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Thread: 8/20 BB Live Feed Recap: Same Page, Different Books -or- The Night Chicago Died

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    8/20 BB Live Feed Recap: Same Page, Different Books -or- The Night Chicago Died

    The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

    Click here for our in-depth coverage of Noon 8/20 to Noon 8/21 and find out!

    WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

    (This recap covers Noon Friday-Noon Saturday, BB time)

    Coming off the high of Thursday’s exciting live show, it’s a great day to be in the BB house, unless you have a small “Brigade” tattoo somewhere private on your person. Matt and Ragan feel particularly safe, and Brendon is once again Public Enemy #1, right? Yeah, we’ll see…

    We are still watching trivia as the shift begins; the Have Not competition continues, and all we know is that host Britney is wearing some frilly Alice in Wonderland/barmaid outfit, much to Lane’s leery delight. Perv. The feeds return a little after 1PM BBT, and we see that the men dressed in cowboy outfits. Apparently everyone had to drink different flavored shots – you can imagine some of the disgusting combinations BB came up with.

    "I'm tired -- tired of love uninspired..."

    Brendon, Hayden and Enzo are not happy cowboys, as they are this week’s Have Nots. I guess Brendon’s strategy of teaming up with these two “competitors” backfired on him. Dummy. On the bright side, the housemates won a grill, and will be eating steak tonight. Except for the HNs, of course…

    The sting of being a Have Not is someone lessened (in my opinion) by the reveal of this week’s viewer-voted extra foodstuffs: broccoli and bean dip! Personally, I could live off these two things, but to each his own. Brendon leads a seminar on nutrition as they examine the content label on the bean dip. So add Nutritionist to his growing list of careers.

    The Broccoli Brothers ride into town.

    Privately in the HN room, Enzo is sulking and bitching (as usual) about being a Have Not, and Brendon wants Matt to apologize for calling him a “big dummy” on live TV. It ain’t slander if it’s true, B. He also complains that Lane is the only one who has never been a Have Not. Matt and Lane remind him that he had the chance to make Lane a HN last week. Burn! Britney makes the rounds inviting everyone to come talk to her in the HoH during the day, since nominations will most likely take place later.

    Matt visits Britney in the HoH (the first of many visits) as she whines about not wanting to deal with Brendon at all this week. He creeps her out (you and me both, missy). Or, as she calls him, The Brendouche. Slam! She solicits Matt’s advice for who to put up next to Brendon, and what she should say in her nomination speech. Matt tells her to say that she would have honored her deal with him if he hadn’t made a double-deal with everyone else under the same terms. She decides she’s also going to make it personal, and bring up the nasty things he said about Nick in the big hammock fight on the night Rachel came back.

    Lane joins them and muddies Brit’s resolve a little (the first of many times he will do this to her this weekend). Now Britney will talk nice to Brendon at first, as they all want to see who he tries to…say it with me…throw under the bus. Kathy may be gone, But the cliché lives on. Determined to camp out in the HoH for as long as possible, Matt starts crafting Play-Doh heads of each of the houseguests, starting with Hayden. He’s actually very good!

    Further evidence of Brokeback Matt.

    Soon Brendon swings from tree to tree and climbs up to the HoH, and the room clears for the Big Talk. He instantly confronts her about honoring her deal, and rats out Matt and Ragan as traitors to her last week. Oh, and by they way, in case you haven’t heard, he’s a fighter, and Matt called him a dummy. He also threatens to make sure the jury vote doesn’t go her way if he leaves this week. He is sure she will already not have his, Rachel’s or Kathy’s vote; if he swings one more vote, that’s the ballgame for her. Britney holds her own and deflects the Great Game Ape as best she can, remaining calm as she counters with his double-dealings and the fact that she has to put somebody up, so she’s going to piss off 2 people no matter what she does. They wrap it up in a civil manner, claiming to still be on the same page, and she asks him to send Hayden up. After he leaves, she shoots herself in the temple with her finger.

