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Every week, our panel of Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Gabon. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

1. Were you surprised that the former Fang tribe voted Matty as the most important member of their tribe and that Bob wasn't chosen until the end of the reshuffle pick 'em?

iguanachocolate Matty is about the only well liked player on Fang who hasn't been polarizing, so I was not surprised at that. I was a bit surprised at Bob not being picked til the end, but when you think about it, it's not as if the other team knew how much he did, he hasn't really developed a strong alliance and he is seen as a old guy fifth wheel, no matter how much he is handy around camp.

Dagwood: A little, but he annoyed me from his bio. He hasn't really done anything to annoy the other tribe members so it probably was a good choice.

LG: I was more surprised with Bob's low placement than Matty's high one.

waywyrd: Matty seems to be well liked on his tribe, so that wasn't a big surprise. I was surprised that nobody snapped up Bob the Builder, however. He was ranked third for a reason!

burntbrat: I wasn't surprised by Matty at all. I would've ranked him #1 on that tribe, too. Bob was a shocker, though. He is an asset and totally undervalued at this point.

Mariner: I was a bit surprised at Matty, but it makes some sense given that he hadn't ticked anyone off. I was very surprised at Bob being picked last. I hope the original Fang members on his rearranged tribe realize his value.

2. Of the remaining players, who was hurt the most and who was helped the most by the tribal reshuffle?

iguanachocolate You know, I don't think anyone was really screwed in the reshuffle. It's pretty early on in the game. GC was definitely helped on Fang, though.

Dagwood: I'm with ignauachocolate on this, no one was really hurt that we can see yet but GC was definitely helped.

LG: I'm going to say that Jackie was hurt the most, as she would have been protected by her onion alliance on Kota but was in an instant minority without her alliance at Fang.

waywyrd: I agree with LG. Jackie sort of got left out in the cold after the shuffle, but the move probably saved GC's lazy behind for a while. At least until he irritates his new tribemates.

burntbrat: I think Kelly was helped the most even though she came close to getting it. If the shuffle hadn't happened, she would've been a goner for sure.

Mariner: I'll agree with the majority that GC was helped the most. His old school Fang alliance can't afford to dump him right now. I'm a little concerned that Bob may have been hurt the most.

3. Was Sugar wrong to pick "comfort" rather than "clue" after she was sent to Exile again?

iguanachocolate Since she already has the idol, why not take the comfort? I would have as well.

Dagwood: No. She has the idol. Since she has to be out there longer than normal, comfort was the perfect choice.

LG: I think it was the only real choice for her. There is no indication that there would be a second idol, especially with the first one still in play, so why not save her strength while enduring more time on Exile Island.

waywyrd: She did the right thing. Some rest and food will do her good, there was no need to go tromping about in search of a possible second idol.

burntbrat: I would've done the same. But as a viewer at home, I would've loved for her to get another idol and keep it from Ace and turn into a total Survivor beast! Aw, dreams. Sugar could be the whole package. She acts dumb but I don't think she's dumb at all. She just needs a shot of confidence.

Mariner: I wish I knew if there was another idol out there she could have discovered. Even if there was, I think she may have made the right choice. She was stuck in Exile for an extra long time because of not participating in the immunity challenge or at tribal council. Some decent sleep and nourishment, were probably quite helpful to her.

4. Is Kenny doomed because his decision making seems to be based on what woman he currently has a crush on?

iguanachocolate I think there are more reasons for Kenny to be doomed than by raging hormones. How about his complete lack of knowledge of how to play a good game? He'll be helped by the old Fang majority for now, but come the merge, it's bye bye computer guy.

Dagwood: Yes. It is a stupid game to play. It tops Sean's alphabetical voting for stupidity. Dude needs to learn how to play the game to win or he will be gone.

