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Hello Loser Fans! Welcome back to another 2 hour installment of "Which team can we rip apart this week?" We are reminded that newlyweds Ed and Heba fell below the yellow line last week and they decided to send Ed home. Heba's not quite prepared for what to expect.

We jump right into a temptation. The contestants walk into a room full of sugar. There are donuts, brownies and the like. Ali tells them the winner of today's tempation decides teams. Ooooh, sounds like a page right out of the Jeff Probst handbook! It will be the infamous Blue vs. Black as the teams are going away. Whoever eats the most calories in 10 minutes gets to pick the teams and the trainers. Ali then throws the curveball that they are doing this challenge in the dark. So Ali has night vision goggles on to see everyone and now I know they stole Jeff's playbook. I'm just waiting for a snake to go by.

Who will be the sneaky one who eats in the dark? They have 10 minutes and the couples are all whispering to each other. Heba takes the bull by the horns and tries to control the game. She says she'll stand up and eat one donut in order to keep the teams the same. She assumes Amy & Phil and Vicky & Brady want to keep Bob as their trainer so she jumps up and basically says she'll do it. However, Amy the Child doesn't agree to this travesty of justice. I'm thinking it's because she's sick of Jillian screeching at her, but I'm not quite sure. Shellay says with the 2 guys on the other team, they'll always be the underdog with only women. So Amy the Child wants the teams switched up. Phil doesn't want anyone controlling his destiny so during all the female bickering, he hops up and takes some peanut butter cups. Ali is giggling to herself. Heba jumps up and eats a donut because she's not sure how much time has passed. I think it's because she wanted a donut and she missed Ed. But whatever. So those damn crinkly wrappers on the peanut butter cups blew Phil's cover. Heba immediately scolded him and treated him like a first grader and wanted to know how many he ate. We got to the one minute mark and Heba said she'd get rid of Phil in a heartbeat because he's not answering her. What she fails to realize is that Phil is basically like my dog when she steals my daughter's peanut butter sandwich. The peanut butter is stuck to the roof of his mouth and he can't speak. It's like lockjaw of the Jif proportions. Amy the Child just begins to cry and doesn't want Heba to make all the decisions so she chows down a brownie. Heba scarfs another donut. Phil goes for a PB cup, but can't get to it in time.

When the lights come back on, Heba's sucking the glaze off of her fingers and Amy has melted chocolate icing all over her fingers. So Heba is declared the winner after eating 400 calories worth of donuts. She immediately had "that look" on her face. You know the kind - the one that actually burns holes in your back. Amy the Wife is petrified to lose Phil and Bob (not sure which order) and Amy the Child just hopes Heba makes the "right" decision - but right for whom, I'm not sure. I told you the snake would show up.

Heba decides the teams:

Bob's Blue team: Heba, Vicky, Amy the Wife, Amy the Child (great...both Amy's on the same team - recapper hell), Brady

Jillian's Black team: Renee, Coleen, Michelle, Phil, Shellay

So basically Heba broke up the Amy families. Not quite sure what she accomplished. But in her demented little mind, she's happy. I hope that means the foreshadowing gods are in tact and she's going home. One can only hope.

We pause for a trainer tip. Jillian reminds us that 25% of Americans meals come from eating out. Don't be shy when in a restaurant - ask for baked, steamed, broiled, grilled, poached or roasted. When in doubt, go for salad with cheese & dressing on the side. She is NO fun.

So Bob incites a crying fit as soon as he enters the room. Amy the Wife and Heba are babbling idiots. Bob's in a major confused state. They explain the temptation to him and he's pissed. He can't believe he doesn't have Phil on his team knowing he will be putting up big numbers. Bob takes Amy the Wife aside to find out the real scoop. She basically tells him in that sweet accent that "that bitch ain't takin' me down". Go Amy! She is going to fight like hell. Bob's still seething. Amy gets to fulfill part one of my fantasy and give a big sweaty hug to Bob.

Over in Jillian's world, she spots Phil and wondering why he's there. She's excited because she thinks it leveled it off by putting 1 male on each team. Jillian doesn't harp on Heba's bitchiness and wants to go right to a workout. Since we need another Dr. Jillian moment, Michelle tells us that she is contemplating leaving and she wants to get some time with Dr. J. to discuss it. Michelle tells us about when her mother moved out and took her 2 sisters and fear took over and she felt worthless. Jillian tells her that she can't regret not having a relationship with her mom. Michelle is glad to be getting healthy, but the emotion of being with her mother makes her hurt inside. She wants to run as far away as she can just so she doesn't have to feel the fear. Wow, this girl has some major issues. I hope she can't find some peace.

