The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

This recap covers events in the house from noon Saturday to noon Sunday

Once again my shift begins with trivia. I'm a bit on edge, because this week's watchable factor for me depends on the outcome of this Veto Competition. The trivia seems to go on forever, which is okay by me. The longer it lasts, the less time I have to spend recapping this ship of fools. Plus, I’ve been able to catch up on all the episodes from this season of Entourage, as well as doing some long overdue file cleaning on my computer. Hey, I cleared off about 10 gigs worth of stuff!

After 4.5 hours of trivia, we come back. Brendon's head is shaved, Enzo's wearing a penguin suit, and they're in the have-not room with Lane and Hayden. They're talking about how they have no doubt Matt won a trip or $5000. I jump up to the HOH room, with Matt, Britney, and Ragan, where there's dead silence. Yup, Brendon won.

What we learned about the Veto competition:
  • It was like the Graveyard comp in All-Stars where a punishment or reward would come up, and the houseguests would buzz in and bid points
  • Brendon's punishments included a shaved head, being a have-not for 3 weeks, chum baths, and being handcuffed to a houseguest of his choice for 24 hours. He chose Britney, no doubt to prevent Matt from being able to talk to her.
  • Enzo had to donate all his clothes he brought into the house to charity, and has to wear a penguin suit for a week.
  • Lane won a phone call, which he has disclosed to everyone in the house. (He realized he had to since often times the phone call takes place in the living room in front of everyone. Hard to hide).
  • Hayden, Enzo and Brendon think Matt took a bunch of prizes because he thinks he's safe
  • Brendon kept asking BB if the jury would find out who won the prizes
  • Hayden took the $5000 and the Hawaiian vacation, but has only admitted this to Lane and Enzo
  • Prior to the competition, the houseguests were told to pack up all their stuff and put it in the storage room. (this explains why we were on trivia for so long!). I guess it's because whoever gave up all their clothing wouldn't be able to try to sneak something to keep. Britney thought this meant that immediately after the competition she would have to name a replacement and they'd do an eviction right then.
  • Matt claims he had a malfunctioning buzzer because he buzzed in for all the punishments but didn’t get them

Hey Brendon, maybe you can adopt that ridiculous Wizard voice again and try to conjure yourself up a personality

Lane comes up to HOH, Britney asks for some time alone with Lane, so Matt and Ragan leave. Britney says she's upset, she thinks Lane and the guys threw the competition to take prizes because they want Matt out and not Brendon. Lane tells Britney that Matt probably took all the prizes because he thinks he's safe. Lane assures Britney that Brendon isn't coming after her. Britney breaks down in tears.

Downstairs in the cabana room, Matt tells Ragan he knows that if he goes up, he's getting evicted. Ragan says he truly believes nobody would have beat Brendon in that competition.

Back up in the HOH room, Britney is still crying and Lane is trying to reassure her. Britney is worried about jury votes. She knows if she puts Matt up, that Matt and Ragan will both be upset with her. Lane tells her it's reached the point in the game where there's no way to avoid making people mad. I can't help but feel sorry for Britney. Lane's assuring her that he and the other guys have her back, but he's been sharpening the knife for a while now.

Don’t worry Brit, I got your back! of course, I also have my knife in it

Next up to the HOH room are Enzo and Hayden. Enzo has worked himself up into a complete frenzy over everything Matt has done, and I'm pretty sure that by Monday he'll be blaming the little Gremlin for the demise of the US economy. Even Britney joins in, saying she thinks Matt is responsible for stirring up the drama between herself and Rachel and Kristen. huh?!

I excuse myself from the computer for a few minutes to get my hip waders cause it's getting deep in here.

It's a good thing I got the waders on, because Skippy dumps the bubble bath on us for about an hour. When we come back, everyone is gathered in the living room wearing leis. Turns out Britney opened Pandora's Box. The entire house (including the have-nots) got a Hawaiian luau, complete with dancers, while Britney got to spend time working out with Jessie. Yes, that Jessie. Seriously, BB? Can you not get the clue that America does NOT like this twit? Poor Britney, now that she's opened Pandora's Box she'll be accused of winning $75,000, being the saboteur, and who knows what else. She says Jessie wouldn't listen to her, and kept talking about himself instead. NO! Shocking. Too bad Enzo didn't get HOH this week. Can you imagine the Meow Meow and Mr Pectacular stuck in a room together? Now THAT would be funny! Talk about a battle of the egos. Anyway, Britney says her Pandora's Box invitation asked her how she would like to receive an hour of advice. She was thinking it was going to be game advice from a previous houseguest, but alas, Jessie burst out of Pandora's Box with his trademark douche pose to give her workout advice. She was able to watch the others enjoying their luau on a video screen. Ragan missed it because he was going through the house looking for a key to let her out.

At this point, I'm wondering how this day can get any better. Maybe the entire cast from Season 9 can come and spend the night! I guess I better keep my mouth shut. After all, last week I got to spend my shift with Rachel.