    Hayden comes up, and she quickly explains that she didn’t need to talk to him, it’s just that “I just wanted (Brendon) to leave, and i saw you in the kitchen, so I asked him to send you up.” They reaffirm that Brendon is the only target this week, and know that keeping the POV out of his hands is the only way to get it done. Britney tells him what Brendon said to her about the jury votes – clearly it got to her, although she didn’t give Brendon the satisfaction of seeing it. She tells Hayden that B claimed he controlled his and Enzo’s votes too; Hayden scoffs at this (hmm) and they renew their “same page” bond. She tells him that she can’t say directly that he is or isn’t going up as a pawn, but she then points to Matt’s Play-Doh Hayden head and vows that he isn’t going up. Cute! Then, Subtle-as-Air Hayden innocently changes the subject to the fact that nobody can win against Matt in a Final 2 situation. Britney agrees, as they review just how close Matt is to Ragan in the game. Hmm! Matt is appearing on the radar more and more, if not as nominee #2, then as the replacement if Brendon saves himself. They hug it out, and she asks Hayden to ask Lane to 1) go to the storage room to pick up the batteries to her remote, and 2) come on up.

    Arts & Crafts & Stress.

    Meanwhile in the HN room, Brendon is eating bean dip with a spoon and telling Enzo about his HoH chat, and how Matt keeps trying to re-enter the HoH after every 1-on-1 talk. Enzo complains that Matt’s using the DPOV on Kathy was weak, and that no one in the house wants to make the bold moves. So says the man who can’t go a day as a Have Not without sneaking food.

    Lane comes up to the HoH, telling Brit that the batteries aren’t there yet. She gives Lane the same “I didn’t need to talk to you, I just…” line she gave Hayden. They do their usual cute, dry banter for a while, but then Britney corners him: Who is he closest to in the house? He says Hayden, thinking she meant besides her. She fires back: if Matt was HoH in a Final 4, and she and Hayden were on the block, and Lane won POV, who would he send to the jury house? He deflects by saying it’s his hope to see a Lane-Brit-Hayden Final 3. Lane then diverts the talk to next week, assuming Enzo is going up against Brendon, and thinking that she and Ragan will be the big targets if Enzo wins HoH. But he assures her she has the votes, and that it should be an easy week, as long as Brendon doesn’t win POV.

    Suddenly, Enzo pops his head in and asks if Brendon threw him under the bus. Brit tells him all he said was that he controls his vote. All is well, they just have to win POV. Enzo mutters about being left alone with Brendon too much and leaves. Brit is bewildered by such Enzo’s odd, brief visit.

    Matt enters, wanting to be filled in as well. She only has the energy to give him the highlights: traitor, dummy, Ragan-lover, bus. Matt laughs and sounds off, claiming if Brendon confronts him for an apology, that he will call him a dummy again for not realizing why he called him a dummy in the first place.

    Britney asks for more help with her speech, and Ragan enters and plops down on the bed as Matt now works on a Lane Play-Doh head, and Britney works on a Play-Doh “I Heart Nick” platter. She gets Ragan up to speed, and Ragan (and an overly eager Matt) both go into denial mode. Brendon-bashing season is open again. Britney is stressing out over that second nomination, because everybody has told her they don’t care who it is, “unless it’s me.”

    Even more evidence of Brokeback Matt.

    With time running out before the nomination ceremony, Brendon comes upstairs for one more sit-down. With almost surgical precision, he cuts through Britney’s confidence, trying to convince her that people would be just as happy to see Matt go as they would him. He keeps driving his points about Matt and Ragan’s betrayal of her last week in order to save themselves, and points to Matt as the real source of most of the dramatic moves this season. Having said his piece, he leaves, and Britney is shaken.

