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Thread: 8/19 Live Feed Recap : Takes A Dummy To Know A Dummy

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    8/19 Live Feed Recap : Takes A Dummy To Know A Dummy

    The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

    Click here for our in-depth coverage of noon 8/19noon to noon 8/20 and find out!

    WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

    This recap covers events...or non-events...in the house from noon Thursday to noon Friday.

    Many have anticipated the house would be sent into a tailspin as a result of Matt’s big move…he used his DPOV, called Brendon a dummy, and sent Kathy packing…but not so much. As a whole, the house is ecstatic that he’s still there and Kathy is gone in his place. It was actually very anti-climactic and a very slow night. I did, however, drink two Diet Cherry Dr. Peppers and eat an entire bag of pistachios waiting for something to happen and also came to the conclusion that it’s not just Brendon. They’re all dummies. Hey, at least it was diet soda, right? Let’s get to it…before they get any dumber.

    When feeds return, everyone is still floating on cloud 9 over the recent turn of events. They’re gathering Kathy’s things and joking about the look on Rachel’s face when she sees Kathy walk into the jury house. Britney is expecting a letter from her mom. Enzo is pacing and swearing up a storm. He’s upset that he lost the HoH competition and most likely nervous about Britney’s upcoming nominations. He says he really wanted to see his daughter. Matt offers comfort by telling him that if there is an America’s vote for it, he’ll win. They’re all still convinced that Kathy was the saboteur and speculate whether or not she won any money. Matt jokes that she probably won’t know what the money is for or that she was even the saboteur because she’s so clueless. Ragan and I think she’s not the only one.

    Britney and Ragan talk in the cabana about the day. Britney is hoping for a sweatshirt and Razorbacks cap. Ragan says they’re going to see a picture of Nick so she says they’re the All-American couple. Awww…gag. Matt joins them and she tells him was certain she would be going up on the block in his place. She thought that Brendon would be choosing the renom. Britney heads outside where she talks to her mom on the feeds. She asks for a long letter with some lines from Nick. “This is for me and my mom right now,” she says. Brendon steps out looking for Enzo and Britney expresses how badly she feels for him. She then joins Hayden and Lane who are building a Sweet Tarts castle at the kitchen table. From there, she moves to the cabana to join Ragan and Matt. Ragan whispers that Brendon is probably hoping she won’t put him on the block. She answers “zero percent chance” referring to his safety. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that without a POV win this week, Brendon will be evicted. Ragan is thrilled that all of the remaining houseguests are competitors and the final 2 will be deserving. Um…don’t you need to win a competition to be a competitor. Or come close. Or something like that? Just sayin’.

    Outside alone, Ragan gives another monologue and we get some insight into his game. He starts off saying he needs to reboot and rethink his strategy since he doesn’t trust Hayden and Enzo. If he wins HoH, they would be his nominees. His ideal final 4 would be himself, Matt, Britney, and Lane. Matt and Britney join him in the hammock and they can’t believe Matt is still there. Ragan says he’s very post-coital at the moment and Britney can’t believe he’s back from the brink of suicide. She said she was so worried about him last week that she spoke to the DR about him. Now, he’s elated that his “cuddle bunny” is safe. Talk turns to game and Matt tells them he thinks Enzo needs a taste of being on the block. They all agree and Britney says she was thinking the same thing. Matt says to just tell him he’s a pawn. Britney practices her nomination speech to Brendon and Ragan wants to sit directly across from him to see the look on his face.

    Hayden and Brendon play pool and Hayden worries that Matt will win if he makes it to the final 2. Brendon disagrees, saying that no way will he, Rachel, or Kathy vote for him. Guess he’s speaking for Kathy now. Brendon goes inside and Lane and Britney head out. They start bashing Brendon right away and Hayden tells them he can’t just be mean to the guy. It just isn’t his nature. Interesting to note, however, that this line of thought comes up a few times during the night. The consensus seems to be that none of them will beat Matt if he makes it to the end.

    Matt and Ragan chill out in the hammock. Matt says that having the DPOV was a real eye opener. Ragan can’t believe how people turned their backs on him. Matt agrees, saying it gave him a good look at where people stand. Ragan is shocked that the guys told him they would vote against him. Matt is appreciative of how straight up Hayden was with him though. He would like himself, Ragan, Hayden, and Lane to be final 4 together, but says there is no way they could plan it. It would just have to happen that way. Hayden is too close to Enzo and Lane is too close to Britney, so Matt thinks the only way it would happen is to get their partners out. Ragan tells him that he feels connected to Britney and protective of her now. We know from his earlier confession to feed watchers that his ideal final 4 includes Britney and not Hayden. They discuss the likelihood of a double eviction this week. Ragan is sure of it. For like the 6th time, he tells Matt he can’t believe he’s sitting across from him. “Diamonds,” Matt says.

