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Welcome back, Loser fans! As you probably didn't may have noticed, there wasn't a Biggest Loser recap last week. Lance and Melissa found out I've been talking smack on them and decided to come over and steal my computer. Okay, not really. I had a few technical difficulties, but all is well now. I'm back and sooooooo ready for the next to last episode! It's almost over! If you didn't get the chance to catch this week's episode, or if a rainstorm made your dish go out don't lie, you were watching Idol, you are in the right place. On with the show!

Last week, Sunshine was sent home. We are left with Daris, Koli, Michael, and Ashley. I must say I'm mostly happy with this Final 4. I pretty much like them all. I could give or take Koli, but I like the misfits.

The show begins with the final four standing ominously in front of a video screen. Wow, they look great! We flash back to the starting pictures of everyone and other moments during the season. I hate these last two episodes. It's all flashback this and “look at me I was fat” that. Heeeeey Daris and Michael. How you doin'? Hey NBC, I actually watched this season. You don't have to show me this crap over and over again. I remember what they looked like and I remember how out of shape they were. Get on with it.

We go back to the end of the last weigh-in, where Ali tells the Final Four they will be going home for 30 days. When they get back to the ranch, they will find out who is guaranteed a spot in the finale.

They all go home and are greeted by their friends and family. You know the drill. Contestant gets out of limo, people cheer. Contestant walks in the door, people cry. Just like in the beginning when each person weighed in in front of all their family and friends, they will do it again.

Daris: Starting weight 346/Current weight 195 (-151)
Michael: Starting weight 526/Current weight 322 (-204)
Ashley: Starting weight 374/Current weight 231 (-143)
Does anyone else think Ashley has some major Spanx action going on? There's no way she's that smooth.
Koli: Starting weight 403/Current weight 231 (-172)

After the exciting and inspirational weigh-ins, Ali's face appears to each contestant on the weight total screen. What shocking happens at the end of every season news does she have? The Final Four contestants are going to have to run a marathon! Surprise! That never happens! If a person finishes, they will get to give $10,000 to a charity of their choosing. Of all the past Loser contestants who have participated in the BL Marathon, all have finished.

At home, Koli has a touching talk with his dad who normally doesn't open up and show emotions. Michael makes a lean Sunday dinner for his family. Daris and his mom chat and he is so happy he is impressing her. Ashley is having trouble figuring out how to balance her life at home. She decided that she doesn't want to live the drinking and partying lifestyle anymore.

Ashley decides to give Michael a little call on the phone to talk about what it's like being at home. They talk about their marathon fears. They decide to do the marathon together. They are going to do it together. Yeah they are. Okay, minds out of the gutter. He calls her “Shortcake” and she calls him “Babe”. Oooo me thinks they are in loves. This show has a higher couple success rate in one season that the Bachelor does in 5!

Curtis Stone surprises Daris in his hometown. Daris is bummed because he can't go to his old hangout spot because there isn't anything he can eat there. Curtis is going to take Daris shopping and then they are going to Daris's favorite restaurant to prepare healthier options for the food Daris loves. Daris serves these dishes to family and friends in the restaurant. The plan is to keep those dishes on the menu so that everyone can enjoy them.

Daris is falling back into his old ways. He has been feeling stressed about the marathon, finding a girlfriend, and just being successful in general. He decides to do some late night eating. He feels bad about himself and says he is so full he wants to throw up. He knows it isn't the way to make himself feel better, but he did it anyway. Speaking of late night eating, I could definitely go for some Chinese food. Where's that menu....

I digress. Koli was home for a week and found himself to be overwhelmed. He felt like he didn't get to focus on training because of everything going on. He decides to go to Las Vegas and train in an MMA studio. He says he pretty much works out and sleeps all the time.

Bob and Jillian can't be left out of the fun, so they decide to visit the hometowns of the contestants. Michael is on his morning run, and Bob drives a pizza delivery truck and stops to surprise him. Bob also visits Koli in Vegas. Jillian visits Ashley and Daris. Mike admits that he is having a bit of a hard time at home. He takes Bob to his house. Michael's sister cries because she feels like she doesn't fit in with her family. She kind of looks like a man.