    Meanwhile in the backyard, Hayden and Enzo are trying to strategize all the ways they can get Britney to put up Matt as the replacement, whether Brendon comes off the block or Enzo. While very few realize it, Matt has pretty much officially become the house target. Brit calls Lane up to the HoH, and Lane comes armed with Hayden and Enzo. Britney is confused, because the house supposedly was united against Brendon, and that whoever went up as a pawn would be guaranteed 100% safety (because that’s the way it always goes in Big Brother). Now she’s hearing a very different story and she wants answers.

    Pouring on the sugar and without directly badmouthing Matt, the Three-Legged Brigade takes advantage of Britney’s confused state and get her to see why it’s smart to throw Matt into the mix, perhaps as a pawn who might become an “oopsie” backdoor. She wants to talk to Matt one more time, but BB calls her to the DR, which means it’s time for nominations. On her way to the DR, she pulls Matt into the Storage Room for a quick talk as BB calls her in again. The feeds go to bubbles/trivia before we can hear what they said to each other.

    After a lengthy bit of trivia, we find out that Brendon and Enzo are on the block. Yet, Brendon and Enzo are smiling and laughing in the HN room. Brendon is more angry-laughing, and badmouthing Britney as someone not to be trusted or make deals with (I don’t think he has to worry about that). Brendon has learned how to use Enzo’s trademark “shunned” in a sentence. He will win POV, then HoH, and reverse-shun them right back. Ho boy…

    Regarding Brit and Matt’s SR convo before the ceremony, she asked him if he wanted to be put up as the pawn, and he emphatically said no. But just to give us an idea about the week we are in for, Britney calls Enzo up to the HoH after the ceremony and pledges that he is safe. If Brendon wins POV, Matt is definitely the replacement.

    "No, I don't got no crushed-up Milky Way in heah...who ratted!!?"

    Unexpectedly (like last week), the POV selection takes place. Everyone but Ragan is playing, and Ragan will host. So, Matt has a chance to save himself, but other than counting on Britney’s desire to get Brendon out first, he’s playing alone. The house consensus is that it will either be the OTEV (Mighty POV God) comp or the How Bad Do You Want It comp. (Memo to Alison Grodner – if your cast can predict your entire production schedule with eerie accuracy from week to week, it’s time to rethink and revamp the format, you genius you. Bygones!)

    Kathy’s absence is felt as Matt and Ragan do dishes. Brendon, Hayden and Enzo chow on a broccoli-slop dish that Brendon prepared. It’s very good, they tell him. Meanwhile, the Haves are enjoying their Lane-grilled steaks.

    A night of small-talk and Jedi training begins: Lane asks how long Brit and Nick have been engaged—three months? Ah, then he still has a chance. (She says he’s in so much trouble now) Ragan, Matt and Hayden join in for some quizzing. Britney isn’t as comfortable if the comp turns out to be How Bad Do You Want It, because out of everyone, Brendon would cut off his arm to win. But would he give up the chance for HoH’s? Matt thinks that if this is the case, then BB is catering to Brendon. It’s the “small feet” theory in reverse.

    "These are my friends -- see how they glisten..."

    The huddle breaks and people go about their business. Britney goes up for a relaxing bath and to shave her legs, while reciting the entire season’s timeline of events. She has a nice talk with her family, America and the internet. She also looks at the camera and calls it, BB and us “creepy” for watching her. Them’s the breaks, sweetheart. By the pool, Lane, Hayden and Enzo begin talking trash to Matt’s rubber duck, who now resides there. The duck has secret alliances, can’t get a tan, and is definitely going up next week. The duck is beginning to resemble Matt more and more. In the Have Not room, Brendon’s eyes well up with tears and bemoans being so disliked by everyone for no reason. He whimpers to himself in the dark.

    "You talkin' to me?"

    Matt, Hayden and Lane convene to talk about Enzo’s alleged popularity with America and with the potential jury. Professor Ragan keeps pushing for more study sessions. People shower and play pool.

