statements.

SeeÖafter his statement he and Hayden begin their rote memory exercise. They do this all the time.

In another part of the yard, over by the water feature where they can splash around, Matt talks to Lane.

Matt: Ragan is convinced the three of you are together and Iím out of it now. He may try to talk to you and make up with you. He has never been suspicious of the four of us until he spoke with Britney. Heís even tested the waters with me about splitting up Hayden and Brendon. He doesnít know everything yet, but heís getting suspicious. He has weird study methods and has turned into some kind of creature. He still tells me everything, though, and Iíll keep the controllers informed. I do think he is convinced Britney is working a deal with Brendon, maybe, but Enzo for sure.

Oh, Ms. Ellington, I see you are writing all that down. Yes, I find it interesting, also.

Run with me to the bathroom where we can see Hayden speaking with Brendon. Though difficult to hear above the running water, I think I hear him say that he thinks Ragan can be persuaded to vote Matt out of the habitat.

Letís scurry like hamsters, oops, sorry, to the yard view where Britney is lounging with the three controllers.

Britney: Ragan says we shouldnít hang out anymore because Lane told him he thinks we are a pair.

Lane: Huh? Ragan thinks you are with Enzo.

Britney: What sense does that make? Ragan told me that he doesnít think you are going to put up Brendon.

Lane: Brendon will think he is a pawn, but he is going home.

This has also been deciphered. Apparently Matt has told them that Ragan has said that Britney is with Enzo, Lane is with Hayden and Lane and Hayden are with Brendon.

Britney: Iíve caught Matt in a couple of lies.

Lane: Matt told me that Ragan wants to go after Enzo and Hayden.

Oh, lookÖthey are scratching their heads over who is telling liesÖMatt or Ragan.

Over there, Lane and Hayden have separated themselves for a discussion.

Lane: Matt was saying he thinks why Ragan knows there is an alliance and the Brigade (Controllers) is because he thinks we went up to Britney and trashed him. Do you think Ragan will leave Brendon in the house?

Hayden: No, heíll get Brendon out.

Lane: Even if he knows about the Brigade, it doesnít matter because we have to win to HOH.

Hayden: Itís time to deal with Britney. Matt told me that Ragan would say heís going after Brendon when heís coming after us.

Lane: If I win HOH, I put up Brendon and Ragan. But, we need to win POV.

Hayden: Ragan will be harder to get out than Brendon. For us twoÖget Ragan out. I think if I get in good enough with Ragan that heíll put up you with Enzo and that would work for us. I donít want him to think Enzo is working alone.

Lane: Any way you run the scenarios, we will make Final Three. We have a guaranteed Final Three shot right now. I hate studying with Britney (his asset) she makes me feel stupid. She just says too much stuff.

Oh, lookÖMatt steps into the spa room where Lane and Hayden have been plotting.

Lane: Oh, my god! I wish Ragan were up this week.

Matt: I know. If he blindsides me on the vote, he knows IíllÖ.I just donít think it is in his character. If you donít want the Brigade, fine, Iíll go home. If you do want the Brigade, I should stay. My loyalty is not in question. I just stabbed my friend in the back to save the Brigade. I can get us to Final Three if that is what you want to do. Without me youíve lost Ragan and who will he target? Thatís the reason weíve been doing it all seasonÖso we could have these peopleís ears.

No need for the de-coder machine here.

Matt: Iíve already gone past the point of doing anything against the Brigade. Ragan still tells me too much.

Hayden: He tells you that much because he thinks youíre going home.

Lane: Britney hasnít told me anything.

Matt: She told me she hasnít told Ragan anything, so she obviously lied.

Lane: I doubt sheíll tell me because sheís probably playing both sides now.

Matt: Itís odds on that it will be Ragan against Brendon during a mental competition this next week.

De-coder saysÖthe controllers are losing control of their assets.

Matt: Boot me or keep me, Iím Brigade to the end. I hate saying this, but Brendon is my least target right now. Ragan and Britney are the toughest competition right now.

Watch that cable as we follow Lane and Hayden to the kitchen where they whisper with Enzo.