In the Cabana Room, Matt tells Ragan he's getting a weird feeling. Britney won't even look at him, and he realizes his days are numbered.

It’s not easy being a Gremlin

Hayden and Lane head back up to HOH with Britney for more Matt-bashing. We get bubbles for a while and when we come back, Britney is no longer in the HOH room, but Matt is in there, soon followed by Brendon. Clearly the guys are adopting a stick-close-to-Britney game so Matt can't talk to her. They're talking about snowboarding and skiing. *yawn* if this is a sign of things to come for the final weeks of the game, I'm not sure how much of the feeds I'll be watching!

Moving forward, Britney and Brendon are called to the Diary Room and come out with their chain, all smiles. Apparently Brendon was asking BB if his chum baths could start in the morning instead of at night, so Britney could get some sleep. Aww, now he's being HER knight! Can you imagine Rachel's face when she finds out that Britney is being chained to HERMAN for 24 hours! *snicker*

While everyone else is outside, Lane and Ragan have a talk in the Taj. Ragan asks Lane if what he says will stay just between the two of them and Lane says of course. *sigh* Ragan explains that he feels like he and Britney are being treated like they're expendable (mmm, ya think?). He also believes that Enzo and Hayden are playing both sides (again). This conversation is pointless to transcribe because unbeknownst to Ragan, when he mentions "the boys" his roomie Lane is included in that group.

After talking to Ragan, Lane joins Hayden and Enzo in the Cabana Room. Enzo tells them he's been blasting Matt in the Diary Room. Hayden confesses that he was the one that took the $5000 and the Hawaiian trip. They quickly start talking about how they are going to make the final 3. Enzo gleefully says that they got all the prizes in the competition. Huh? I thought Matt did?. Enzo goes on to say how Hollywood is going to want to make a movie about the 3 of them. Well, perhaps we are about due for a Three Stooges remake

Outside, Britney and Brendon are doing some bonding. Well, either that or some serious efforts at removing the targets from each of their backs. Britney is talking about how frustrated she is because she's playing the game, and others seem to just be there for the prizes. She hasn't won anything. They discuss the prizes again, thinking Matt is the one that took them because he was the only one who thought he was safe. Then Britney tells Brendon that he's proven himself to her.

It's chum bath time again, and this time Ragan's outside to watch the show. They have perfected their routine - right after the bath, Britney and Brendon run to the hot tub so he can jump in and get warm. The three of them discuss the prizes again, and Britney says again that she thinks Matt took them all. Britney says she's impressed with Enzo because he didn't take the phone call from home, and took punishments, and still didn't get the veto.

Enzo comes out to the hot tub, and Ragan takes the opportunity to try on the penguin suit. Britney asks him to do the penguin dance from Mary Poppins and Ragan obliges funny stuff! I'm glad for a little comedy relief mixed in with the drama. Around the hot tub, Britney is telling more stories about her time with Jessie. She said he was trying to be mean and insult her, but it sounds like she one-upped him each and every time. Please, oh please, let some of her zzzziiings to him make it into Wednesday's show.

The houseguests head off to bed one by one. Britney and Brendon decide to sleep outside to make it easier for the hourly chum baths. Matt and Enzo find themselves alone at the hot tub. They chat about how it sucks that one of them is probably leaving this week. Enzo tells Matt he hates that they haven't hung together much lately, since Matt's spent so much time with Ragan. Matt mentions that he got a little worried when Enzo, Hayden, and Lane were in the Cabana Room together. Enzo talks about how much paranoia there is in the house okay, all together.... belly laugh time. Matt says he was wondering if they had all turned against him and Enzo assures him that is not the case. Methinks our little Gremlin knows better, but it's too late. Enzo goes on to say how it's the point in the game where you have to win HOH or POV or you just don't deserve to be here. Ummmmm.

After everyone has gone inside, Britney and Brendon continue to talk throughout the night. The topic, naturally, is Matt, and how nervous he's acting all of a sudden. They're completely on the same page about how Matt can't be trusted. They are really getting along, and I can't help but wonder how much is real. It sure seems like it, but I've seen Britney pull off this social game of making people feel comfortable with her, so who knows. At this point, I'm behind anything at all that might keep someone with a personality in the game after this week!

At this point it's all just more of the same over and over, game talk (all about Matt) interspersed with the chum bath routine, and it's beyond sleepy time for these Irish eyes.

When I wake up, the houseguests are still tucked in bed, except for Britney and Brendon who are still up and down in the backyard with their chum bath routine. Eventually, late morning, they head inside for breakfast and chit chat, which continues until my shift comes to an end.

Since Enzo’s always talking about all the show biz opportunites he’ll get following Big Brother, perhaps he should consider keeping the Penguin suit and auditioning to be a balloon float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After all, he’s already full of hot air and follows whichever direction the wind blows

Tune in tomorrow for Waywyrd’s account of the next 24 hours in the House of Dull.