    Newly-smooth Britney comes outside, and jokes (?) that she found a bunch of candy wrappers in her bathroom after Enzo used it. Cheat! More pool playing, working out, quizzing and teasing ensues, as people start getting called to the DR.

    While playing pool, Britney, Lane and Hayden worry about a Matt HoH next week. Talk turns to their DR sessions (bubbles), and their post-BB careers, as well as meeting each other’s loved ones. Enzo finds Brendon in the HN, and they talk game. Brendon will do anything, anything to win if it’s the HBDYWI comp. His mission isn’t even to win the half-million anymore, it’s to take down, Brit, Matt and Ragan (Gold-digging Rachel would be thrilled to hear this). Enzo vows to fight hard for HoH, and Brendon vows to throw it to him if they are the last two standing.

    Ragan and Brit have a moment in the cabana: Ragan can’t wait to just go out drinking with his friends again on weekends, but fears he won’t be able to anymore because he won’t be quite so anonymous anymore. Brit says that this is the price of fame. Britney is worried that for all their talk, nobody is going to fight hard in the POV if it’s HBDYWI. He thinks the head-shaving challenge is unfair to girls.

    As it gets later, more people grab each other to whisper strategy. The verdict: Matt is a marked man, no doubt about it. Enzo keeps pushing the theory that Matt has been the saboteur. He also was the D.C. sniper, the Son of Sam, and Osama Bin Laden after a semi-close shave. Sigh. It’s on, Matt. The Brigade is over. And Brendon is in on it.

    Something for the fellas...who go out drinking with Ragan on weekends.

    To further push Matt over the cliff, Lane goes up to a still-stressed Brit in the HoH, and he shares the Matt-as-Sab theory with her, and lets her know that several of the others are willing to take someone off for her to put Matt up if she wants. He’s trying to make sure Matt goes, while also calming her down into thinking that her HoH will still be trouble-free no matter who wins POV. She’s still torn, because part of her still trusts Matt, and ultimately she would feel safer with him in the house than Brendon next week. But Lane is managing to be quite convincing while spinning the Matt-as-Sab story. To lighten things up, they go into a long chat about themselves and their families, around 1:20AM BBT if you swing that way.

    Everyone else seems to have gone to bed, but Matt stirs, and then gets up and goes up to the HoH to join Brit and Lane. Talk goes back to guessing what the comp will be. Matt remarks about how the house feels weird to him now, people aren’t hanging out together like they used to. He misses Just The Tip. Those days are gone, Matt, I’m sorry to say.

    Downstairs, Hayden and Enzo are awake in the bathroom, talking tough about Matt, and calling themselves The New Brigade. They even introduce themselves to the camera as such. Oy. They don’t even care if Matt outs the Brigade at this point, because they have the numbers again. But soon, Brit goes to sleep and Matt joins the boys downstairs, and suddenly the old Brigade is alive and well again, at least until they say their goodnights and the house returns to whispers before the final lights-out.

    In the morning, people eventually stir and rise after repeated wake-up calls by BB. Brendon is called to the DR, followed by Enzo, Hayden, and Lane. Brendon and Hayden contemplate their HN breakfast, as Brendon remarks that if he wins POV today, he will have truly earned his new nickname, which is The Block. (You say Block, I say Blockhead, potato-patatah).

    People eat, people stretch, people scratch, people shower. As Ragan passes Enzo in the bathroom, Enzo says “Hey sexy!” Then he shakes his head and mutters about it being 50 says and how he’s gone crazy. Soon, Sexy POV Host Ragan is called to the DR, which is when the feeds go to bubbles and trivia for the rest of the shift. The balance of power is up for grabs.

    Let’s check the Alliance Wheel to see if it has busted from all the weight of the dotted lines, which denote secret or fake alliances. Nobody likes to go on the record in this house, except when they are making speeches. But even then it may be a lie…

    Thanks to Mari79 for screencappage!
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