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Doe-eyed nice girl Amanda Kimmel makes jury member number four in her third appearance on Survivor - read on in this conference call as she explains what went on with Danielle and that clue, how she felt about Colby's actions (or lack thereof), and the ever popular "What did you think of Russell?" And my apologies to Amanda for using that awful picture.

First things first: what do you think would have happened between you and Danielle if Colby hadnít been there?

Oh, it would have been a brawlfest. I wouldnít have given it back to her. [laughs] I donít know what she would have done, but I would have ripped that thing to shreds and slashed it! Get rid of it.

So why did you listen to Colby when he told you to give it back?

Well, you know - he made me feel really bad! They didnít show some of it, but he said some things that made me feel bad about it. I had to suck in my conscience...it kinda destroyed my plan.

At the time, you knew nothing about Russell. What do you think of his gameplay now?

You know, what I think of Russell and what I think about his gameplay are kind of two different things. [laughing] I think his gameplay on Survivor...heís really good. Heís really good at getting people afraid of him, and keeping people on his side. I mean, heís good at the game. Heís really, really good. Heís probably the best liar Iíve ever met!

As far as Russell, the person Russell, thatís a totally different story. I wonít go into that...[laughs]

At the end, you didnít seem to be into the game as much. How did James being voted out change things for you?

Well, it was just like...each game Iíve played, Iíve had a wingman and Iíve gone to the end with them. And you need someone, I donít care who you are in the game, it is impossible to do well alone. After James left I kind of felt like I lost my guy, my wingman. He was the guy I was gonna strategize with. If he was there in that challenge with me, he would have stuck up for me, he would have held Danielle back. He would have done whatever he could to do what we needed to do, to get the clue. So it was just like, you always need someone on your side that you trust enough to strategize with and to play the game with, and I kind of felt like I lost that when James left.

The Heroes were coming up with all kinds of strategies to get rid of the Villains after the merge. What do you think their biggest mistake was?

As far as my own gameplay, I was making too many mistakes. You can only make so many mistakes in this game, and then youíre gone. So that was my problem. It was kind of just not being secretive enough. We would have a strategy and someone would mouth who we were voting, and then Russell would see it, and weíd have to change our vote. Like, it was a ton of that. It was kind of stupid mistakes.

What did it finally feel like to get voted out at Tribal Council?

Oh, it was awful, geez! Iím a fighter, I fought all the way to the end, but thereís only so much you can do when you have nothing to work with. It was bad! I didnít want to be voted out, but I knew I was going to be. They werenít going to keep me around after what I pulled with Danielle. [laughs] No way.

The editing seemed a little off during your scene with Danielle and the clue - one minute you were on one side of the bed, then you were on the opposite side. What actually happened there?

Well, I was looking for the clue the entire time. I was looking for the clue in the room when they passed me the popcorn bowl, I just handed it to Danielle and I was like ďOh my God, itís in the popcorn!Ē So I knew she had it. I was thinking what I could do - call her out, or I could go over there and grab it and run with it, hopefully get away and read it and destroy it. So it was kind of a spur of the moment decision, and I was like ďOh, two against one, Colby will back me, we got it, Iím just gonna do it.Ē So I just did it, and was shocked Colby didnít back me up, and ended up feeling bad about it and giving it back.

So was it sitting on the floor, and you just grabbed it?

I canít say.

Feeling bad about doing things like that - is that your Achilles heel in this game?

Yeah! It really is. I was doing a pretty good job this season separating the game from reality, and just after Colby...he said more to me that wasnít on there, like ďWhat kind of person do you want to be,Ē blah blah blah. He just made me feel bad about it, and it affected my whole strategy with that.

Why didnít you both agree to just read the clue to everybody?

Because thereís a little tiny rope around the clue, and itís tied in knots. So you have to sit there and take out the knots to get the clue open. Itís not like you can just flip it open - and Danielle was right there, if I had done that she would have grabbed it and ripped it or something. I didnít really...I donít know. [laughs]

Did you trust Parvati? Did she trust you?