Wake up little campers! Ali wakes everyone up, including the snoring bitchy Heba at 5:55 a.m. to tell them the challenge begins in 10 minutes. Good thing none of the couples were, ya know, intimate. Heba's whining and being cold and tired and Ali explains the challenge. It will be a 14 hour challenge. They have to climb up and down a mountain as many times as they can. They have to take a picture at the top and bottom and each person in the picture gets a point. If all 5 team members are in the picture, you get an extra point. The team with the most points at the end of 14 hours wins. The winner gets a 2 pound pass.

The black team's strategy was go up together, go down together and score the extra point. They stayed together and earn point together. The blue team on the other hand had Heba as their mouthpiece. Vicky was having trouble so Heba decided that she and Amy squared would stick together, Brady would go alone and Vicky would go alone. Yay teamwork! Brady has the ingenious idea to run so he'll lap his team and score 1 point at a time to make up for the black team's extra points. Just for the record it was upwards of 111 degrees in the middle of the day. I'd be naked if I were wearing those black shirts. At 1:15 p.m., the black team and 3 of the blue team members made a pact to take a good break and that nobody would go up and down that hill while they all rest. Shellay is worried that during everyone's nap, how can they be sure that other teams aren't running up and down that hill so she talks to Coleen to conspire. Coleen feels the same but is afraid to burn bridges. At 4:45 p.m., everyone heads back up that hill. The black team continues to work together while Brady keeps going up and down alone and scoring extra single points. While the blue team arrives with 5 minutes left, the black team arrives with 20 seconds left with Shellay busting her butt to make sure they received the extra point. One team walked 81 miles, one team walked 79.8 miles and with 162 points, the black team was victorious. They were so proud and teary and I'm exhausted. Brady ran over 20 miles by himself to try to score those points, but even without winning, he was proud of the endurance. Black wins a 2 pound pass for this week's weigh in.

Sweet little trainer tip - Bob says hiking is a great way to burn calories and relieves stress. To increase intensity, run intervals. Don't forget your water!

Disgusting product placement. Sugar Free Jell-O with cool whip in can for 30 calories. Ugh. Gross. Jell-O is for sick people and people who just got their tonsils out. Blech.

Michelle is still contemplating going home, so Jillian decides to let her speak with her dad to let him know that she's not betraying him by being there will her mom. Jillian wants her dad not to convince her to stay, but to enable her to stay. She's just realizing how damaged she really feels inside. She's convinced herself that she is betraying him but he makes her realize that he loves her and that she does in fact, need her mama. He refuses to let her bail out. She doesn't know if it's okay to love them both but he convinces her it's absolutely possible. Jillian hopes that Michelle comes out okay in all of this. Michelle and Renee have a discussion about her staying or not and Renee tells her how much she loves her and always will *sniff sniff*.

To give equal time to Bob, we see him and Amy the Wife have a great discussion about the benefits of milk. I say it's best with oreos, but I don't think Bob would agree.

Torture ensues in the last chance workout as always. Phil thinks Jillian lies awake at night thinking of ways to torture them. I concur. Sweat and grunting abounds complete with a first of pullups in week 5 by Brady.

So we head to the weigh in. Michelle rehashes what's going on in her head and the drama ends here as she decides to stay and give it her all. Yippeee. Hats and horns!! C'mon - let's get on with this.

Michelle last week 216/ this week 209/ (-7)
Renee last week 237/ this week 232/ (-5)
Phil last week 287/ this week 279/ (-8)
Coleen last week 192/ this week 187/ (-5)
Shellay last week 194/ this week 189/ (-5)
Total (-30) for a total percentage of 2.66%
With the 2 pound pass, it becomes (-32) for a total percentage of 2.84%

Amy the Child last week 208/ this week 199/ (-9)
Vicky last week 217/ this week 211/ (-6)
Brady last week 292/ this week 286/ (-6)
Amy the Wife last week 199/ this week 193/ (-6)
Heba last week 266/ this week 258/ (-8)
Total (-35) for a total percentage of 2.96%

So the Black team, even with the 2 pound pass, lost the weigh in. Amy the Wife feels the bittersweet victory worried that Phil could go home. Michelle has immunity this week, but anyone else on Black is fair game. The Amy's get to say goodbye to Phil & Shellay because it may be the last time they see each other in this game, depending on who goes home.

There's some discussion about who should go home. Phil tries to convince them that they need to keep a man to put up big numbers. Shellay wants to stay and break up the Renee/Michelle alliance. Shellay reminds everyone that it is truly a game and that she really loves everyone, but there's a decision to be made and there's nothing personal about it.

Michelle votes Shellay
Phil votes Renee
Renee votes Shellay
Shellay votes Renee
Coleen has to break the tie and she votes Shellay

Shellay goes back home and although we're not told her current weight, she looks terrific and is sporting a great new haircut and a waist! She looks at least 10 years younger. She started at a size 18 and is currently wearing a size 10. She hopes to be a size 6 by the finale. She wanted to be the hottest mom in biggest loser history!

Next week we see major fears conquered as there's some utility pole climbing. Also, Phil and Amy are pitted against each other. Nothing's better than a little healthy couple competition!