Welcome back, houseguest watchers, to the recap for the Sunday episode of Big Brother. I didnít actually see it on Sunday. The Vikings and 49ers were playing at the same time and Mr. LG wanted to be sure to catch all four of Favreís plays upon his once again returning to the NFL after training practice has ended. Wow, Favre made it back just in time to not miss a regular season start. Shocking. Or, not so much, but it passes for high excitement here in Minnesota. So, sorry for the delay.

Ragan declares himself a bi-polar hot tranny mess at the news of Mattís Diamond POV and Kathyís eviction. Then Ragan babbles something about 40 year old women crying while watching Oprah. Iím turning 40, and Iíve seen Oprah, but Iíve never cried like Ragan does on a daily basis.

Hayden and Enzo are at this point really regretting telling Matt that they were planning to send him home and keep Lane in the game. Oooops. Seems that not being able to reveal the Diamond POV might have been quite revealing for Matt.

We see more recaps from Thursday, this time of Britney winning the HOH trivia contest, narrowly edging out Enzo, who did better than ever expected. Lane and Brendon feel confident that they are safe with Britney in the HOH room. Iím guessing that Ragan is actually much safer than Brendon. Enzo is flipping out and asking Lane to advocate for him.

After the HOH contest, Ragan and Britney are celebrating her victory, happy to have Matt still in the house. They plot to get rid of Brendon. Guess his confidence is misplaced, and that will give Rachel even more reason to hate Britney. As if Rachel actually needs a logical reason to dislike anyone Ė there is a first for everything.

Meanwhile Enzo and Hayden are doing damage control with Matt. They tell him how stoked they are that he had the secret Diamond Power of Veto and is still in the game. Matt isnít buying it. When Matt joins up with his real friends in the house, Ragan and Britney, he reveals that he would like to see Enzo join Brendon on the block. Britney winning HOH is really working in Mattís favor.

We see Britneyís HOH room, with some embarrassingly awful pictures from her early pageant days. Then we get to see some pictures of her fiancť Nick, whom she has compared to Lane all summer. Lane is not impressed. He thinks Nickís physique and beard are both woefully inferior to his own manly versions. Lane is wondering why Britney would compare him to her obviously wimpy boyfriend, so he needs to do something to boost up his ego.

As if on cue . . . we see some insane scene about Lane trying to life all of the weight in the house. What was the final total, 325 pounds. Mr. LG points out that he lifted that much weight back when he was in 10th grade. Next up, Matt reveals that heís having dreams about shirtless Hayden meeting up with parents. Lane is shocked that Matt is saying this out loud. Lane is having a hard time surrounded by excessive wimpiness in the house.

Next up is the Have and Have Not contest, introduced by Britney dressed as an old West style bar wench. One team is Matt, Lane and Ragan Ė the Outlaws. The other team is the Law Men, composed of Enzo, Brendon and Hayden. Each team of three drinks three shots each turn (one for each person), two which are sweet, and the other is a nasty concoction with a silly name based on a houseguest. The other team needs to guess which person had the bad shot. Ragan does a good job of fooling the other team into thinking heís got the bad shot when he doesnít (and then they didnít notice when he actually got it). Brendon drinks the nasty Rachel themed shot without changing his expression. Brendon is used to drinking Rachelís nasty juices, apparently.

The Outlaw team of Matt, Lane and Ragan win the challenge, so Enzo, Brendon and Hayden are the Have Nots. Ragan is relieved to be on real food for the first time in several weeks. Enzo is not so thrilled to be a Have Not this week. The results of the Americaís choice vote is revealed, and the Have Nots have unlimited bean dip and broccoli to eat. Not terrible, but I guess the odor in the Have Not bedroom will be quite ripe.

For some comic relief, weíre treated to a scene of Britney and Ragan freaking out because a moth buzzed too close to them. Reminds me of someone from last season (Ollie, I think) being deathly afraid of birds. Lane has some funny comments about how silly they are, being afraid of a moth. ďItís not going to turn into The Predator, rip out your spine and polish up your skull and use it to decorate your Christmas tree Ė itís just a moth.Ē Thanks for that clarification, Lane.

Hayden and Enzo go to the HOH room to plead for Matt to be the pawn on the block with Brendon. Britney tries to fly by Matt the idea of being a pawn on the block by saying that heís the best suited to win the Veto contest against Brendon, as heís good at challenges. Then, right on cue, Matt, Brendon and Enzo all vow mayhem against Britney if they are nominated.

Britney pulls out the enormous and heavy nomination box. Mattís plea is met, and Britney and Enzo are nominated. Tune in Wednesday to see the Veto competition and replacement nomination (if needed). If Brendon doesnít win POV, heís likely gone. If he survives the week and wins HOH, heís coming after Britney, but weíll see if Matt and/or Lane would cross the Brigade to vote to save her.

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