No, we were kind of going back and forth on whether we were going to work together or not. We both kind of didnít trust each other, but wanted to wait and see. I donít really know what we were thinking, but too much went down that they didnít show that I really canít talk about - that we didnít trust each other.

How did she find out about Sandra being targeted, and why would she (Parvati) give the immunity idols away?

Ha. Okay, it was Russell, but I canít talk about it. But she didnít just give them away, she knew who we were voting for because of somebody.

Really. So somebody told her?

No, somebody read lips. There was a lot of like...it was me and Russell, pretty much me looking at him and guessing who they were gonna vote for, and him looking at our people and trying to figure out by reading mouths who we were voting for. It was a big mass of stuff they didnít show, because they probably couldnít, so I canít really go into it. But it was a lot of stuff. Russell...he knew kind of what was going on.

So he was angry at Parvati...

Yeah, he didnít know she had two of them, but he knew who we were targeting.

Did you guys really agree with JT about giving away the immunity idol?

No, I didnít at all. But he had it, and a lot of people thought it was a good idea. So you canít go against a whole tribe of people. If it was just JT, I probably could have convinced him not to do it. But he was gung ho on the idea, he wrote this whole little letter - he was pretty adamant about it. So what do you do besides go along with it after youíve expressed how you feel about it? Thereís not really much you can do.

Going way back to the drama between James and Stephenie, what are your thoughts on that?

You know, James was just trying to protect me. Stephenie wanted me out and it was me or her. In his own way, he was doing what he thought would be best to keep me in the game.

What about Russellís comment that you were ďBoston Rob in a girlís bodyĒ?

Yeah, I didnít see the show last night and I just heard about this this morning. Itís really disturbing to me. I donít understand it. I really donít. [laughs] I donít think Boston Rob and me play the same game at all, I donít see how thatís...and I hope we donít look alike! [laughing]

So put yourself in Colbyís place for a minute - youíre watching a movie, eating your popcorn, and all this drama erupts. What was he thinking, that pirates are more important than strategy?

Yeah, he looked really annoyed! He turned of the movie, like ďUgh! I can't believe you're making me turn off this really great movie!Ē And let me tell you - the movie was bad. Like, not even okay, the movie was awful. He wasn't even missing a bad movie, so I don't know what his problem was. I could understand if it was Avatar or Braveheart or something like that, but come on. Treasure Island? Seriously?

It was one of the funniest things Iíve seen. Do you regret partnering up with people like Colby and Rupert, who arenít known for their strategy?

It was just bad! Yeah, you're totally right. He was like, half-hearted in the game. I was really mad at that reward because he was being really selfish, because it was my ass on the line, too, like ďYou're not even going to try and look for the clue for me?Ē Like, this is my game too! What happens to you is going to affect me now. What happens to me is going to affect you. We have to work together. I thought him just nonchalantly caring was really selfish.

Did you feel like Candace was going to flip on your tribe?

Yeah. It was kind of like a tug-of-war between Russell and I with Candace. Heíd go talk to her and then I'd go talk to her, then he'd go talk to her, then I'd go talk to her. I didn't really know where she stood. You know, we kind of had a rocky relationship at the beginning of the game, because she wanted to target James and I pretty much had a fit with her. Then we kind of hashed it out at one time.

Then, when it came down to the five of us we really tried to talk to each other and were like ďOkay, letís just patch it up and work together, blah blah blahĒ So we had a good relationship at this point in the game. I was surprised to hear that it was her idea to go to the Villains and not Sandra's. I always thought it was Sandra's idea for both of them to go to the Villains. But it was the other way around.

How was the Ponderosa experience for you, with Coach, JT and Courtney?