Hayden: Donít you think if Ragan was targeting us, he would be getting a lot of time in DR?

Lane: Maybe, but maybe Matt is lying about Ragan so we will keep him.

Come with me over here where Matt and Ragan have their heads together.

Ragan: The three boys have a deal and Britney is in on it. They plan to be Final Four. That is why it is likely that Britney put you up to go home. I donít understand why Brendon hasnít figured it out. I know he and I are targets. I would like to have a conversation with him, but I wonít.

Matt: Who do you think are the most important alliances?

Ragan: Britney has LaneÖBrendon, Enzo and Hayden. That is why it is a live or die situation for me. They have an investment in her.

Matt: No way! And I donít think there are any more powers. If it was an Americaís vote thing, then Enzo would have it.

Through this window you can see Brendon and Hayden.

Brendon: Why would Matt stab Ragan in the back?

Hayden: Ah, wellÖ.

Okay, you see that large screen coming down across the door to the yard? This means the habitat is on lock down and all the hamsters are contained inside. I admit it was kind of mean because they had the bar-b-que grill all fired up and Ragan was carrying a platter of hamburgers into the yard then he had to turn around and go back into the kitchen.

Oh, quick, quick! Britney has taken Lane into the interrogation room. Letís turn up the speakers so we can hear what she says.

Britney: Do you know what happens in this house? You make me nervous when you say you donít know anything. Do you know enough to win HOH; because I donít want to go home? Do you want to go to the Final Two because Iíll take you there, but I have to be here? Enzo will take you to Final Three and he wonít take me. I donít want to win that second HOH because I want to play in the Final Four HOH. I would rather you or Hayden win the second HOH this week. But, if itís between me and Ragan, Iíll take it.

Lane: You canít freak out if Brendon does stay.

Britney: I just want one of them to go home this week and I hope it isnít me.

Britney: If you get me to the Final Three, Iíll get you to the Final Two.

Oh, Hayden joins them. I wonder what she will tell him.

Britney: The ideal situation is that Hayden wins the first HOH competition in the double elimination this week and Lane wins the second. Then we all play for POV.

Here is the de-coded portion of her interrogation: Britney, the asset, is trying to guarantee her safety with Lane, her controller, by turning the tables and trying to control him.

I really, really want to place the monkey on the interrogation chair. She could make him talk, and then we would all know all of the house secrets. Socks has been very closed mouthed around the hamsters, but I bet Britney could get him to talk. Oh my goodness. Forget I said that. Ms. Ellington, erase those words from your scratch pad.

Britney Ė donít leave the room! Oh, my, excuse me again, but I do get wrapped up in this.

SeeÖEnzo has joined Hayden and Lane in the interrogation room.

Hayden: Britney wants to go to the Final Three.

Enzo: We need to win and put her on the block. She comes out of a DR saying no GBs for the BGs and looked right at me and Matt. She canít know about the Brigade, can she?

Are you getting sleepy? Grab a cup of coffee and some snacks from the lounge because the hamsters keep late night hours.

Iím glad to see you all are perky. That double shot espresso we serve does the trick every time. Follow me to the window overlooking the yard. The night has been lit with large lights and under one of those lights Britney and Hayden sit on the hammock.

Britney: I donít think Lane is here to win and he is rich.

Hayden: I agree, I think Lane does sound rich, at least his parents do.

See over thereÖin another part of the yard? Ragan and Matt are deep in talk.

Matt: If youíre so sure that the three guys are going to make it to the Final Three, why donít you put up two of them and forget about Brendon?

Ragan: Iím still afraid Brendon is coming after me.

Matt: Iím not trying to sway you, just give you some alternatives. Whoever goes home this next elimination, you will be on the block.

De-coder employed to decipher Mattís thought process. He wants Ragan to pit two of the three Brigade members against each other.

Ragan: I do think those four are definitely working together.

Matt: What four?

Ragan: Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney. Maybe if I put up Brendon and Enzo, and then Brendon wins POV and takes himself off the block, I can replace him with Hayden.

Matt: That would be a power move!

Ragan: I donít believe any of the three would put up Brendon next week. Hayden is being sneaky. I wonder if they are upstairs studying?