    Ragan: Diamonds are a gay’s best friend.

    Brendon tells Enzo that he won’t be throwing him or Hayden under the bus. Enzo tells him they won’t if he doesn’t. They both spew a bunch of garbage about how their character and pride is worth more than a half million dollars. Silly boys. Brendon also thinks he’s going to convince Britney to put up Ragan or Matt. He claims he has leverage with her. Delusional much?

    Britney gets her HoH room and apparently, Nick is real. She gets a picture of herself with him, one of her dog Molly, and her family, of course. Also, there’s a pageant picture of herself that she hates. In her basket of goodies, she gets Nick's Razorback blanket, a Lady GaGa CD, socks, Play-Doh, sangria, Cheese-its, Poptarts, shampoo and conditioner, Lucky Charms,
    Hamburger Helper, Razorback shirt, a hoodie, Dr. Pepper, Sunkist, queso, cheese, ice cream, makeup, t-shirts, sweatpants, donuts, brownies, white shells and cheddar, and a very sweet letter from her mom. She tears up on the first line. Everyone finally bails except Ragan and he tells her that he’ll make her a cake on her birthday.

    Britney, Ragan, Matt, Hayden, and Lane sneak up to HoH for Just the Tip. It’s pretty funny and worth the flashback. Most of it is good lighthearted fun except for Ragan’s part. He’s still dripping with hate and bitchiness. Enzo rants to Brendon about how pissed off he’ll be if Britney nominates him. He vows to win HoH and POV to seek revenge. Considering his win streak, I’m sure Britney would be shaking in her boots. With any luck, she will nominate the loser. Something tells me he’s all talk and no action.

    Evidence That They’re All Dummies
    • Matt confesses he lied about his age. In turn, Ragan shares that he’s a college professor with a PhD.
    • Lane tells Enzo that if it comes down to it, he’ll scare Britney into putting up Ragan or Matt if Brendon wins POV.
    • Brendon is upset that Matt called him a dummy in his DPOV speech. He says in the real world, he could hit someone for that. Big talker.
    • Enzo says he wants to fight Brendon so he won’t have to deal with him anymore. Big talker.
    • Britney locks herself out of her HoH room not long after she gets it.
    • Hayden won the pool tournament and adds his name to the bowl with nail polish.
    • Houseguests pull pranks on Britney in the middle of the night trying to scare her.

    Morning dawns in the BB house and Britney’s awful pageant picture is sitting on the nightstand in the Jumanji room between Ragan’s and Matt’s bed. A little later, they sit and discuss Matt’s wife’s illness. Britney and Ragan want to organize a fundraising event for her. Hayden asks how much she needs for the surgery and Matt tells him 60K. They think they can easily get the money. Matt wonders how the general public perceives him but he’d best be concerned about how his friends in the house will perceive him when they learn the truth.

    Brendon wants to team up with Hayden and Enzo for the upcoming Have Not competition. In the restroom, Hayden and Lane confirm their final 2 agreement. The boys are going to have to step it up for this to happen though. Enzo comes through complaining that he better not be a Have Not again. He wonders who Matt would have put up had he won HoH and bitches that Matt is sitting pretty. Other than Brendon, Matt is their new favorite person to bash. Matt knows exactly where he ranks in the brigade now, and even jokes with Lane that he would have been gone because he didn’t have Hayden or Enzo’s vote.

    Britney comes prancing out of the DR in a short blue waitress-looking dress and if enthusiastically asks if they’re ready for the Have/Have Not competition. Lane wants to know if she’s supposed to be Little Bo Peep. They barely respond to her question and we hear Mike O telling them to do a retake with more enthusiasm. Ragan says it’s because they don’t want to hear anything about being a Have Not but they do it again with a little more pep. Feeds go to bubbles for the competition and that’s where my shift ends. MFWalkoff will be letting you know which unlucky losers will be on slop for the week. The nomination ceremony will be also be coming up so prepare for the drama if Enzo is nominated. Or not. Meow Meow is more of a scaredy cat than an alley cat.

    We’re at the point in every season where I wonder if I’m the dummy for watching.

    Big thanks to TheIrishEyes and Mari for the screencaps featuring Big Brother Math for Dummies.
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