Oh, man, they gave me the best welcome ever! It was amazing. It's no fun to be voted out, but to go to back to Ponderosa with a welcome like that, it was so sweet. Courtney's a really good friend of mine and I love her to death. JT, heís such a good guy, it was nice to meet Coach. It was just really, really nice to be united with them. They're really loyal people.

Is there anything you learned about yourself this time that you didnít on the first two?

I really learned that I just need to be more strict on my decisions. If I decide to do something, just do it and not waver. A lot of my decisions this time were like...I want to do it, but someone talks me out of it. I kind of do that in life too, I want to do something and someone talks me out of it and I question myself. I kind of saw that on the show, too.

You made a comment last night that you were glad to be gone. Did you lose your fight in this game?

Yeah, I had a hard time getting really into it because of a lot of different things that I donít want to go into. But it was really hard for me to put my heart and soul into this season.

Did that have to do with James?

It was a multitude of things, it was...a lot of different things. Let me put it that way. A lot of things I canít discuss.

Youíve mentioned that James is the Survivor you respect the most, and Richard Hatch the least. Where does Russell fall into that?

Actually, I really respect Russellís Survivor gameplay. I may not like him as a person outside the game, but as far as in Survivor, I think heís the best liar Iíve ever heard and heís really good at the game.

Rupert seems to be 100% focused on getting Russell out. Do you think this will be the Heroís downfall?

No, I think heís totally right! I donít understand why the girls on the Villains tribe arenít getting him out. Like, what is wrong? Everyone knows heís running the show now, everyone knows that heís the most deceptive person out there, that he can lie better than anybody out there. Why arenít they trying to do something about it? I donít understand that. Sandra is the only person out there, and the Heroes, that are trying to get him out. I donít get it.

Do you think it was a defining moment in the game when JT didnít believe what Sandra had told Rupert?

Yeah, I do! I definitely do. He was right, you know? Rupert was right. We should have all been on board with that. But JT was kind of the player where he had his mind set on something, he was going to do it regardless of whether he had us backing him up or not. You canít play this game by yourself, and you canít be in charge of everything. You have to kind of come to a group decision or else you make a lot of people upset and ruin the game.

Do you think that how the idol is used in the future will change after the way Russell has used all his immunity idols?

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I think he found a way to use it in a way noone has before.

Was there anyone else you would have liked to see on the show? Maybe Ozzy?

Uh, not particularly. We kind of broke up. [laughs] But Todd, I would have liked to play with Todd again.

After you got back from the reward challenge, did you try to follow Danielle around to see if she was looking for the immunity idol?

We actually put Rupert on it, because everyone was watching me. So Rupert was trying to follow her.

So did Rupert see Russell find the idol?

I canít talk about anything that wasnít shown, so...I canít say.

What have you seen on TV that surprised you the most?

I was really surprised that it was Candaceís idea to go with the Villains, I thought it was Sandraís. That really surprised me.

Did you and Sandra have any conversations about what was going on last night?

Yeah. We had a couple, actually.

It really seemed like Colby had checked out of the game. Was he that way the whole time, or was it a gradual thing?

He was kind of like that the whole game. I think...I donít really know what happened, his heart just wasnít in it. You could tell, you know, he didnít really care. He just wasnít like the first time he played.

After the Tribal Council where Parvati gave the two idols out, did you think you would be the next target?

Um, after the thing happened with Danielle I did.

Would you ever do Survivor again?

No, Iím officially retired. [laughing]

After the game, have you and Parvati remained friends?

Yeah, you know, weíre not really close, but we talk every so often. It was a game, and we just couldnít work together like (before). She was on a different path than I was, we didnít trust each other, and there was a whole bunch of things that have to work in order to switch at that point, you know? But itís just a game, itís not real.

Why do you think you always got so close to winning, but never came home with the million?

Itís because Iím bad at Tribals. Iím really bad about sticking up for myself and...I wasnít good at it. I didnít want to ruffle feathers and I just needed to be more honest.