LG: It is a dumb idea because none of his attractions are reciprocal, so the objects of his affection are not doing anything to help Kenny succeed in the game.

waywyrd: Kenny is a dingbat. He passed up Bob in the tribe swap and chose useless Kelly against the advice of Ace? Think with the big head, Kenny.

burntbrat: I still like Kenny, but yeah, what waywyrd said. He's a doofus. Totally overwhelmed by the estrogen that's suddenly surrounding him.

Mariner: Dude needs to get out more at home. I'm guessing there aren't a lot of professional female gamers. If he keeps playing this way, there is no chance he'll get far beyond the merge.

5. Will Randy's performance during the Immunity Challenge keep him in the game longer than he would have otherwise stayed?

iguanachocolate It can only help - and it may off set the inevitable social ill will he is bound to create.

Dagwood: I think it will. He proved to be a great competitor and they would be stupid to vote him out just because he is a jerk.

LG: I sure hope so, because Randy's confessionals are very entertaining so I'd like him to stick around just for our amusement.

waywyrd: I sure was impressed. Who knew the old grump had it in him? His challenge prowess will definitely help him stick around.

burntbrat: I think it will gain him favor among the alpha-males, but ultimately it's only saving him for a week or two.

Mariner: I think they'll keep him around until a merge and then they'll dump his cranky ass as soon as expedient. I'll miss him because as LG said, he's entertaining.

6. Will Kelly's diatribe against Crystal and Kenny at Tribal Council come back to hurt her in the future?

iguanachocolate No, they'll use her as long as they need her and then she'll be gone anyway. They have bigger targets than her. Well, if they are smart - they should break up the Ace/Sugar alliance - but with this bunch, who knows.

Dagwood: Doubt it. She isn't needed that badly and she will be gone soon. They were just using her for numbers.

LG: They'd be wise to get rid of Kelly and her bad attitude before the merge. If she hangs around too long someone might want to keep her around to take to the final 2 (or 3 or 4 or whatever they're doing this year) as she's obviously not contributing much and isn't likely to win.

waywyrd: I'm still shocked they didn't dump her lazy butt before Jackie, anyway. This tribe needs strength - which means she's out of there at next Tribal.

burntbrat: Oh I sure hope. Calling Crystal out for her performance in the challenge was just stupid. Crystal can obviously be a big influence during challenges. And it just baffles me how a twig can argue that an oak is just as weak.

Mariner: I think it might distract Fang from what should be their current goal: break up Sugar and Ace.

7. Who is the most vulnerable on Fang and Kota next episode?

iguanachocolate On Fang, it has got to be the old Kota members and on Kota, it may be Suzie.

Dagwood: I'm not sure with this bunch.

LG: On Fang it would be an old Kota member unless the original Fang members do something completely stupid, starting probably with Sugar as I think they've figured out how close she is to Ace but they'd like to keep Ace's strength a while longer. On Kota it is probably the former Fang members, likely starting with Suzie or Randy if he annoys people too much.

waywyrd: I'll say Kelly because of her foul attitude and Suzie, just because.

burntbrat: I agree with waywyrd.

Mariner: On Fang, it partly depends on whether the old Fang members figure out that Sugar has the immunity idol. I'll say Kelly is the most vulnerable because of the possibility of the idol and her tribal council speech. On Kota, I'll say Susie.

8. Will there be another tribal reshuffle before a merge occurs?

iguanachocolate If there is another one sidedness in challenge wins, maybe. Or maybe they will just give Fang bottled water to test Jeff's theory.

Dagwood: I hope not. It wouldn't surprise me, though.

LG: I think not unless the teams end up really one-sided. As funny as it was to see Stephanie on her team of one seasons ago, there is very little drama when the teams are so lopsided that you know one group is safe week after week.

waywyrd: I hope they leave them as is.

burntbrat: I don't really care as long as GC doesn't benefit from any game changes they throw at them. I really want to know how he got cast.

Mariner: I don't think so. Selfishly, I hope not because I'm still having trouble remembering who is on the revamped tribes.