Jillian is flying around in a helicopter trying to find Daris since there aren't airports near his hometown. She finds him running along a pretty secluded stretch of road. She hops out of the helicopter, they run to each other, and a movie-scene style hug ensues. If I saw Jillian running toward me, I'd probably take off in the opposite direction! He admits that being at home is a lot different than the ranch. Bob talks with Koli and he admits that he had to leave home so he can focus on winning the show. He tells Bob he will deal with his life after the show when it comes. Bob is afraid that Koli is going to gain his weight back after the show. Bob and Jillian take the contestants to work out.

The contestants head back to LA and it's time for the marathon. They all hug and exchange their pleasantries. Daris's goal is to beat Tara's time of 4 hours and 55 minutes. It's a rainy and cold day. Perfect weather for running 26.2 miles! The last marathon I participated in was that Law and Order: SVU marathon on TV yesterday. Anywho, the marathon begins. As the marathon progresses, the sun finally comes out. Daris is way ahead of everyone, followed by Koli, and then Michael/Ashley. Awww... they're running together. Smoochie smoochie.

Daris reaches the halfway point and Matt Hoover from Season 2 joins him on his run. Koli gets to mile 13 and Sione is there waiting for him. Wow, he's gained some weight back. Ashley and Michael get to mile 11 and Ali Vincent is there waiting for them. Mike from Season 7 jumps out also. Ahhh! My cutie patootie Brown Team Mikey Poo!! *swoon* I always thought he was just the cutest, sweetest, sugar pie ever. Okay, I will stop gushing now, as I'm sure you are all throwing up by now.

Daris reaches mile 25 and finds his sister there waiting. He is really killing this marathon. Good for him. He really pours it on and gets ahead of his sister. Daris finishes the marathon with a time of 4:02:12. Wow! That's absolutely amazing!

Ashley gets ahead of Michael, so he wants to catch up with her so they can finish together. Michael and Mike catch up with Ashley and Ali. I wouldn't mind having Michael and Mikey chasing me. *giggle* When Koli gets to mile 25, he finds his sister waiting. Koli finishes the marathon with a time of 6:08:09. He is making some crazy groaning and whimpering sounds that don't sound human.

Ashley and Michael get to mile 25. Ashley's brother and Michael's sister are there. Ashley stops for awhile to hug her brother. Get going! Michael and Ashley finish the marathon together, with a time of 6:26:18. Wow, they weren't actually that far behind Koli. I'm always amazed at how well people can run this marathon. Everyone gets $10,000 for a charity of their choice.

There's still one little thing left to take care of this episode. The weigh-in! I want to know who is going to go to the Finals and whether or not I'm going to complain all week about who makes it. The two highest percentages will make it to the Finals. The two lowest percentages will have to plead with America to be voted into the Finals.

Michael: Previous 322/Current 299 (-23) 7.14%

Koli: Previous 231/Current 218 (-13) 5.63%

Ashley: Previous 231/Current 213 (-18) 7.79%
Daris cries while telling Ashley that she is strong and confident and he has learned from her. Awww. Daris is a big ball of love. I lurve him.

Daris: Previous 195/Current 197 (+2) +1.03%
Whaaaaaaaaaat?! He says that he worked more on training for the marathon rather than losing weight. Bob says it should have been easy to lose weight. Jillian swears and doesn't seem happy.

Michael and Ashley have definitely made it to Finale Night! Hooray! I'm so happy for them. I like those two a lot. Koli and Daris will need a little help from America to make it to the finals.

Koli: 1-866-492-6802 or go to nbc.com
He says he depended on hard work. He has stayed above the yellow line all season. He hopes America will give him the chance to finish what he has started. He wants the confetti to rain down on him.

Daris: 1-866-492-6801 or go to nbc.com
He cries and says that he sabotaged himself. He cries some more. He isn't proud of what he's done, but he wants a second chance. He wants to prove he can do it.


Next week is Finale Night! The season is finally going to end! I can't believe it! Who will be this season's Biggest Loser? Will it be the radiant pink lady Ashley (love her name!), the hottie in disguise Michael, the self-conscious cutie Daris, or the intense Koli? An Ashley/Michael/Daris Final 3 would be my dream. Let's make it happen people...err... I mean... vote for your favorite! *cough*Daris*cough*

See you next week!