Matt: They are up there plotting.

Come over here to this window. You can see Lane and Enzo.

Lane: Matt knows he is leaving.

Enzo: I think that Ragan told Matt straight out that he didnít have a shot.

Lane: Yes. I donít want him to feel weird talking to us.

Enzo: He had to go, heís a liability.

I can see you are all drooping despite that second shot of espresso, so come with me and Iíll show you to cots where you can sleep as the hamsters sleep. It is now 3:30 A.M. Your wake-up call will be 8:00 A.M. Sleep tight. Iíll see you in the morning.

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed your wake up music. It is the same music that will be played for the hamsters, though I understand that they wonít be leaving their nests until after your 24 hour tour is completed. Since that is the case, weíve set up a large monitor where you can view the tape we put together of the non-consequential views you didnít see yesterday. Enjoy your breakfast and if the bathroom line gets too long, be thankful we didnít serve you beans for dinner last evening.

Enzo: I had a dream about biting into an M&M. The result of being a Have-Not.

Enzo: I refuse to have my picture taken in the Spa Room.

Lane blows up a pink plastic inner tube for the pool.

Brendon cleans the bathroom.

Enzo complains about everything while taking off the penguin suit and pulling on his bathing suit.

Lane complains about the dirty pool and tells BB to fix it.

Britney went on twitter and tweeted. She told the universe that she was out of mascara.

Ragan wonders about the Morph competitionÖif they merged his and Haydenís faces, it would be Hollywood Gayden.

Brendon is tired from all his work scrubbing out the bathroom, but after chugging water, he dives back in.

Hayden feeds the fish in the Cabana Room. Lane and Matt run commentary.

Lane: The fish get more airtime than we do.

Enzo: Iím starving and eating broccoli. Iím tired. I want the fish sticks. I decided I like hot sauce. Oh, for wings, beer and football. Iím losing it.

Lane: Enzo, if you wear the penguin suit into space, it wonít hold oxygen.

Enzo: It will if I wear a mask.

Brendon: Lane, how do you like the shower?

Lane: It is really clean, thank you.

Enzo: I had a nice big bowl of broccoli. Iím tired and in this suit. I need to tell BB about my anniversary tomorrow. I hope itís a quadruple eviction, but because we want a double, we wonít have one. I hate the speeches.

Matt: Iím on my third. Iím done and have nothing left to say.

Matt, Ragan and Enzo dream of having a pack of cards and playing poker all day.

Matt: If I go into Jury House, I am putting arsenic on my food list. I also want an acoustic guitar and a .73 thickness pick waiting for me.

Enzo: If Iím evicted, Iím going to take off running around the studio lot in the penguin suit and they will have to catch me.

Lane: Letís play pool or something, Iím bored, Iím antsy.

Brendon: People watch this online. They must be bored out of their minds. They must want to commit suicide.

Matt: Can you imagine paying for this?

BB calls them to the Storage Room where they discover two badminton racquets, two paddles and some shuttlecocks.

Brendon calls out to the house: Hey, Jeff, Jordan, you want to go play badminton?

They play around at badminton until LIBATIONS ARRIVE. With Britney abstaining, there are only three allowed to drink the two bottles of wine and six pack of beer.

Lane and Britney mock fight in the kitchen which is ended by Lane picking Britney up by her heels and dangling her off the floor. She breaks a finger nail.

Matt reads Survivor Sucks and Jokers online all the time. His name on Survivor Sucks is shootingblanks, but he hasnít posted in a few years.

Matt: Iíll probably sign up for Jokers and post there.

Brendon ribs Enzo calling him the Penguin God Father.

Iím so glad youíve enjoyed our clips, Ladies and Gentlemen. I found a secret piece of tape where Hayden is definitely talking in code by saying, ďkill me now.Ē I put it through the de-coder and it spit out, kill me-ow. It is a little bit of humor that we guides like to find. You see the Penguin, Enzo, calls himself Meow Meow. Anyway, along with the double espressos, it keeps us going.

Please pick up all your personal items at the guard desk on your way out the doorÖand donít forget the first born clause. Good-bye and Thank You Very Much.